How to lose weight in Japan 日本でダイエット【日英字幕】

Hey guys! So I get a lot of messages from
people saying that they’re really worried about visiting Japan because of their weight.
And I really want to address this issue because I have a lot of things to say about it. A. You should never deprive yourself an experience
because of how you look. You don’t know what the future holds. You might not ever get another
chance. B. People are going to look at you anyway,
because you’re a foreigner. This will happen less in the bigger cities, but it’s still
going to happen no matter what. C. I can’t say whether someone will say something
mean to you, or laugh, but I can say that making fun of someone in Japan is such a bad
thing that other Japanese people will go so far as to say that person is not acting Japanese.
D. With a little bit of planning you can use Japan to fairly easily lose weight. Rachel, what on earth do you know about losing
weight? Well, the first time I went to Japan I was there for 5 months. And despite already
being at a low weight, I lost 20 pounds, or 9 kilograms, when I was there. I wasn’t even
trying to lose weight. It just happened. And despite being skinny, I do have my own struggles
with maintaining an active lifestyle and eating healthy But Japan can be a fantastic place for these
things, and I will tell you why. 1. The number one reason losing weight is
difficult is because it requires a somewhat permanent lifestyle change. And change is
hard. Just getting started is hard enough, but even after you get started there is always
that day where you come home from work, and you’re really tired and you just want to relax
so you just say, “I really just want to relax today… Just this one time I’m going to skip
going on a run and I’ll just throw something in the microwave.” And then it happens again.
And again. And suddenly you can’t remember the last time you went running and you find
yourself eating 12 bags of flaming hot potato chips over Christmas break. But Japan is a completely different environment
from America. The city structure is different, and the food is different. Moving to Japan
is FORCING a lifestyle change on you. You don’t HAVE to do anything! It’s being changed
for you. That is your biggest block to losing weight out of the way right from the beginning.
If you keep that in mind when you move to Japan, you can set up your new lifestyle as
a healthy one. 2. The 2nd biggest factor in losing weight
is your diet. Regardless of what your hormone situation is, if you are taking in less energy
than you put out, you will lose weight. Period. That is physics. And it’s much easier to eat
a healthy lifestyle in Japan than it is in America. Japanese meals are heavy on vegetables, fish,
rice, soy products, and noodles. And again, because you’re already beginning a lifestyle
change, you can start your new life in Japan by using those healthy ingredients.
So, here are some quick tips: 1. You should always use the “Bunme” system.
ALWAYS. In fact, you should start using it right now and you should be using it for the
rest of your life. The “Bunme” system is how full your stomach should feel when you’re
finished eating, on a scale of 1 to 10. In a healthy lifestyle, you should aim for 7分目
or 8分目, which is 7 or 8/10ths of the way full. That means you should feel fairly satisfied,
but you should still be able to eat more. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can
take that down to 6/10ths. 2. Don’t drink the soup bases. You can eat
your ramen noodles, but don’t drink the soup. They’re really high in salt, and especially
in restaurants, they’re not healthy. 3. Restaurant meals are generally not healthy,
just the same as anywhere else in the world. So go easy on eating out.
4. In Japan one of the big oils they use for cooking is called perilla. Use perilla oil
when you are cooking. It’s really high in Omega-3 fatty acids, just like fish oil.
5. Eat your vegetables and fish. Even if you don’t like vegetables and fish in your home
country, try them in Japan. You might be surprised. I didn’t eat them in America, but I love them
in Japan. They taste completely differently to me. Some examples of healthy meals are:
Salad dishes, fish dishes, nabe pots with vegetables and noodles, and fried rice with
vegetables (also called chahan). 6. Of course stay away from deep fried food.
Japan unfortunately has a lot of deep-fried food. 3. Okay, and the third and final factor I’ll
talk about is being active. In America I’ve never lived in a city that has had decent
public transportation. Stores are miles and miles from my house. But not in Japan! Most
of you will be living in cities where you can get everywhere you need to go by walking,
riding your bike, or taking public transportation, which you will walk or ride your bike to.
It’s so easy to be active. I also recommend taking up jogging right away once you get
there, either right out your front door if you’re not in a super busy area, or if you
are go to a park or something like that. Jogging in Japan is SO safe; you really don’t have
much to worry about. Okay, so remember that the hardest part about
getting healthy is making that lifestyle change. So keep all of this in mind when you move
to Japan, and you can start out your new lifestyle as a healthy one. I personally am SO much
healthier when in I’m Japan. I eat healthy, I’m active, and I exercise all the time. And
it wasn’t difficult for me despite being a lazy person because I wasn’t already stuck
in an unhealthy routine. I usually gain about ten pounds when I’m in America, and I always
lose it when I’m back in Japan. So please don’t let your weight hold you back
from visiting Japan. Your weight does not define who you are. And while it is certainly
less common to see overweight or obese people in Japan, they are still there. You will not
be alone. Moving to Japan could potentially be one of the greatest decisions you make
about your health. It was for me. Thanks for watching guys!

