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(intense music) – Yeah! Blue 42, blue 42! Hut, hut! Today we are making a box
cake mix into a football cake. What! A football cake! Boom! Hey everybody, this is Elise Mayfield and welcome back to Smart Cookie. Today we are making a football cake. You could serve this at the
Super Bowl that’s coming up or if like, you got kids that are in their pee wee leagues or like, you just like sports cakes, this is the cake for you, alright. We’ve got two bags of boxed cake mix that I am just gonna pour right on in here in this beautiful milk glass bowl. Yeah! We’re just gonna go ahead and pour this right into the bowl of our standing mixer. Here’s our first trick, instead of water, which is what they say
on the back of the box, we’re gonna go with whole milk. Yes we are. I’m gonna start this guy on low and we’re gonna add all the eggs. Alright, our other trick, we’re adding, instead of vegetable oil or canola oil, we’re gonna add melted butter instead, that’s gonna give us so much more flavor. We’re gonna add some extra salt to this. We’re just gonna keep amping it up. We’re also gonna add some more vanilla. I’m gonna crank this up a little bit. Woo! That’s gonna go for two minutes. Okay great. So, you can tell this is
kind of lightened in color, its gotten a little bit more fluffy. Ooh. I need one of those. Yeah, caught it! That was incredible I did not
think that was gonna happen. (marching band music and applause) So we’re gonna start
with a one cup measure. I’m going, you know… Overflowing a little bit. Trying to get towards you, big camera. And then we know our little six inch guy isn’t gonna need as much. So now that we’ve got all our
batter kind of out in our pans I’m gonna spread this
out into an even layer and then I’ll show you my trick
for getting air bubbles out. You gotta bang ’em on the counter tops, get a little aggression out. Easy peasy. Like, that’s how easy it is to make a box cake mix even better. All you’re doing is replacing
your water with milk, your oil with butter, and
adding a little salt and vanilla and suddenly your cake is gonna taste like a million bucks. Fact of the day, there are
a lot of wedding cake bakers who used box cake mixes and
they fix ’em up like this, so if that costs $700, then you can totally make a cake
that tastes just as good. Alright, we’re gonna
put these in the oven. These are gonna bake for
like, 25/28 min-Minutes. Minouittes. 25 to 28 minouittes. (accented) Am I French? I don’t know, is it American football? (weak whistle blow) Look at that, everything’s different. Okay fantastic, so I know
that we used boxed cake mix to make these cakes, but I think that what really sells it is if
you make your own buttercream. So this is full pound of butter. I like to let this get a little fluffy before I start adding
my powdered sugar in. Alright, so now that that’s starting, you can kind of tell, like its already, it’s lightened in color a little bit, which is exactly what you want it to do. We’re gonna start adding
our powdered sugar slowly into the mix. You can’t do it fast because if you do, your powdered sugar is
going to go everywhere we’ve already gotten
flour on the AstroTurf and I don’t need another personal foul so. (coughs) Lord have mercy! Alright, that’s getting a little thick, so we’re gonna add a little bit of milk, not much, we’re also gonna go ahead
and add our vanilla now. Gonna add a little bit
more powdered sugar. Alright, I think we’re good. Cake, cake, cake, cake,
cake, cake, cake, cake. Great, so we’ve got super fluffy white frosting, it’s exactly what we’re looking for. So chocolate, we got
some melted chocolate, this is maybe about two ounces. And we’re just gonna take a little bit of this out of the bowl. I mean, why use brown food coloring, when you can just use chocolate, amiright? Or amiright? Great, so we’re just gonna
add a little bit of chocolate, I’m gonna start with that much. And we’re just gonna give it a stir. And this is going to become our football. Ooh, I got an interesting fact. The first recorded
professional football payer, was a guy named William
“Pudge” Heffelfinger. I am not even kidding,
I’m not making that up. And he was paid a $500, he had a $500 contract to
play against one league, so they like, poached him to be the ringer but his name was Pudge. His name was Pudge. (giggles) We’re gonna make some green frosting. That is going to be
