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So today I’m going to talk about how to generate buyer leads in real estate If you’re wanting to market a new construction property now I get agents all the time asking me about how to set up an ad for a new construction So if you’re working with home builders tract homes townhomes custom homes Whatever it is, and also this even works if you’re trying to sell a vacant lot We’ve done this in the past and we’ve seen it work extremely well So I want to show you step-by-step how to get all this set up in this video I want to show you the Facebook ad the landing page templates Everything and if you guys want to dive more in detail on this whole real estate lead generation process I’m gonna have a link below to a 30-day real estate leads challenge Now the goal of this challenge is to help you generate your first or your next 15 real estate leads in the next 30 days Alright. So anyway, if you want that challenge go ahead give this video a thumbs up Also, check out the link right below and in that challenge I give you all of the templates that I’m gonna be showing you guys right here as well Okay. So basically when we’re marketing a new construction home Or townhome apartment really whatever it is is basically like you’re featuring a listing, right? It’s just a it’s a tangible property. Then the same thing goes for a vacant lot So all we do is we take this new listing facebook ad copy and we just tweak it Okay, so we say new listing or you can say new build new construction first time ever hit the market something like that See before anyone else five beds and then you could put four baths or something like that go here to get the price location plus more pictures Now what we’re gonna be doing right here is we’re gonna be sending these people when they click on this link Right now it just sends to our Arsenal mkg comm home page But we’re gonna be saying them to a landing page so that we can actually grab their contact information To generate a real qualified lead so we can follow up with this person So we’re gonna be grabbing their name their phone number their email address That way we can follow up via email text message as well as give that person a call as soon as they opt-in Then we’re gonna go through and talk a little bit more about this new construction this new build So we’re gonna usually have about 1 2 paragraphs talking about the hot points Whatever like the great features are of this new home. Okay, maybe has vaulted ceilings three-car garage. Maybe there’s a pool Maybe it’s by a park for kids or a great school something like that We want to include as much as we can right in here and then finally we finish up by go here for the price address plus more pics so you can see We’re going through and we’re telling them about this property and the enticing things but our hook in order to get their contact information We want to give them something in exchange for that contact info so what we’re gonna be doing is Giving them the price of the actual property the address where they can go through and check it out And then also more pics now with the more pics you can see down here in this example I like to go through and add a few pictures right out of the gate because That way they can kind of get the sense of the property So this is true if it’s a just a typical listing like a resale, it’s true If it’s a new construction, it’s true if it’s a piece of land so we’ve seen this with vacant lots all the time And it’s worked extremely well so maybe kind of get different angles of the lot the street view kind of like looking across the street all those different things and Then if someone’s like oh man, this house looks amazing They’re gonna click on this go and opt-in to the landing page and become a lead, so That’s basically the whole process and so let me just show you guys really quick how to simply set this up so all we’re gonna do is use the same exact ad copy right here, and then as I mentioned earlier We want to send them to a landing page. Not your main website because if you look at your main website It’s not set up to convert website visitors into actual leads if you think about it When was the last time you actually saw a lead from your website, right? You probably had a website visitors, but it’s not optimized to convert those visitors into leads And so that’s why you haven’t been seen the stream of leads. Just kind of flowing through into your business So we want to set up a simple Landing page which is super easy to do and we cover all this in the real estate lead generation Challenge we’re gonna come over here to this lead pages. Let me zoom in So it’s easier to see for you and this is an example of laying page Now if you want to go through is set one up completely from scratch. We just come over here create another lead page and Yes, if you guys have other landing page software, it’s easy You’re it’s very easy to go through and set all this up But this is just a software that we’ve gone through and filled out all the Pre-built custom templates and everything is set up and ready to go for you which like I mentioned that third daily challenge You’re gonna get free access to this software inside that challenge. Ok, so we got the real estate leadpages right here We’ve got the listing these campaign that is exactly what we’re gonna be using for our ad copy obviously tweaked a little bit And for the new construction and then we’re gonna use this We’re gonna split click choose and this is going to take us into the website builder where we can Customize this landing page to you your business and this new construction property you’re going through and trying to market so you can see this is consistent we’ve got go here for the price address those more pics and Then the landing page our call to action is get instant access the price and picture of this properties Okay So you want to keep it consistent from what they’re seen on the ad? to the landing page and then even what it’s called a Thank You page and even the follow-up because Then that person’s gonna have a good experience Connecting with your business in your brand now, you might look at this and be like oh Jason I don’t have 36 photos of the home. I only got 18 or 27 or whatever it is. No worries All you gotta do is just click right here and you can see where you can edit and customize any part of this landing page Over here on the left hand side So if you’ve only got let’s say 27 photos you go throw that in I went really messed with the headline or the sub headline Because we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with paid advertising Testing this exact lead campaign and it works extremely well, right it works So well, so I wouldn’t mess with any of that but one thing you might want to do is change out this