Stephen Childs


  1. これ聞くと日本の重力が他より弱いように思える(ジョーク)。

  2. I travelled 3 weeks in Japan and lost 3 kg. I was surprised because I was never hungry and ate lots of ramen and tempura 😁

  3. It's interesting to see what different countries define as healthy food. While science and most cultures agree that vegetables and fish are healthy, noodles and white rice would definitely not be considered a healthy food by most Americans.

  4. You weren't kidding about Perilla oil. I've never heard of it before and looked it up. It has about the same amount of alpha linolenic acid as flaxseed oil.

  5. All I can think about is how I have research that Japanese do not wash their hands after using the bathroom and that Japanese restrooms don't have paper towels or soap because people don't wash their hands. And this isn't just a few Japanese people, this is all Japanese people. I was so disgusted by this that I decided that I'm not going to move to Japan. Why continue to watch these videos is beyond me? I really wish I could move to Japan but there's no way I would eat anything prepared or in a restaurant because there's no way I'm eating something prepared by someone who hasn't washed their hands. They wear masks on their face as a courtesy and to avoid spreading germs but they neglect to wash their hands. It's appallingly disgusting.

  6. Um I think you missed the point for some of us. I won't fit into any if their clothes. Ever. Big shouldes, big breasts, tall. Would I have to travel back home to Australia any time I need something that I forgot about?
    Also when I was there. I didn't lose anything. The environment changed nothing

  7. sees that when she got to Japan she lost 20lbs
    Me:: hmm…. goes to Japan and stays their to see if I lose weight
    (I’m such a pleeb)

  8. Rachel is so right! I didn't notice and I really didn't make too much effort and I lost almost 10KG in 3 months !!! I love it! I wish I could lose a little bit more~

  9. If you go to Japan then you instantly loose weight the second you enter the country

  10. Thanks Rachel!!! I tried this in america though and I legit lost like 5 pounds in a week!!
    I'm 5'1 and now I'm 80 pounds

  11. I am now in Japan and I am probably the least healthy I have ever been. I work for a big company and work-life balance is really off – I spend 9 to 10 hours a day at work so I have very little time for myself. Also, I find it harder to be active here. I can’t ride a bike to work because it’s too far so I have to take public transportation and as you said, it’s really efficient and I never have to walk too far. Jogging is almost impossible in the 35-40 degree heat this summer and I can’t go to any gyms because I have a scary tattoo of a flower on my back and it somehow offends all the poor Japanese people inside the gym. So i definitely feel like it’s not all as easy and fun as you described!

  12. I currently work and live in Japan and I gained a few pounds. The first time I visited I lost about 2 pounds from all the walking. This time, I'm located more towards the countryside and don't really go out as much. Plus, when I first made the move for work, I didn't know what food to buy as I was very used to American types of food and ingredients. So that added to my weight gain as well. I'm eating healthier now but need to work on my portion sizes and physical activity. It's difficult to get out and be active after work or on the weekends, and the constant going back and forth in losing some weight and then gaining it back, but I won't give up! Your video is really inspiring and positive. I'll make sure to keep this is mind as I work on losing weight! Thank you so much!

