Honest Government Ad | Genuine Satire (feat G. Brandis)

Hello I’m from the Australien Government
– where we take satire seriously. That’s why we’re here to warn you not
to fall for satirical Government ads like the ones by the Juice Media which can easily happen if
you’re a big knob. Take a look: Brandis: “If I saw this in my letterbox and I didn’t look carefully at it, I’d probably think that’s the Coat of Arms, but if I looked
carefully at it, I’d realise it wasn’t. So…. (Senator McKim: “Clearly satire, as you said earlier”) Brandis: “It’s only clearly satire if you study it.” He’s right: you _should_ be worried about
people who impersonate the Government. People like George Brandis… who if you saw him in your letterbox and didn’t
look carefully, might seem like an Attorney General who fights for free speech.
But if you look carefully is actually a bell-end trying to ban satire and encryption to usher in a lulz-less surveillance state Or Pete, who looks like a harmless potato,
but when you look carefully is committing human rights violations against genuine refugees on Manus and Nauru Or Chris, who looks like an arrogant prat,
and if you look carefully is an arrogant prat, who also makes deals with genuinely brutal terrorist regimes And of course, Malcolm, who from a distance
might seem like a leader, but when you look closely is actually a genuine stooge Why else would he call for a postal survey
instead of a vote in Parliament unless he was a parody of a genuine Prime Minister? Or blow a billion bucks on another fucking
coal mine instead of renewables unless he was impersonating someone who genuinely gives a shit about climate change? The answer, of course, is that we might look
like a Government that serves you but if you look closely, our allegiance is actually
to corporations, coal lobbies and raving nutbags Fortunately for us you’re all too busy worrying
about whether we’re dual citizens instead of whether we’re genuine sell-outs and corporate
arse-puppets waging war on your rights Such as the right to satirise us Which you don’t really have… coz, while
this might look like a genuine Constitution if you study it closely, it doesn’t even
include a fucking Bill of Rights Authorised by the Department of Genuine Satire

Stephen Childs

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