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Good morning! I’m here in Bern, Switzerland. so today is Switzerland’s National
Holiday so happy birthday Switzerland! and the reason why I’m in Bern is to witness and celebrate this holiday and see what’s up so this is the clock tower and I’ve read that since this is Switzerland’s national holiday the tour to go inside here is
free oh my god admission is free and the queue is long well not really it’s fine though so the tour is now over ah no, not the tour it’s the explanation of the clock let’s go up to see the view so being the oldest astronomical clock
that still works until now I should say that it’s really a
wonderful experience to be able to see what’s inside and I’ve only seen this
before in the movies in fairy tales, in books and now I was able
to see what’s inside and behind the clock I wish I had more time
to spend inside but… a lot of people are waiting for their turn there just look at the line so a lot of people are still waiting for their turn even if I wanted to have more time inside let’s give chance to others Hello! so here in Switzerland if you could notice The bus nearly ran me over! the first thing I noticed is that during weekends especially holidays the shops here are closed just like today the shops are closed around you can count the few ones that are still open even if it’s a holiday today even the shops and restaurants are also on a holiday I think I already
brought this up to my boss I told him my observations and such and I compared it with the Philippines if it’s a weekend or a holiday the people go out the restaurants, malls and shops are open but today as you can see they’re closed and on normal weekends
and other holidays the shops are also closed so in case you didn’t know August 1 is
the Swiss national holiday so it’s Switzerland’s birthday today here in Bern they celebrate it this August 1 and in some cantons in some cities they celebrate it on July 31st midnight with fireworks And in Basel, I was grateful because I was able to witness such celebration and I’ve never
seen the city so crowded and alive last night so I think I will just insert
some clips here in addition to Switzerland’s birthday celebration so hello again I’m currently exploring Bern And look what I found it’s the River Aare This is not the first time that I’ve seen this because it goes through Interlaken as well And it makes sense because Interlaken is just over there so here in Switzerland, you’ll see a hiking trail everywhere you go And I’m not prepared for this but anyways I think this will be fun as always and calm look at the river and don’t worry about the hiking trails here a lot of people go for a hike and jog as well you’ll not be in danger if ever you find yourself in this kind of place look, it’s so beautiful! I’m so close to the water just look at that there are bears! so they love to swim but then none of them are swimming for now so hello again just a trivia did you know that Switzerland has 26 Cantons or Cantons can be compared to States Cantons are like States we could say that Switzerland has 26 States and they call it Cantons Bern is one of those Cantons and each Canton has its animal that represents them And if you could guess Bern the animal that represents it is a bear because Bern basically means bear welcome to the Rose Garden where you can
see the spectacular view of Bern so the Munster is already closed so we can only look at the outside And there’s a park over here from what I’ve read, it’s one of those perfect viewpoints of the city I want to win a Valser here ok it’s my turn winner of the hearts I want water! I can’t understand this one it would be better if I won a bottle of water instead Hello! so let’s try some face paint

Stephen Childs


  1. Oh, it's so cool you went up the clocktower! I really need to do that as well😃 Btw, the entrance to a lot of museums (also the botanical garden) is free on every Saturday in August. So if you want to do more free things in Bern I would recommend checking that out😊

  2. Loved the tour of the clock tower. It reminds me of the movie, Hugo. The view along the hiking trail is gorgeous, so is the water.

  3. Love the video! I’m also a fellow female traveller and also have a YouTube channel(Graceontour). Hope that we can continue to support each other. 😊

  4. The color of the water in the river is so turquoise and beautiful! Didn’t know Switzerland had 26 states

  5. Ooh those celebration clips made me want to join the party. It is so much fun to visit a country when they are celebrating their national holiday. It has its perks.

  6. Quite interesting to have a free tour. I always enjoy such celebrations. View from click tower is good.

  7. A free tour sounds great! The view from the top of the clock tower is awesome. I'd love to go behind a clock too! I know what you mean about it being like a scene from a movie. Omg the colour of the water at 10:55 is amazing!

  8. Just noticed this was your first video btw – congrats and best of luck on YouTube!

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