  13. When eating the “fish” how do you know your not eating whale or dolphins?
    I wouldn’t eat fish in Japan just because I wouldn’t know if I was helping them hunt and kill whales.

  14. Anyone who seriously wants to lose weight, I recommend Radu Antoniu. Makes amazingly informative videos and his methods (not just fitness) have been working great for me

  15. Watching this i wanna try more sushi when i go i normally dont like sushi just the ones with crab and avocado or a tuna roll but idk spell she put on me i wanna go and eat all the sushi 😂

  16. My problem is that I'm dyslexic + dyspraxic, which basically makes language learning almost impossible 🙁 I'm also nonbinary, and I don't think there is much of an LGBT community/much knowledge of lgbt peoy – especially not nonbinary people!

  17. I'm only ten but ever since I started watching you I've been set to keep up good grades so that I can have a good life and hopefully make my dream of living in japan real!

  18. I wish this was the same in america.. I would be a lot less fat than I am now. It’s just a lot easier to give in to temptations, especially when you’re in a fried food McDonald’s place like America.

  19. Change? Now i see how i lost 2 kilos in 6 days in England despite England is know for bad eating habits.
    Losing weight is more about activity and less about actual diet. Personally I wouldn't change my diet at all, just the quantity of food intake (but I already have ahealthy diet. Is just that i'm gluttonous of certain products). Of course you should not eat 5000 kalories at day, but if you try to live an ealtly lifestyle, you'll discover you feel you can't eat more than what you need, even if you want.

    Oh, I live in Italy and I love vegetables and fish.

  20. Literally just live in Japan. You can't help it. I went from 135 to an emaciated 105 and was very malnourished.

  21. I'm going to be visiting Japan in two weeks and I have to admit I'm feeling super nervous because I'm afraid i'm going to be judged for my weight, especially since I'm going to be unable to hide anything under baggy clothes in the summer heat. This video does help me feel a bit better though, and I'm not going to let my own insecurity ruin a post college trip me and my friends have been saving for since elementary school. Thank you so much Rachel, I really love your videos <3

  22. man nobody sells Japan like you guys do… I can’t think of any reasons not to anymore lmao… apart from the plane ticket cost maybe… and the fact that moving out of my parents house terrifies me let alone another country lmaooooo

  23. I don't think that Japanese/Asian are trying to be rude, they are just brutally honest and they see their comments as a personal observation rather than a rude or obnoxious comment.

  24. I'm fat and I don't care about I just want to met Rachel and Jun in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I'm really into watching all the videos from this channel. The only problem is that I'm not moving to Japan, I'm moving to South Korea….

  26. Tbh if you're already a thin, slim, or just a curvy person, I doubt it'll make much difference. But for chubby people going to a country where majority of the population is thinner than the average person in all the western countries does make people consider losing weight first and then going to Japan or another east Asian country.

    Personally, since I'm brown skinned AND chubby, I'd rather lose weight first and THEN travel. That's one less thing I have to worry about.

  27. I didn't care once about food, weight xD My nutrition is the worst I ever saw. Everyone who saw my nutrition have to think I got diabetes and overweight, but I am the opposite of that cuz I am doing so much sport that I am getting muscles instead of fat and being chubby
    btw I am 15years old, half German, half vietnamese, 1,8m (5'9) tall and 70kg heavy. JAPAN <3

  28. I love eating veggies,but it don’t like fish(it’s cause of a memory when I was younger)

  29. Bah…. I came in Japan and gained 7 kg. That would never go away. I never ever ate that much, but when I was living in Italy (I'm Italian) I could eat as much as I wanted and never gain weight. So.. I ear a lot of Americans losing weight here, but a lot of Italians instead are getting fatter! So for me it's the food. Italian food is much more healthier at the end of the day, cooked in a simple way, while instead food in Japan is full of sugars and calories. Just think about the sushi… the rice is kind of marinated in sugar! I also exercise (thing that I have never done before) and the thing is just keeping my weight at bay, but I am not losing a gram.

