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Hello, I’m from the Australien Government Are you confused about the economy? Unsure how it all works? Great!
Just making sure Coz there’s no way we could have one of
the fastest growing inequality rates in the world if you understood Trickledown Economics Trickledown Economics is when we let the rich
piss on you, and we tell you its raining Like when we let billion dollar companies
and millionaires pay no tax and then tell you there isn’t enough cash left
in the budget for this stuff It’s all part of our SFA Tax Policy Qantas paid SFA taxes for the past decade
That’s The Spirit of Australia! Meanwhile, wage growth is dead and millions
live below the poverty line… on Newstart the unemployment benefit which even the
Business Council says is “inadequate” yet we’ve consistently refused to raise Why should we? Julia says she can live on 40 bucks a day,
and she’d know: she only owns 5 houses But don’t worry, ScoMo has a brand new solution:
BIGGER tax-cuts for the biggest tax-dodgers Like the Banks. Which are currently being exposed as massive corrupt c*nts by a Royal Commission But hey, everyone makes mistakes and they
deserve a fair go too But if you’re on Centrelink we’ll hunt you down with debt-collectors even if you owe us nothing Coz as News Corp tells us, it’s people on
welfare who are bleeding the taxpayer (PS. Newscorp pays SFA taxes too) Relax, banks and CEOs will find a way to trickle
some of that wealth down to you They haven’t been able to name a single country
where this has ever happened before but hey, we place full trust in them…
at a time when we also fully support a Royal Commission into their corruption Think that’s a contradiction? Nope. That’s Trickledown Economics The best part about Trickledown Economics
is that the system isn’t broken. It’s not illegal. It’s working just as intended trickling the wealth from you to the rich, and telling you its for your own good Trick Economics: when the wealth trickles
alright… just not in your direction Authorised by the Department for
Distributing Breadcrumbs to the Proles

Stephen Childs


  1. Life in the real world it should be called trickle up economics cause that's where it ends up at the top end of town.Ecanomics is killing the planet thanx to the trickle up effect.

  2. Let's be honest here – The exploding population is the real elephant in the room. It is pointless to grow wealth if they are shared with an increased number of people.

  3. It's all over the world… and this is how "they", as in the system, want to keep things .

  4. I don't live in the US, but I wonder why they don't reinstate Glass Steagall {spelling ?] Why let the banks blow your money again and need a bail out.

  5. I didnt see Anything trickle to me!…….. still waiting something trickling here!

  6. If you watch thejuicemedia, China Uncensored read " Silent Invasion"by Clive hamilton and listen to Wikileaks
    You learn who the real assholes are

  7. These government lawyers are pulling the same fraudulent propaganda all over the place

  8. Maybe if her beauty wasn't such a disruptive force I could, perhaps, focus on what she was saying… o/

  9. The term trickle down economics is not a economic theory it’s a political hack phrase, if you’re gonna satire something at least make sure you’re intelligent enough to understand what your talking about. 🤣

  10. Neither major parties will be receiving my vote in the coming election. Chunts!

  11. Imagine if in AU is that way… Imagine if you make something about BR

  12. The Juice Media thinks that rich people buying the goverment to get richer, the solution: more taxes to rich people. How about take away the state of the economic intervention?

  13. As an economist i am appalled by the bulshit they call trickleldown economics .This shit never works and will never work.

  14. Haha…..they will never lie to you anymore. What about the self fixing economy of President Reagan? Haha….haha…..haha

  15. One rich guy told me, if the government gives me a tax break and i have a million dollars extra this year, im depositing it into my savings account and im defenatly not hiring anybody or giving anybody a raise

  16. Mad bitch, trickle down the knee, Nrisbane return, find me a titty bar behind the bar. all has 2 be cash in hand. UK gotta run into the ground as the cunt SW1A ain't got a fucking idea how to deal with a thorn in the viens

  17. you guys make my day, you guys should be funded by the medicare , you make people laugh=healthy=saving on medicare!!!!!

  18. Just a Rammstein sings "we all live in Amerika" is exactly what this is about.

  19. These are brilliant. I had no idea. Hopefully you can right these horrible wrongs.

  20. I love you girl. I mean as a sister. I see in you that the spirit of George Carlin is alive and well and wittier than ever. Keep going girl 😉

  21. ELITE VIEW; 'Only the poor and middle classes should pay taxes. Rich people CREATE wealth and produce things and build society.They have intelligence, competence and value as human beings and should never pay taxes. The middle class can only be useful when serving the needs of the valuable wealthy, while we have no need at all for a working class in an overpopulated world as they can now be replaced by machines that don't strike or rebel. Fortunately the Wests Elite have realized democracy can now be dumped and a perfect Western Capitalist global Imperial version of China is being erected along with perfect surveillance and militarized police to prevent any more socialism. I support the Elite wiping out the poorest 90 % to save the planet!

