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  1. very helpful man, just signed up and got through to making my hero page. hoping you make some more on point videos to reference!

  2. You made me call my mom lol!! I saw the messenger message pop up at 8:40 so funny!! I was so confused for a second..

  3. Great value man! I'm trying to deliver the same value to my subscribers as much as I can!

  4. Hey JR good stuff i connected with you from FAFE great content you provide on your channel. One recommendation for your YT video thumbnails,…I would stay away from the black background it gives the video a very negative vibe. Try to use more light or vivid colours. Hope this is of value for you cheers keep up the good work

  5. do you retarget your value videos only if they watched 50% of one of the other value videos

  6. During the free trial do you run the ads from your click funnels account or do you have them buy their own quote from his account before your officially thier client?

  7. Awesome video JR! How often do you change the discount funnel service/product offers for client's ad campaigns to keep the offers fresh?

  8. beautiful work JR! So glad I found your channel. I hope your called your mom lol.

  9. Hi JR Love the content man quick question I am running a video campaign to try to get clients now and I'm running it for conversions but is that not the best idea since there is no way to get the pixel onto calendly? Should I change the objective to video views? Appreciate the help brotha.

  10. Do you see the message from his Mom? LOL! (Call me!!!!!) @8:52 Just messing with you dude. I love your Vids!

  11. So you didn't get success with Dan Henry, you got it with Billy Gene, right?

  12. Can someone please answer to me ? Did he/you create a new page for each client or do you directly run these campaign with your own personal page ? Thank you very much

  13. Hmm I'm still wondering how a local healthcare client such as a chiropractor could afford a 1500 monthly plan to work with you? That would mean a whole lot of clients (many dozens) just to break even from their investment, not to even mention trying to make double/triple the amount from your services.

    Plus they have to pay the ad spend.

    Any comments on this?

  14. Love your videos man! Quick question, does the CTA have to be book a call? My schedule is a little hectic and my hours are limited.

  15. Hey Jr what Facebook ad objective did you use to advertise this video video Lead generation? Video views Or link clicks?

  16. Hey, jr thanks for the content keep it up. Have you ever landed any clients through cold calling? I've been trying it but, I can't seem to get past the assistant so I can pitch this method to the doctor.

  17. How do you know that someone watched 50% of your video? how do you know exactly who did?

  18. Ton of value! I will definitely start applying these strategies to my business and creating videos like this in my channel. Thanks for the inspiration JR!

  19. Hi JR, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge it really helped me to know more how to get clients, but my question is if this is advisable if I'm not yet even work with a client? But I have some knowledge about FB ads, pixels. But no experience working with a client yet. Thank you JR! <3 Love lots and Godbless to you and to your family.

  20. Hey JR do you think targeting chiropractors will still work in today's market with facebook ads?

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