  30. And then there is that thing called "summer" which will make you think twice about japan being a healthy country to live in xD

  31. Hi I loved the video, and I will be moving to Japan for one year to study. I gained lots kilo's after finally losing them and always been bullied for weight. I have one problem tough. Id try home cooking and using the ingredients you say like soy, vegtables, noodles, rice,… But the problem is ifsh I actually have a fish and seafood allergy, what would you recommend to eat instead of fish in Japan then? 🙂

  32. Love the idea to some day my dream come true to be able to visit Japan … What it is holding me back? well… 1 .Language 2.Weight ( a LOT ! ) 3. Undergraduate 4. Money but still dreaming to go 😅😂

  33. heh… I'd been thinking about this… not that I want to move to japan (I did when I was younger) but I do really want to visit and practice my japanese. I used to study it all the time! (and am always watching anime in japanese to help me practice) my weight has been something I worry about when it comes to visiting, so I'm glad to know that's not too much of an issue. I have had to make a huge lifestyle change myself ever since I got IBS and have had to cut all high carb foods from my diet… so more meats and vegetables than anything else… So I'd have to avoid fried foods, large amounts of rice, and noodles. I'm already losing weight thanks to my new lifestyle but it's slow going.

  34. I was in the US for 6 months and my colleagues always laughed at me when I told I go to the grocery store every day…. I just cant be without my daily fresh milk… I think after the 4th day the cashier thought i work there on afternoon shifts…

  35. Instead of moving to Japan, why not vote to change our own countries infrastructure? Tweak zoning regulations so people can do more kinds of business in their own homes, (restaraunts, mechanics, etc.) and Improve public transport. This will make people start walking because it's easier than driving everywhere. Also, encourage gardening on school grounds. This will give kids more access to fresh veggies and maybe save the taxpayers some money in food.

  36. If I woke up in japan.my biggest issues would be reading and speaking the languages…(yes there are dialectical differences)

  37. I'm vegetarian FULL vegetarian so I don't eat fish…………would I still be able to eat there XD ;-;

  38. I'm in high school and my dream is to work in japan as an animator…this video helps for a lot of my concerns!

  39. Every time I go to Japan for vacation I see my daily walking steps go as high as 25K. You are walking to and from the subway and to places. I ate like a pig but did not gain any weight because I countered it with all the walking. I lived in HK for six years and I walk quite a bit too when time allows (I worked minimum 50 hours week). Now I'm back in Canada I am not as active and I feel it…..I miss Asia.

  40. Visit during the summer. You'll just sweat off the pounds. XD And then, if you are like me, you'll gain it right back with cold beer and noodles.

  41. When I’m about to go to Japan, I get nervous and when I’m nervous I can’t eat, so I end up losing weight before I go 😅

  42. I'm worried I'd be really short in Japan .All the Japanese people I've met are tall at least to me .I'm only 4'10 and I'm 20 . I'm also very curvy with a tiny bit of a tummy and worry if I moved there I wouldn't find clothes to fit me right(especially bras I'm a 38K) even in america I have to special order my bras and some clothing since my body proportions are odd for someone my height.

  43. I went to Japan this year as a size 16-18 UK, that's really large for Japan and I felt like I stood out quite a bit! Did I ever feel unwelcome? did I feel treated differently? NO! If anything, the people in Japan are far more polite than in the UK!

    What I will advise to my fellow larger travelers – being heavier from an activity standpoint is tough and you need to walk a lot every day if you want to see places. I have dropped a stone since I left because next time I go I want to be lighter on the feet cus man that foot ache!

  44. I’m already used to have everything in bike distance. I live in the fricking Netherlands half of the things is reachable with a bike.

  45. Aww why can’t I move there?!?!?!
    I don’t want an IEP anymoreD’:

  46. You forgot to mention the amount of stairs here. I used to struggle climbing up two flights of stairs, now it's a breeze!