  22. Забавно, но все ваши видео о Австралии абсолютно подходят так же и к России.

  23. Just as an aside, sorry if this is a year late, but I heard that the bludging girl, the 'new breed of bludgers' was actually fabricated and made up. Fake news. The girl in question actually did have a job at Maccas.

  24. Great work! Please don't stop. I'm sure you must be disheartened after the election result like a lot of us, but don't give up. Like minded Australians need your satire/truth telling more than ever

  25. I love you. Someone has to wake those idiots working a 9-5 day jobs. They are becoming slaves and they can't even understand it.

  26. I am curiously drawn to this post even though I'm on the right.
    Cheers Mr. Showers

  27. 51% of Australians were to stupid to realise this at the last election

  28. Just ask lefties on a 6 figure salary to pay more tax then listen to the crickets.

  29. From those who brought you the shitfuckery of Adani,

    "Let the rich piss on you and tell you that's raining!"


  30. Now I’m thinking we should share these vids on twitter and enrage twitter


  32. How did any of the graft and corruption you just pointed out have anything to do with supply side (trickle down) economics? You guys are funny but you have to be careful and do your research. Corporate and political corruption have little to do with legitimate economic strategies. All you’ve achieved here is to create a negative social tag line out of a perfectly viable and often used economic system. Stand above the fray and just call tax scam bullshit what it is; corporatist (globalist) wealth theft.

  33. "Trickle down economics" does not exist!! Plus why should people who work harder and make the right decisions, or inherit it from someone who has, lose more of their money than someone who hasn't?

  34. If you have too much of something the value is reduced if you have too little of something the price goes up if you import people into the labour market wages stagnate working conditions get worse,
    I’ve heard this phrase countless times if you don’t like it and don’t want to do it there are hundreds of others that will for less than what we pay you. The rich love open boarders or sock immigration laws because they get to keep wages low.

    If you don’t believe me just look at any western country that has open boarders in the last 20 years house prices have risen wages have stagnated or even dropped and working conditions/benefits have taken a nose dive, trickle down economics would work if the labour force was not so overloaded because companies would have to compete for workers.

  35. We don't have it in Canada, likely only because our neocon PM only got one term heading a majority government, whereas in Australia, the US, and the UK…

  36. I'm a conservative and I approve this message. Trickle down voodoo economics is a joke

  37. I know Tilers clearing 4 grand a week……simply supply and demand……every ones at uni….no one to pour the concrete….equals…..rich concreter……better go to uni and do a bachelor of arts degree

  38. Qantas can afford to pay their butt loving CEO $23Million a year, post record profits, all because they pay NO FUCKING TAX!

  39. This woman is so freakin hot my laptop just thermal shutdown and won't start

  40. That's why you should learn how to use debt and avoid taxes. The old saying that just work harder and you don't need to think about money doesn't apply nowadays. Financial education becomes essential.

  41. taxation is pretty much a totally flawed system…untill all the rich holes are accounted for, we shlndt have to pay anything…wen there unexpeces could pay our off by many times…is maybe even theft, cause hey we dont allow ordinary thieves to take our property and yet they believe they have the right in a way..lol

  42. I used to belive this stuff too, then I got educated. When you increase taxes on the rich you end up shrinking the economy (less job and less money), so you end up getting a bigger piece of a smaller pie. When you remove taxes from the rich the economy grows and you end up with a smaller piece of a bigger pie. This is true because of what rich people do with their money. They don't have it sitting in some money bin, then invest it. More money = more money invested = companies getting more money when they sell stocks = companies being able to grow faster = more job = more taxes = higher GDP.

    The idea that you can tax the rich to get more tax money has been debunked by history, economics, and math. If the government wants more money they need to increases taxes on everyone, not just the rich.

    You could also create a new category of taxable goods called "rich goods", and have higher sales taxes on them.

  43. Seem like Australia is learning from USA. Here is way worse

  44. It's almost like, and hear me out here because this may not be totally blindingly obvious, there's billions of people who are suffering because of the greed of a dozen families if that, and we could all make them pay for their crimes against us if we wanted and there's nothing that could conceivably stop us aside from sheer cowardice.

  45. Anyone who thinks this video is actually produced by the Australian government reveals just how gullible they are. "If it's on the Internet, it must be true, right?"

  46. The real bludgers are big business and their slaves in parliament. The criminals run this corporate fascist Ponzi scheme against us. The reserve bank manufactures credit for the richest 1% out of nothing, while poor welfare recipients are hunted down by the dictatorship via algorithm. Elections are rigged by Murdoch and yet its never too late to resist.

  47. Ronald Reagan, back in the 80s, loved to tell Americans that trickle down economics were the answer to a better future… 😂😂😂😉👍

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