background image to be an image of The new construction the new bill that you’re going through marketing So you gotta do is come over here to choose new image You just click on that right there, and we’ve got this image gallery You can go through use but ideally you want to upload an image from your desktop, right? So let’s just say for this example. This is the new build let’s say this is the the listing wanted to go through it market brand new home is just or as I mentioned earlier vacant lot same type of thing applies and we just hit use this image and Just like that we’ve easily gone through tweak the landing page then had it customized to you and your Property that you’re trying to go through market. So now all we got to do we can come up here give it a name We’ll say new build One two three or whatever you want to call it right there and then we hit save it says website saved and published So now I want to show you this new landing page And I’m going to get into the ads part here in just a second guys But I just I want to show you every step of the process. So you’re not left like hanging. I don’t know I don’t know what to do. After this video. This video is just bunch of fluff I want to give you guys the good stuff here. Okay, so we got this new build one, two three We’ve got the landing page get instant access between some photos the background image right there. And then the cool thing is We already as part of this 30 daily challenge. We already have the email and text message follow. It’s already pre-built Connected to this landing page and you can easily come in here You can easily tweak any of the content and either messaging but the nice thing is it’s already Automatically created for you to simplify your life and save you hours of time to honest at the end of day You probably don’t have any way because you’ve got a lot of things going on to keep up manage run prospect your new business Everything is this is the lot right? So we wanted to go through and simplify that for you through this 30-day lead challenge Which once again, you can check that out in the link below now? We’ve got this landing page set up, right we have our ad copy right here Alright, so I wanted to show you guys this quick example So basically what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go through and we’re just gonna copy and paste all of this text right here Okay, then what we want to do is we want to go through and this is let’s say your Facebook page Alright, this is my video. I created just a couple of days ago So if you’re wondering how to go through and properly set up your facebook business page for your real estate business Go check that video out because it’s extremely helpful I go through share some different tips and Tricks with you on how to get everything set up properly and then we’re just going to make a post right here So we’re gonna actually create this on our face Paige as opposed to inside the Facebook Ads manager The reason being is because when we do it on our facebook business page Then if somebody comes and visits our facebook business page they’ll be able to see the post as Well as people that you’re promoting it to whereas if you create this post inside of the Facebook Ads manager what happens is it creates what’s called a blind ad and When you create a blind ad it doesn’t actually show up on your facebook business page Which you want as much exposure because you might get some you’re not probably not a lot But you’re gonna get some organic exposure from having that on your facebook business page. Okay. So now We just want to update these links right here Obviously you want to go through and update everything that it says right here But I’m gonna leave that to you not going to get into the details on that in this video Maybe we want to go through five beds Three baths is something we might want to add But come over here this landing page We’ve got the URL now you obviously can go through and make this a custom URL but one thing I like to do for Simplicity and speed and everything is use a service a site called bitly. Okay So basically, it’s just a URL shortener so I’m just gonna paste this URL right in there and hit shorten and Then it creates this one right here and we just hit copy and then look at this if we go open this up It’s got this exact landing page. We just created Okay, so we’re gonna go go here to get the price location plus more pics paste that in right there And I’m just gonna select all of that Put that in right there and then see how this created Is created a bunch of photos? I’ve just pulled from the website that was using earlier. We don’t want to do that We want to go through we want to add photos of Your property right? So we’re gonna hit upload photos or videos right here if you have a video, that is awesome That’s super powerful it’s not absolutely required, but it’s very beneficial because I say You know pictures worth a thousand words and if a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine what a video was worth right so that very powerful but for this example Let me just go through and like I said earlier I’ll usually like to add about eight to ten images So whoever scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Can get a real feel of what the property looks like the front the house the back the backyard the inside And then, you know, obviously they’re gonna want more pictures that they’re gonna be really qualified. And so we’re gonna come over here I’m just gonna upload one for this video But you can go add as many as you want and then what we’re gonna do is hit share now So we’ve got this right here So we’ve got the new listing see it before instant market go here to get the price location post more pics When someone clicks on this, they’re gonna go out to our landing page You can see right here. If you twin some photos first name email phone and they opt in. Okay So now what we’re gonna do is we want to go through and we want to use this for our Facebook app, okay, so now coming over here to the Facebook Ads manager What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hit create Okay now for this one I’m just gonna use the traffic campaign because it makes it a lot simpler if we went through and set up a full conversion ad there’s gonna be like so many other steps which gets a little confusing and Starting out traffic campaign works just fine. So we’re just gonna hit traffic right there Then we come down here and we’re gonna say new Construction Campaign and usually what I like to do is give this a name Based off of the address. Okay, whatever listing I’m going through and marking now. This is a completely brand new Facebook ad account so I’m just gonna hit set up at account and just walk you through the creation right there and Right here. It’s gonna have the