Stephen Childs


  1. Teach people what to use and let them treat their own cancers.They say Israel has something and then people will never have to go through this again.

  2. As all this shut down stuff goes on the news everyone is going to here about different government entity's that don't need to be.Who said there wasn't enough government control.A lot of people are thinking maybe this is why there is no cure for cancer,because the government has a patient on cancer.

  3. Damn I wish the goverment shutdown affected the schools and made them to be closed

  4. Check out this video about OBAMACARE and the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN!!!

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    give me a break, these corporations are not going to just start pouring toxins into your food.. and lets not get started on what the FDA allows to go through their inspection (insert how many number of maggots are allowed in food) its disgusting.. Im sure one or 2 more maggots wont kill anybody ROFL…. no one going to stop doing maintenance on their products you stupid liberals! Lawyers still exist!

  6. Holy shit, this is a blessing in disguise. Big corporations are gonna get greedy and screw us over and then market preference will shift to the small mom and pop stores and small farmers. That means we get more of our power back and less big brother.

  7. LOL Yeah, everyone's going to die… I hope the government is in shutdown for a month, so people can realize, that they can live just as well without it.

  8. There was a day when admitting that ANY govt employee was non-essential would have resulted in heads rolling. If we can do without a government leach for 1 day then we can go without them permanently. Every day that the govt is shut down is a victory for the true americans! Shut it down until next year!

  9. The same reason the Republicans won't fund everything. Both parties are full of awful people who don't give a damn about anything but the games they're playing to make themselves look good.

  10. I can't live without it. I work for a private company that works for the federal government. I am also a single parent who is the sole provider for my daughter. I won't get paid for this time lost no matter what happens because I'm a contractor, not a federal employee. There is no good reason for them to do this. I don't care who's right or wrong. This isn't the way to do it. BOTH parties could end the shutdown immediately but they won't do it. All I want to do is go back to work.

  11. Did she say the fda was critical then talk about when peanut butter killed nine people. Think about it.

  12. What are those geniuses coming out of headstart going to do. Think they will be able to tie their shoe without gov.

  13. Plan ahead,set up your favourite music,spread it to america government and they might reopen

  14. Though I can understand why he would be offended, I agree with you that his choice of words reflects a certain immaturity that is stereotypically common amongst americans.

    It's worth noting though that I can understand why he calls someone who derives pleasure from the suffering of others as "disgusting"…

  15. Good on you for speaking up about this. We need more people like you making the truth known and correcting those who would otherwise see the world suffer.

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    Am i the only one who came for the thumbnail?

  17. Look at your first initial comment, and then tell me where you find the nerve to talk to me about "immaturity", on a side note, maybe you should learn to spell a word first, before you decide to use it hypocritically.

  18. hahahaha, as if, I could understand your point about the misspell if I had missed one of the double m's, but the "t" is such an obvious typo because of the way immaturity sounds when spoken.

    You're just desperate I guess, typical 'mercan.

  19. The governments job is to serve the people. We want transparency, release the Fisa memo
    Release the LV massacre info
    Release the Seth Rich murder info

  20. So the government shuts down and now the food supply is affected?????? Make that name sense

  21. No this was five years ago, but compare what happened then and what can happen now

  22. Why are we picking fights over seas and the whole country is falling apart

  23. The new terrorism. Holding Americans hostage in America. What a great idea! Way to go dems . A new low in schummery tactics.

  24. What it should affect is the sensibilities of the American voter…It should be clear at this point both sides of the aisle have let bickering and finger pointed eclipse any useful function on behalf of the American people…And what is equally troubling is that in a country so chock full of smart people…it keeps happening.

  25. Should have seen this coming, Trump is now killing off children with cancer. News media?

  26. 44 out of 49 Senate Democrats voted to shut down the government then blame it on republicans and Trump for shutting down the government. DACA doesnt expire until March 5th. No reason for Dems to demand DACA to be tied to the bill to keep government funded

  27. Does government shutdown means no tax payment for the shutdown ? Government employees don't get pay anyway during the shutdown.

  28. This is the beginning of the end for Amerikkka, the ONLY thing left is for the economy to collapse once again! Satan rules this world as scripture states an may Jesus Christ have mercy on us all!

  29. Maybe if the a-hole senator and congressmen did not get paid, they would work harder to avoid this type of mess.

  30. 10 most important points to note:
    1 The deficit is NOT GROWING while BIG GOVT is asleep. H U R R A Y !
    2 The deficit is NOT GROWING while BIG GOVT is asleep. H U R R A Y !
    3 The deficit is NOT GROWING while BIG GOVT is asleep. H U R R A Y !
    4 to 10: The deficit is NOT GROWING while BIG GOVT is asleep. H U R R A Y !

  31. It takes 60 Congress people to pass a budget. All Democrats voted against the budget. Vote them all out of office. 130 billion dollars it cost for immigrants per year. For the rest of our lives. This is the way Rome was overthrown by immigrants. Do not let this happen to America. Vote Democrats out of office support American veterans

  32. Why all of this if we are going to suffer? What's the point of a government if the people don't prosper?!

  33. How Will Government Shutdown Affect Americans? answer: saves us money and liberty
    Can we make the shutdown larger and permanent?

  34. Translation: That means 924 children are going to be stupid 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔

  35. And watching this made me realize that if government doesn't reopen……sh!+ is about to get clarity in chaos

  36. Fuck trump he a ass hole he dont care about the 馃寧 he want to see us die fuck him i hope he die first i hate that fuckin man i seawr i do 馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴

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