our grass on the field, so we got a football, we
got some grass on the field, and this is a leaf green, so we’re going for like a classic color. So, I’m using a toothpick, I’m just kind of dipping it in there. And I’m using a gel because
it doesn’t add any extra water content and you wanna make sure that your frosting stays nice and thick. Just like me, you know what I’m saying. Your chocolate and your green, you’re gonna come back to later. So you can put those to the side, we’re gonna be just working
with the white for now. Cake layers! These have been chilling,
they’re still a little cool. We wrapped them when they
got to room temperature and then they have been cooling overnight. So we’re gonna unwrap and trim the layers. Trim those layers. So we’re just tryng to make these even, that’s pretty good. So, I do this, I usually find
like, where the low point is and then that’s kinda
like where we’re gonna try to get the rest of the cake to meet. So I used an ice cream scoop, because then you know that you’ve
got the exact same amount of frosting in between each layer, right? Genius! Okay, so this will be
our frosting in between, we’re just going with the plain old white. Now we’re gonna stack our next one. And I like to go upside down, so that you know you have flat layer. So we’ll just spread
that frosting out evenly, and one more, and I’m
going upside down again. We’re gonna use a little bit
more this time of frosting. So using my offset, I’m gonna
stat to smooth this out. And I’m just using kind of
the momentum of my cake plate to push this over the side. Okay, this is a hot mess, it’s
supposed to look like that. Don’t worry ’bout it. Final step, I’m gonna use a bench scraper, this is probably my favorite kitchen tool, and I’m just gonna use it to take any excess frosting off of the cake. This guy’s gonna go in the fridge for about a half hour to chill and then we’re gonna come back
put some grass on there, get a tiny football cake goin’ and then we’ll be ready
for the Super Bowl. This cake has been chillin’, like a villain. For a whole half hour. So our frosting now that it’s chilled, you can tell like, I’m touching this and it doesn’t even make like a dent in it, and that’s exactly what you want. Plop! Doing great. We’re just gonna do what we did before, we’re gonna start at the
top, making it even up here, you’ll see it’s kinda
starting to fall off the sides and that’s exactly what you want. Great, this is looking good. This is fantastic, I like it, it’s doing well. Here’s how we’re gonna make grass, alright, all we’re gonna do
is take a small offset spatula and we’re just gonna tap this frosting. Just make it stick up, we’re just gonna tap, tap, tap it tap, tippity tap tap, makin’ grass. And then we’re just gonna do
the same thing to the top. So, there’s our cake. Kinda looks like grass. And now it’s time to make
our shining masterpiece, our little football cake, so this is our six inch layer
that we’ve been neglecting. All we’re gonna do is cut about an inch wide piece out of
this cake, out of the middle, we’re gonna take it out. Watch this, (crowd cheers) Football! Boom! Flag on the play! That’s awesome! And we’re just gonna frost
this little baby cake. And you don’t have to get
this perfect right now, you’re just getting it in a spot where you can transfer it to the top. Here we go, we’re gonna
put this on top of this, it’s happening. I’m gonna use my little spatula, oh god, okay. (dramatic orchestra music) And then we’re gonna go. (single low piano note) Field goal, whoo! Now, I will tell you, this
does not have to be perfect. We are not professional
cake decorators here, we want the semblance of a football. Alright, final, final things. Add my little laces on top, we’re just gonna go right in the middle, this is a three inch round tip. And now we’re gonna
draw the big white lines that are on the side of the cake. One more. Football cake! Yay! Sports! Now, I think that this cake would be the perfect center piece
for your Super Bowl party or any football party. It’s super fun, its easier than it looks and it’s really tasty, so I
hope that you’ll enjoy this at your next football party.
Let me know how it goes, if you bake this cake,
please, please please, post a picture to our page and don’t forget to like,
share, subscribe, comment, all of those things. Let us know how it goes,
and happy Super Bowl. Wooo! Yeah! (weak whistle)

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