traffic which is sending people to your website and usually on most add accounts This one is not because it’s brand new which Facebook is slowly rolling these out to everyone what you need to do Is you need to check a box it says special add Category okay, if you’re in the real estate market Mortgage market any of that you need to check that special add category and if it’s not showing up for you like it is mine It once you publish the campaign more than likely it’s going to show up live Okay, so you got to check that special add category box and then select the housing option Okay now coming down here What’s going to happen? Once you select that is it’s going to go through and basically you’re not going to be able to choose the age the gender Languages or anything like that as far as targeting goes But the one thing you’ll be able to change is go through and pick the city That the listing the property is located in so let’s say that this listing is located in Phoenix, Arizona Okay now With this if you don’t have this special add category checked you can go down to as low as ten mile radius around The address or the property but with this special add category You can actually it limits you to 15 miles now for those you guys concerned about like all man Facebook guys Don’t work real say anymore. That is just like a bunch of hogwash cave. We’ve been doing this for a long time They actually added a special add category about a year ago Lots of people are just barely hitting their account now and Facebook’s starting to enforce it a lot more right now but it’s actually been around for quite a while kind of just testing things out and We haven’t really seen in many changes as far as lead generation lead cost lead quality all that stuff goes so it still works Just fine I want to worry about all of the the things that happen when you have to go through and check the special add category box now with that said basically what it does is it limits your targeting but once again I haven’t seen any issues with the limits at place on our targeting now one last thing we want to do on the locations we don’t want everyone in this location because like a talent Phoenix a lot of people probably traveling for work for whatever so we only want to do people who live in this location you Can see right here it dropped by quite a bit. Okay, so now coming down here We’re gonna leave it automatic placements, which is recommended and then our daily budget. This really comes down to whatever your daily budget is I recommend starting out with a minimum ten dollars per day If you have a bigger budget in that twenty twenty-five dollars per day is a great starting point Even if you have a bigger bigger budget than that yet won’t necessarily go to much higher than twenty five dollars per day Starting out because if you’ve never run Facebook as before I I would kind of just keep it at a lower budget to kind of get the feel of how all the stuff works Once you already got some experience you can easily start at 50 to $100 per day For every single ad set and ad campaign that you go through and create that’s usually what I do as well Okay, so now coming over here. We’ll hit continue So now we’ve selected the campaign objective. We’ve done our targeting which remember with special ad category We’re kind of limited on how all that stuff set up. We’re gonna choose the Facebook page that we want to market from which is Remember back here. This is my facebook business page And then what we’re gonna do is instead of creating an ad like we were talking about earlier. We’re gonna use an existing post Okay, because remember I already went through and created this post right here So all we’re going to do is just use this exact post right here kake’s we already created it So we’re gonna come down and we’re gonna select post. We’re gonna click select post right there and We’re gonna select this one right there. Boom. We hit continue and It’s gonna pull up right here so new this easy before anyone else five beds three baths everything else that we set on there and then once we’re done, we just hit confirm we hit publish and We are ready to go now guys That is exactly step by step how to get all this set up You get the you use our copy and paste templates inside of our 30 daily challenge you copy and paste this on To your Facebook page you go through you create a landing page inside of the arsenal’ software with all the pre-built email and text marketing Follow-up. We even have a mobile app so you’re gonna get instantly notifications anytime a new lead comes in that you can call them get them on the phone right away or Once they text back to one of these automated follow-up text messages You can easily text back and forth on your mobile phone super powerful, okay? So they come through they opt-in you get a notification on the mobile app then you’re able to go through text them back and forth the leaves drop into the Arsenal CRM right here and You are off to the races Generating a consistent flow of leads with this buyer leads campaign So if you have any questions whatsoever guys drop them down below I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions as far as by early generation real estate lead generation real estate marketing any of this stuff goes because We’ve been doing this for a long time. We know exactly what works what doesn’t work So if you have a new-build property, this is the exact campaign I would highly recommend using if you have a vacant lot that you’re trying to get off your hands This is the exact campaign that I would highly recommend using if you just have any other Listing this is the campaign. Okay, and let’s say you’re brand new here. You’re like man Jase. I don’t have a listing I don’t have any connections with builders. No, you know new construction anything like that I’m just trying to find buyers and trying to find sellers No worries, Kay that third daily challenge. It will work exactly perfect for you Because whether you have listings you don’t have listings We show you the exact copy and paste ad templates go through and use we show you the targeting We show you the landing page templates. We have all the pre-built email and SMS follow-up templates You’ll get access to the Arsenal mobile app all the good stuff that you need to succeed with your real estate business So anyway with that said guys if you found this video helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that that really helps the YouTube algorithm and get this video seen by more people other people just like you who are needing help with Their marketing and real estate lead generation Efforts so with that said thank you so much. Be sure to check out that 30-day lead challenge And with that said I will see you in the next video

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