  47. I'm from Indonesia and I went to Tokyo and Osaka about four months ago. I was an obese. A guide at Shinsekai Tower, Osaka said that I'm so beautiful in a very friendly way. Even he said that he really want to visit my country. That's not true that Japanese will stare at you just because of you are fat. Most people are super polite and friendly there. Some are even super kind and touching my heart. They are mostly skinny, yes that's true, but it doesn't mean that they will mind your business, especially when you're a tourist!! I lost four pounds when I was there (for about two weeks)! I was not dieting at all (I even ate so much more than usual in my country). Just go away and visit Japan.
    Also, after visiting Japan, I'm really inspired to do a diet and live a healthier lifestyle. I still need to lose kilos of fat but I haven't gone this far in my life about dieting!! <3

  48. "Regardless of your hormone situation, if you take in less than you put out. That is PHYSICS." THANK YOU. I'm sick of these people saying the laws of thermodynamics don't apply to them! Don't they realize that if they were not losing weight on a 500kcal a day diet, they would literally solve the world's energy crisis by studying how their body works?! (And before anyone comes at me with the "starvation mode" myth, that only happens to people who are literally starving. As in close to death. Your metabolic functions essentially slow down as your body starts shutting down and conserving energy. If your body is in starvation mode, you are VERY close to death! It does not happen to people with regular access to food). If anyone wants to see how people who say they are eating 1000-1500kcal a day and not losing weight actually end up not losing the weight, check out "Secret Eaters" on YouTube. It's a UK reality show where people track their food in a diary for a week and come up with an average daily consumption. Then, cameras follow them the following week to see what they actually eat. It turns out they just aren't properly tracking the amounts they are eating and are taking in LOTS of calories in things they didn't realize mattered so much (extra oils, small handfuls of a snack throughout the day, sauces, dressing, sides etc). No one can beat the laws of physics! It's just not possible! I don't care about your thyroid. Mine doesn't work either but when I eat less I lose weight, simple as!

    And Rachel managed to get that message out in a way that won't make people defensive! It's great.

  49. I one day want to visit Japan, but it's more wishful thinking than anything else due to finances or lack thereof, but my weight is definitely one of my biggest insecurities and always pops into my head whenever i even entertain the thought of going. Being 5'3" and 270 lbs is hard even in America, I can only imagine what it'd be like in Japan! Though trying to lose weight seems much easier there than here, i'm jealous. I try and just end up gaining more. I would still like to go one day, but alas I don't think it's meant to be. Rachel definitely strikes that nerve that just makes me want to go even more!

  50. Honestly, I got stared at because I'm not Japanese, but I never was stared at specifically because of how I look (at least to my knowledge). I did discuss my weight with friends, and I did lose weight, but it was never a huge deal. Lost about three pant sizes and my shirts stayed the same, not a massive deal. However, I will admit that I already had a relatively healthy way of living. I don't like red meat and I enjoy both soy and vegetables, and I both dance and worked in a restaurant as a host and on the line- two fast-paced positions. So the changes depend on everyone, my friend Juliet always lost like 40 pounds when she'd live with her mom vs living with her dad in America.

  51. Are there any healthy restaurants like maybe in Onsen ?

  52. I know from personal experience this is generally true. I was there for a 2 week trip as a tourist. From everything in that week we definitely weren’t eating healthy however I personally lost 5-10kg of weight, and I was a fairly active dancer back then. Loved it

  53. I have an auto immune disease that makes it almost impossible to move. So I'm screwed and I'm poor so I'm double screwed.

  54. Im Australian and want to move there one day but i dont understand the how much to would cost to go there

  55. I lose automatic wheight in Japan. I do nothing 😀 winter 2018/2019 I lose in 3 months 25kg.

  56. Not a seafood/tofu person, can some one tell me whats left to try in Japan? Other that the sweets? But of course ill try those and no national fast food- more local foods, dont wanna eat what i can find everywhere eles.

  57. What brand would you recommend getting for the Perilla Oil? A website link would be fantastic. 😊

  58. I AM visiting Japan and I AM worried because I’m overweight and people say I look Japanese. What if they think I’m native and start pointing at me😭😭

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