How to Convince Your Boss to Give You Martin Luther King Day Off

How to Convince Your Boss to Give You Martin
Luther King Day Off. Commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther
King Jr. by convincing your boss to close the office for the holiday. You will need Examples of federal holidays
and volunteer work (optional). Step 1. Tell your boss that Martin Luther King is
not a day off, but a day on. It is a day to celebrate the equality and
freedoms we all have today because of the efforts of the civil rights movement. Look for volunteer work on mlkday.gov and
donate your time on your day off to provide services to those in need. Step 2. Remind your boss that Congress deemed Martin
Luther King day a federal holiday, and federal employees have the day off. Step 3. Compare Martin Luther King day to other federal
holidays for which the office is closed, such as President’s Day and Memorial Day. Step 4. Point out that holidays are basic benefits
that businesses award their employees. Many businesses provide at least seven paid
holidays a year. Step 5. Inform your boss that after spending time
off with your family on Martin Luther King day, you will come back more rejuvenated and
productivity will increase. Stress that making Martin Luther King day
a holiday at your place of employment is good for overall business. Did you know Martin Luther King Jr. was convinced
to continue protesting racial segregation through nonviolent civil disobedience after
he visited India in 1959, where he met with the Prime Minister and members of Mahatma
Gandhi’s family.

Stephen Childs


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