How to Brief a Marketing Agency or Consultant – For Biz Owners or Marketers

Hi my name is Corrine. I’m a digital
marketer. I have about eight years experience both on the agency and client
side and today I’m gonna talk about how you can brief your external agency
better to achieve better results. I’m gonna keep all my videos to between
three to five minutes because they are posted on social media and we
all have a limited attention span, so I’m gonna jump right in. while going through
the tips I’m gonna assume that you know basic marketing terms such as KPIs or
campaigns and if you have any questions you can always join my private Facebook
group. As it’s a private group you can ask your questions in a safe and
private space. let’s go! the first and most important thing in your brief is
that you wanna have an idea of what you’re trying to achieve in your
campaigns. what are your goals and your KPIs? are looking to increase brand
awareness or looking to generate more leads? it’s good to have an idea of a
timeline so let’s say I want to generate X number of leads in each quarter. the
next thing you wanna share in your brief would be your target audience. who are
your ideal customers? you can always find this out easily by checking out your
customer base. so let’s say you’re a software company and your customers are IT managers who make hardware or software decisions for their company. or
if you are a painting company your ideal clients would be home owners who have
not painted their house in ten years other useful information to include in
your brief would be the actual product or service you are offering. the
campaign or contract period, is it gonna be for three months, six months, or a year.
in regards to the channels you can always get the agency or consultant to
suggest. lastly most importantly you wanna include your overall
budget. if you don’t have an idea of the overall budget you want to spend on a
campaign, the consultant or agency can always work backwards. you can tell them that you wish to generate 100 leads a month and based on the cost per lead,
they will multiply it by a hundred. the agency will let you know what’s the
estimated amount to generate the extra hundred leads. after you sent out a brief
you might have a couple of agencies coming back to you and now you’re gonna
have to make a selection right. so these are the things that you should be
looking out for when you’re making a selection. their
portfolio, what kind of results have they achieved for previous clients? what is
their design style? what is their writing style?
does it fit your brand and then if not, are they capable of understanding your brand? also look at their past clients if they have worked for other clients who
are in similar industries as yours it means that they will have a deeper
understanding of your industry then you want to look at the person who’s going to service your account. a bit more about their professional
background and you don’t really want an intern to be servicing you. I have
nothing against interns. so this part is quite important because I’ve gotten
feedback from some clients saying that during pitching, they send their most
senior members to speak to the clients but then when the deal is closed and the
contract is signed for a year, they send someone else to service the account and
that person might not be the best fit for the account. so for example if that
person doesn’t really understand the business, or is it’s fairly new and
fresh and can’t really bring a lot of value to the client because of a lack of
experience. it’s really important to you know before the contract is
signed, to understand who is the person that you’re gonna work with.
finally you want to look at the agency strengths. if they are really strong at
generating leads then you just want them to focus on that. don’t
get them to do PR for you, don’t get them to do branding for you. so that’s it! I
hope I’ve given you a lot of value how you can select the next agency or the
next consultant that you’re gonna work with. if you have more questions you can
join the Facebook group, it is a private group, just click on the link in the
description. thanks for watching!

Stephen Childs

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