How Race And Gender Intersect In The Women’s Movement | NBC News NOW

Stephen Childs


  1. I belive the history of slavery in all races should be taken out of the school room as whilst it's constantly being taught in this manner it is encouraging the race divide if in the class room this is not taught then it is famed out and help heal not divide I'm sure if this
    There was alsorts of racism in history yes some were victimised more than others but it wasn't just a colour thing it was a rich being able to victimise the poor no matter race colour or creed but if we start distancing ourselves and our little ones away from this shameful history then people might be able to heal on next generation and the generations after that I know there's pain out there because of this treatment but the pain get carried on to our little ones when we should be trying to heal not hinder

  2. The women's movement is about empowering white women. It's about turning away their white men.
    Any woman that is not white, then you are a fool to follow this so called movement. You will NEVER receive a benefit from it…

  3. 0:09, she forgot white women. That's not very inclusive, is it? Maybe the patriarchy should be brought back.

  4. It's amazing these preachy, screeching, outwardly racist ideologues have such an easy time finding places to spew their hatred. You can't just not be racist, you have to be actively anti-racist. Being racist against whites is still racism.

  5. Women care about pro-choice not life. his word is falsely is, since women are life itself and has a right to defend there's and maintain it. Women are the craters in the fetus and the giver's play New Life. Therefore they would defend the right to choose this on their terms. Don't tell women that they asked for the insult that they received..and don't use this hypothetical or exception to the rule one desperate person at a thousands and millions the silence. And white women do you mean do not need a black woman to tell them what they should and should not think

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