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Hello I’m from the Australien Government with an important message from our Prime Minister As you know, a healthy democracy depends on
trusted news and information That’s why we’re trying to kill your most
trusted source of news and information the ABC “Aunty” Or as we call her, Auntyfa. Coz lets face
it it’s a hotbed of Cultural Marxist lies Like basic climate science and feminism Tragically, Aunty is one of the few remaining
things we haven’t yet managed to privatise which means it’s not obliged to publish
whatever some crusty old billionaire wants This makes crusty old billionaires very sad So to cheer-up Supreme Leader Snoke we’re
doing all we can to whittle down the Resistance by hammering Aunty with relentless budget
cuts and sackings Coz we’ve all gotta “live within our means.” Except of course NewsCorpse, which we allow to pay fuck-all taxes lol we just gave ‘em an extra $30 mill’. Just because So when you think about it, you’re paying more to subsidise this privately-owned tumour, than your own public broadcaster They call it “your” ABC, but really what has the ABC ever done for you? Well apart from vital services for rural communities oh and endless education and safe entertainment for your kids and sure tons of cutting-edge investigative journalism that has exposed our shitfuckery at home and abroad and triggered inquiries into our fraudulent mismanagement of the Murray-Darling police corruption, the aged care sector,
and of course, these bastards But apart from vital services, education, entertainment and information what has the ABC ever done for you?! Nothing, compared to the cultural benefits
provided by this ad-infested cesspool of shit That’s why to ensure News Corpse’s monopoly,
we not only subjected Aunty to a bogus Inquiry we also sabotaged the single-most valuable
public infrastructrure project of our lifetime the NBN Oh and that Inquiry?
It didn’t quite have the result we wanted That’s ok we’ve launched another one,
and hired this ex-Foxtel boss to run it Cool and normal Sadly, despite all this, the ABC is still standing But don’t worry, we’re about to fuck it
in the most sideways way possible: by appointing its new Chair That’s right, an independent panel will
soon recommend three candidates for the top job based on merit and experience And then we will totally ignore them and
choose whoever we want anyway That’s how we ended up with Australia’s
chief coal lobbyist on Aunty’s Board And this banker man And this Liberal Party donor who didn’t even apply or express any interest in the job and of course this arsebiscuit as Chair a mate of Mal’s who suggested “shooting” journalists whose reporting upset us So unless you tell us to get our hands off Aunty we’ll soon have a new hand-picked stooge
to finally shut her up Which is grouse, coz less critical coverage of us means more Aussies voting for shit-c*nts like these at the next federal election Welcome to Our ABC Authorised by the Department for Making
Your Aunty Our Bitch

Stephen Childs


  1. I wish we had a twin of you in the US, and then twins of her in every state.

  2. ABC. Yes, if you like your information tainted with a heavy dose of SJW leaning and intersectional feminism! You can't trust any of the traditional media companies. 😄

  3. Love your channel. You are awesome. Will you marry me? Just fucking with you. Keep up the good work.

  4. God, she is a brilliant presenter. And the writers are first class too.
    Pity about the gutless jerks that voted the Aussie government of “mendacious shit lords” back in again – those shrubs are an intergalactic disgrace to sentient beings everywhere.

  5. Just noticed Australian is spelled in a quasi french way 😀 Australien

  6. There must be two ABC's….I must be watching the other one….you know….the one that is dominated by left-wing stacked panel shows….

  7. My dear Australians, your govenment stinks as much as my mexican one.

  8. What this video says may (or may not) be accurate, but it is kind of lacking humor.

  9. Channel spends video after video calling out the corruption of gov
    Channel makes a video about how we ought to trust this gov run new's outlet

  10. when the government needs to buckle or harass someone they just call in ASIO and what ASIO does is they try to set you up or gather sensitive information about you or your family. They are heavily funded with the best surveillance yours truly John Georgiadis

  11. That's exactly what happened. the merdoch press deluded the public, running smear and fear campaigns and bullshit fluff so big business could keep polluting the planet and get tax breaks for doing so. The liberal government is a short sighted cash grab organisation appeasing their sponsors who sell off our coal, gas and cotton to other countries. re-disputing water and accountability. there should be a corruption investigation, they are not serving the public, only serving themselves and the corporations.

