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  1. This is why I couldn’t bring myself to support the Kpop industry. Just look at how they treat their stars. These companies pretty much own their lives the moment they sign those contracts. So sad. Trying to live your dream doesn’t have to be torture.

  2. For all those korean ppl out there please support me I’m half korean half black and I’m a trainee

  3. I’m so much younger then them and I weigh 46kg already

    That’s how you know one of the people in the situation is being unhealthy.

  4. there is a lesson talks about dream jobs and that they r not easy as we think .. i think i must show this video to my class by the second season comes

  5. I really wanna try to see the idols do stuff on their own, see if they debut more than the group.

  6. Tell that bitch of a coach that her voice hurt your ears and that my KOREAN standard her ass need to be on a diet🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. Really stupied girls to go thru this for a couple years of fame, a little money, and when they get older, fired.
    But hey, they got a bright future in the porn industry, where they go to keep feeding they desire for stardom.
    Very sad.

  8. I like how Mizuho got the best "review" from the dance teacher, and then keeps the others and kicks out Mizuho

  9. Its normal…well in other countrys like russia there always little girls are crying. One girl was with broken leg bcuz of this. So this normal but russia is not.

  10. i feel like that agency is probably too strict. like 50kg is fine but like jeez they're trying there best but that ine girl was mostly giving out **it! like wtf

  11. the journey to be a kpop idol makes my stomach sick. their way of doing it literally ruins a hopeful soul in an instant 🙁

  12. I wanted to become a trainee. I had my mind set on it. Now I don’t know if I can do it 😔

  13. This is proof people work so hard to achieve their dreams. Achieving your goals and dreams is one of the hardest things in life. But we must live.

  14. I don't think people should criticize any kpop group. They all work so hard.

  15. why would you want be a K pop artis you don't even get paid that good, for Korean standard maby but the companies (agency take a lot of money)

  16. I really wanna become a kpop idol (I’m American but come from lebenese parents), but after seeing this I’m a little scared

  17. The girl's scream at the beginning sounds like pure torture. It will forever haunt me…

  18. I'm sorry but that's horrible. They should be ashamed of treating people like that. Losing all that weight, stressing, being a trainee without knowing if you will become an idol or not, all that dancing stuff, white washing, the fact that you always have to smile and give a good impression.. I'm just disgusted by all this.

  19. I don’t get why people are getting mad at this. It’s called discipline and tough love. If the instructor wasn’t that harsh most wouldn’t be where they are today.

    Edit: plus they wanted to do this so yeah

  20. She is in for her right dreams, entered the wrong company of perfectionists.

  21. it's unimaginable what they go through just to debut… whether they would become popular afterwards is also another thing ;-;

  22. It reminds me of going to boot camp in the Marine Corps and listening to the cries of men, crying out for their mommies during the first few weeks. Mentally weak individuals. Proof of this fact, is in their desire for fame and what they are willing to do to obtain it….

  23. Difference between helping and giving good feed back but she was literally tearing them to shreds and thats aweful

  24. i think i once heard the momo from twice had to eat 1 icecube to lose weight idk if thats true though but if it is, that was hella mean

  25. she should go to jyp or sm or bighit, they are really good when it comes to treating their idols and trainees, (esp jyp, they'd sometimes use their trainees as models for the idols that already debuted)

  26. And then these companies wonder y their fucking idols committing suicide and shit smh that trainer need to do better putting these girls through so much and for what to be scrutinized by a bunch a no talents who think they have talent

  27. Omg this is TERRIBLE treatment of foreign trainees she was forced to go down when she couldn't

  28. It's not easy to be a kpop idols… I used to think they have a luxurious life wear high end fashion and look very cool on MV's after watching behind the scene videos and making a kpop idol videos it changes my thinking. I used to envy them they have a nice looks and figure but now I do feel pity and salute them instead. They don't have a life, they can't eat what they want can't be with the people they love not even have time to sleep and rest. Soo many restrictions. I'm a big kpop fan but I don't think I can last to be an idol. Hopefully people will try to understand and respect them. Don't bash them I'm pretty sure those bashers cant even last how they've been through

  29. I just got chills🥺 how can someone go threw this much pain to be called out🥺 I understand that there doing there job but forcing them to lose weight by not letting them eat is a bit to much🥺…(in my opinion)..

  30. Hlo mam ,my friend wants to become k pop idol she's learning singing ,but she is Indian will they pass her in audition …and she don't want to join z-pop she want to become k-pop only…..

  31. I got so emotional and was going to cry when she didn't make it and was crying

  32. First thing, that dance leader this is the line I wanted to say to her "F*CK OFF"
    They are humans you should be proud of them because they left their hometown and came to korea to work hard(off their limits) and become a idol

  33. Stretching shouldn’t go that way it must go slow and have time she might break an muscle…

  34. My sister wants to be a Kpop idol, but I will do everything I can to stop her because of this

  35. will uhhh i wanna be k-pop star but im not going to do the splits that looks painful.. plus i aint no losing weight want be skinny lady that fit into cell hell no.

  36. I hate hate hate how theyre being pushed to weigh so less. I'm so sick of skinny being seen as ideal.


  38. It's very dangerous to puch a person down during practicing for a split. It could end up that her tendons are teared apart. Means she can't walk for the rest of her life

  39. Sorry, but if Joo Hye-Jin sees this, "Hi bitch. Step in their shoes for one day!"

  40. I'm 40kg and I lost it on my own. These young women were FORCED to lose weight…

  41. If a girl who could dance like that is considered dancing like an elementary student then…I am supposed to be a total beginner next to her..

  42. She is perfect the way she is do not hurt her what if you were to get hurt I just feel bad 😞

  43. Dude I can’t even dance like that and this girl is flawless at dancing??

  44. Mizuho has a youtube channel now too. 😊.

  45. That dance instructor criticizing the girls singing
    First : she is so harsh
    Second : she is a freaking dance instructor why arent the other instructors saying anything? Plus why dont they have a vocal coach to judge them

  46. Destroying your body, & spirit for corporate slavery and a mass zombie audience who eats what they put in front of them. Is KPOP supposed even to be a music style or just vanity in looks and shallow appearances.

  47. While it's beginning with hard to watch. And that dance instructor gave me the vibes of having been a trainee never debuting.😒
    Maybe her hopes and dreams were crushed so she makes others as miserable as shes jealous shell never be an idol.

  48. 😬😬😬if Korea is aware of this situation of kpop industry then why they aren't doing anything 😬……
    In the beginning instructor almost broke her legs 😬…..she worked hard nd still got kicked out …..I mean wtf is wrong with these people …… Don't they have any emotions 😒…. now I really feel guilty of stanning kpop industry 😒…m just curious about my innocent young boys nd girls suffering as trainee 😒

  49. "mizuho" means harvest in japanese. keep working hard towards what u want and you'll get a fruitful harvest! you amazing <3

  50. I stayed allitle happy just too now that they atleast can have friends they can count on there it made me so happy to see them cheering for eachother thinking what a good and supportive band they could be toghether

  51. Yeah I get that KPop is the next big thing to get into but ask yourself this, is it all worth it I mean if you have to go through procedures like this.

  52. I like kpop. But the industry treats idols like shit, therefore it makes the music less enjoyable knowing all the abuse they've endured. How are we supposed to enjoy idols being abused, tormented, and overworked to the point of suicide?

  53. Star Road Ent. ? What kind of shitty entertainment is that??? All of those girls could go to SM, JYP, or even YG, or even smaller companies like Stone Music, or Cube.

  54. Yeah, guess everyone knows about how hard and even cruel industry is(( crazy but so amazing anyway.

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