How To Buy Anything From USA To India or Any Country – My Real Experience

Hello guys this is Abhijit and welcome to another brand new video on this channel so in this video I’m going to share with you guys how we can import any product From USA to India or any other country so long story short few months back An USA based Amazon seller contacted me for making a review video on my you-tube channel for their CCTV camera there are so many e-commerce websites in USA and majority of them do not ship their product internationally but if you desperately want to buy a product that is only available in USA and you don’t live there so what you going to do?? so here is my story about buying a product from amazon.com which is not deliverable to my address the seller emailed me the product link also offered me 99% percent discount coupon in return of making a youtubetube review video the price of the product was $139 around 10000 Indian rupees and after applying the coupon it’s become so cheap little more than a dollar but my only problem is I live in India And the seller ships the product within USA I did some Google search and try to find how to buy from USA to India and I found couple of companies that provide parcel forwarding service few of those companies are shoptoship.com usgobuy.com borderlinux.com ship7.com and many others after doing some research I chose usgobuy.com because of their low shipping rates compared to others so I went to usgobuy.com and sign up for free they provide me a personal address based on USA so that I can use the address to ship my product then I open amazon.com add the ceases to be camera on my cart then choose USA shipping address provided by usgobuy.com also apply the ninety nine percent discount coupon and pay only INR. 104 for Indian rupees using my debit card you need a international transaction enabled credit card or debit card for doing this payment order a successfully placed also 104 Rs. was debited
from my bank account two days later the package is delivered to my usgobuy address usgobuy also provides 60 days free package storage period that means you can store your package in usgobuy warehouse for 60 days absolutely free one week later I also bought another item and ship it to my usgobuy address after receiving both of these two item at usgobuy warehouse it will show up on their website in my package arrived section then I select both of them and click on first shipment to place the shipment to my address now here we can declare the value of our packages This is very important 139 USD camera Ideclared only 19.99 USD. Here is why? if I declared the value 139 then I probably have to pay 50 USD or more as customs duty if I declare 1.5 USD which I originally paid for the item Then I will be unbelievable to the customs and then they will charge arbitrary amount as tax for the item so I declared 19.99 some for the security camera to save money on customs duty after declaring the value I click on continue then I add my full shipping address on this form then we need to choose shipping method before doing that we need to declare the product name that will be displayed on the invoice I chose the cheapest shipping method here it is Aramex Express Mail now here I face the main problem the problem is to pay us go buy for shipping for security reason they don’t allow pay using PayPal for new user from few countries and India is on of them only VIP members from those countries are allowed to pay using
PayPal Ali pay also supported but need a Chinese bank card and I don’t have that wire transfer cost $15 extra as transaction charges which is insane so my best payment option is webmoney create an account in webmoney and I paid 39.55 USD for 3 pound package shipped to India and two weeks later the package is delivered to my address and I paid around 1,400 Indian rupees as tax the package is around on an a-cup kg so restless cos this package open and see what’s inside and guys here is the camera and Here is another camera and guys these two wireless security camera review coming soon and thanks for watching this video and if you guys have any question any suggestion let me know in the comment section below that’s being said my name Abhijit Roy signing out and meet with you on my next video till then bye bye

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  1. Hey after the package was delivered did u had to pay the taxes to whomever delivered it to u?

  2. তুমি যেমন উচ্চারন করো সেরকম ই রেখো। future e aro bhalo jinis banabe asa kori.

  3. Now I'm purchasing Redmi airdots in $15 from aliexpress,
    1. How much custom chance on my product.
    2. Can I got product without custom.
    3. When I don't send custom than kya hoga.

  4. Quick Question, Customs ta kara handel kore? mane, customs e onek somoy jinis ese atke pore thake seta ki ora clear korbe? naki atke gele sei amake giye jhamela korte hobe?

  5. Guys!! Here Indian custom officer checks product price with Indian eCommerce and then ask for original bill and transaction detail. So beware of doing it.

  6. Sir can you explain how to buy a second hands tools and many more in us country to India .if any website is available like olx.

  7. Can I buy iPhone 11 from U.S.A
    and I will able to decrease the price
    And get low customes duty

  8. How to buy dell laptop from dell us site but dell us not ship to india.he said can someone from us address then he ship to India.
    How can buy.

  9. How to buy phones from USA
    iPhones are very low price in usa compared to the india
    How to buy how to payment pls tell sir

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