  12. I would be more sympathetic to the ABC if it was not so disgustingly WOKE!

  13. You need 4 stomachs to digest wheatgrass…..a cow has 4 stomachs…..

  14. The ABC needs to steer clear of identity politics. It's poison to the average Australian.

  15. As an American who comes to Australia every year (for the past ten years) all I can say is "Welcome to my world mate!"

  16. Is this the media arm of GetUp? Sure has the same stench. They probably get funding from them at least?

  17. ABC is full of treasonous propagandists using the guise of "News" to manipulate and brainwash Australians. I've lost count of the amount of dodgy, partisan, cherry picking articles this tax payer funded propaganda machine, acting like their the Ministry of Truth from Orwell's 198, has published on their powerful platform. The Government can shut down this ideologically motivated organisation for all I care. It's this sort of excuse making rhetoric that is the reason the ABC has no accountability.

    When they claimed a pay-gap was a wage gap, I called them out, they told me they were correct and cited an OPINION article from a feminist masters STUDENT to justify this misinformation, when I presented the gold standards study proving them wrong, their response was most Australians don't know the difference between a pay gap and a wage gap so they wouldn't be correcting their article. I pointed out that it was because of poor journalism that is the reason why Australians don't know the difference. Again, they didn't give a damn, the complaint section is designed to run defence for the ABC, not for citisens to resolve actual ABC issues. STOP DEFENDING THIS EVIL, PARTISAN, IDEOLOGICAL AGENDA DRIVEN MOB OF TAX MONEY ABUSERS!

  18. The ABC is cancer, they chose their path years ago when they chose to use tax payer money to fund a left wing ideological agenda. They chose to be the arbiters of which politics was good and which politics was bad and it is based on the types of people that work there. STOP DEFENDING TREASONOUS SCUMBAGS WHO TAKE YOUR TAX MONEY AND FUND THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA WITH UNDER THE GUISE OF "NEWS"!!!

  19. The ABC don’t deserve to even be on the air fucking left wing freaks

  20. I never realize how f*cked the Australian people are until i see this channel. Hope you can sort it out soon.

  21. Ha! sometimes the problem with democracy is voters huh? All these sad mongrels you’re complaining about we’re elected right? So couldn’t the voters, if they wanted to, vote for someone better? Hell voting is mandatory in Australia.

  22. Proud to be your bitch and today, I spam this vid like there is no tomorrow. Because I can.

  23. Honest + Government ………………….these 2 words do not go together …………..major malfunction …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. For a while I worked for a funeral directors and I attended services for stillborns that were funnier than this heap of shit.

  25. Holy shit am I late to the party with these vids but fuk me are they spot on the money.
    Great work 👍👍

  26. How does this video have only 179k views? 😮 It's entertaining and provoking. The internet should be eating it up like it was honey. 🙂

  27. Seems Australia is copying Usa policy, on media, immigration, environment and military .is getting rid of Universal healthcare next, and cutting minimum wages?

  28. "and feminism" the docter is female "shock" 😀 sooooo good … love you doctor … and this chanel

  29. What are they competing against on the world stage? You'll have to excuse my strange ways of phrasing things. I've taken some hits because we have freedom of speech in America. That is, if you agree with their views, even if they are unclear and contradictory. Is there an actual threat against them that's making them resource crazy? I think endless luxury would lose its thrill.

  30. I know Im going off road here but if I ever got some horrible news or was told how the imminent torture of my genitals would happen, I'd wish for this woman to do the talk.. And the torture.

    On topic, thanks for keeping it real Juice.

  31. If the LNP party watched more Playschool; they might've actually learnt how to run a competent economy

  32. Those crusty old bastards with the cardboard undies over in bulshit HQ in our Nations capital want to play with Aunty ,
    leave her alone she's not interested!

  33. This video is slightly undermined by the fact that the ABC for years has been the British Broadcasting Corporation's Australian franchise for decades now.

    Independent public media my ass. The cunts in London call the shots for real. And ultimately making it the global Labour/Labor party's globally reaching media propaganda outlet network. Because even if they "don't" control the local franchise they certainly control it's main foreign content provider.

    The BBC(and by association the ABC) is the "Ministry of Truth" in George Orwell's classic book 1984…. And "Big Aunty" is what inspired the name for Big Brother. Orwell worked for them before writing his classic book.

