How are Hospital in Canada and USA – Experience & Review

I am in North America and alone I had two surgery this year Nose and Ear surgery I can’t hear on my left ear This is my hospital STORY I would inform you how much it cost me
When I stayed for 2 weeks Did I receive salary from my Job ? I am vegetarian What type of food available How nice the doctors and nurses were !! Lets start with How did this happen I had 2 weeks of in christmas I love skating and I did a lot I ignore that I had lots of cold and I had constant headache I went to emergency hospital They ask me to do x ray At here the x rays done free of charge in hospital from x ray they find I have lots of cough and sinus problem they immediately admit me in hospital and start treating me great care this went for one week – antibiotic everyday but no change then I meet ENT Doctor He told i have sinus problem and I need surgery you have to wait for your turn for surgery Your Name would be on waiting list and it is totally free You will get great service then they put my name for surgery After one week I got the call from Nurse

Stephen Childs

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