  34. Aunty is the nickname for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Hiding in plain sight of cause. Get all their content and even use the same nicknames.

    None of our media is independent dammit. "Our Aunty" my ass. The BBC effectively controls the content which appears on ABC. Even the locally produced content mimics the political affiliations and style of the programs which appear on the BBC. The variety of different channels offered by the ABC mimics the BBC's multi-channel offerings. ABC News24 just reports the same shit as BBC World News does.

    SBS is Australia's real independent public broadcaster worth watching, even though they now have ads too.

  35. Support SBS or your local community channels, the real independent public broadcaster. Fuck the Australian franchise of the BBC.

  36. Problem is, most publicly supported/owned news media give the news the government wants you to hear, which MAY BE what the rich big wigs actually want.

    By the way, minus the language generally great videos.

  37. God i wish we had someone with enough balls and the resources to make theses types of videos in Canada, christ knows we have the material for it withe the pricks we have in government.

  38. There is no way the ABC has a leftist bias, any leftist can see that.
    I know the science is settled on climate change because the Polititions told me, and those socialist Polititions know all about how science works.
    Just say it's settled and bingo, it's settled.

  39. Makes me cry, honestly. How can people vote in these treasonous bastards, it's obvious as dogs balls. I have 1/2 million dollars mortgage, so I know why people think they have to vote liberal.but it's just so short-sighted. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. Who do you think these people stand for. Lest We Forget

  40. This is some of the best satire have ever seen anywhere, despite the endless array of American Late Night TV hosts.. Juice should be mightily pleased as you know you have been successful when the unamused but laughable government comes after you. Of course just like those 'bad' countries where freedom of speech is so restricted, this government has learned a lot about maintaining power….ezzy peezy…just outlaw all government criticism. Once you have done that then you are more than half way to retaining power forever. Replace the ABC wit the much more profitable non-ethics of the banks and gun down the union protesters in the streets. Now if that isn't freedom, what is. Lest we forget. 'Juice', please keep it up – we will get a go-fund me group to pay for the legals etc.

  41. The ABC is already the same as that crusty old zionist bankster proxy and neo-fascist Murdoch.

  42. Why would you want a public broadcaster that depends on the government's funding anyway…

  43. I'd love to see some of these fucked up morning shows like Sunrise, Today and whatever channel 10's version of that cancerous bullshit is called, play these vids in the morning so that the country can get some actual real shit on their screens. So sick of their bs propaganda everyday.

  44. Ice is a epidemic in this country and the government does fuck all about it.

  45. My jaw and mouth hurt from trying to emulate that c*cksucker smile at the same time as spouting all the worst news around

  46. ABK does try to report the mews without bias. The cour go “R” rated and show more

  47. ABC stands for A Bunch of Crap!! It is full of leftist fuckwits who wouldn't know impartial journalism if it bit them on the arse!!

  48. The only thing i can say to Australia political establishment and funders is FUCK YOU your time is over!!!!!

  49. Why is shitcunts bleeped ozzyman never bleeps it 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  50. someone should really create a review platform for politicians, policies, and government initiatives (kind of like the reviews on yelp, steam, or IMDB, but where it's only based on genuine reviews and not paid bullshit) – this would be reaaallllyyyyyy helpful to get a general idea of how the people are liking what's happening. For example…

    scomo – overwhelmingly negative

    turnbull – overwhelmingly shitty and negative

    tony abbott – wut

    jacinda ardern – awesome, overwhelmingly awesome and functional and sustainable and healthy and helpful

    trump – fuck

    hillary clinton – fuck

    ya know what I mean? don't pay for the bullshit, just get the honest opinion of people who interact with the system

  51. Wow! That's @0:03 also the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and THIS @0:03 is the President of the United States!

  52. No. ABC is costing us One billion per year. Its so great that it cant stand up on its own. No your so tough why dont you go it alone and get off the public teet. Then you can say and preach what you like. You are so secure in your selves that one cant even comment on your utube frontage. Sickening all just sickening to the core

  53. The ABC has lost the plot. Biased, irrelevant, poor quality news reporting.

  54. This is so depressing and demoralizing….to see these goons get away with this.

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