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Hello, I’m from the Australien Government Now that we have a seat at the Human Rights Council we’d like to announce our plan
for making the world a better place: SELLING ARMS! That’s right, our Minister for Offence has
just launched the Australian Military Sales Catalog full of all your basic essentials for
murdering, maiming and blowing up humans Guns Ammo Rockets Need a tank? We’ve got it, and so much more! PYNEY’S WARHOUSE! But don’t worry, we’ll only sell weapons
to our friends and allies Like Saudi Arabia: which is currently slaughtering thousands in Yemen triggering a massive cholera outbreak It’s also the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism But that didn’t stop our Pyney from going
there to make some sweet deals Or Indonesia: which needs all the help it can get from us to carry out its ongoing genocide in West Papua And the Philippines, where Aussie-made guns might one day be used by this maniac to shoot women in the… wait, what the… PYNEY’S WARHOUSE! It’s all part of our DEATH Policy: to turn Australia into one of the world’s
top 10 exporters of arms So Australia can profit directly from escalating wars which in turn will create more refugees to whom we can turn our backs when they flee to our shores It’s the perfect plan That’s why we’re investing $200 billion into DEATH most of which will go to offshore defense contractors (who just happen to be some of our generous donors) Why didn’t we invest that money into our
car manufacturing industry? Or into renewables? Or into medical research, to prevent dementia
– the second leading cause of death in Australia The answer of course is that here at
the Australien Government we’re a bunch of seriously sick motherfuckers That’s why we’re not only planning to *export* arms Dutto’s also tryna change our laws
so we can have more guns *inside* Australia And if you don’t like it, well… you’re dead to him.
Chk-chk boom! So watcha waiting for? As Pyney says, “Do yourself a favour and go out and get the military sales catalog” PYNEY’S WARHOUSE! Lowest Morals are just the beginning Authorised by the Dept for Blowing Up People Whose Orphaned Children We’ll Later Deny a Refugee Visa (Unless They’re White South African Farmers)

Stephen Childs


    Who voted these tractors to humanity in?
    You can't vote your way out of shitfuckery in a quasi democracy 😡

  2. What's wrong with Rodrigo Duterte or giving refugee status to South Africans… See the problem with these ads is they go to far, radical no different to the government you speak of!

  3. "And in the Philippines where Aussie made guns might be used by this maniac to shoot women wait what the fu-"
    Loved that part.

  4. Well done to the Australian government, nearly as cunty as the British government, keep at it lads👍

  5. Other countries can have our guns but our people can’t because you might actually kill us to get change

  6. But Australian citizens can't go to Bunnings and buy guns to defend themselves. Only the fascist police state can have guns. Only the fascist police state can sell guns to terrorist nut job allies of the US like Saudi Arabia.

  7. Wow what kind of pos one must be to say "get a catalog of our weapons"?

  8. I don’t mind making arms. It’s business! The ones in it are making the bucks. The problem is the fukn money we earn is going overseas, specially to only 2-3 countries.

  9. I really loved your videos until you included our president. You've crossed the line, Aussie Bitches. Only those that live here know what's really happening here. Long live Duterte <3

  10. Fiona barnett from sydney as a child witnessed australian politicians at a satanic ritual in bathurst town hall in the 80s a group of children were beheaded and a pregnant women was killed WAKE UP AUSTRALIA. Richie benaud was killing children in this ritual kim beazleys satanist father was also killing at this ritual to their demongod lucifer

  11. I only interested in Stop Deforestation Movement and Fight Global Warming including Tackle Climate Change… Anxiety Epidemic Mental Illnesses.

  12. Lmao I love these girls and these ads they need to be on ABC or SBS 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  13. Please do some fucking research about Philippines so that there will be no fuckery will happen, our president didnt kill any innocent people especially woman what you heard is just a propaganda made by the opposition who for decades control us, and do their bullshitery, corruptions, killing our policemen, yah they sacrificed our policemen in the hand of terrorist, that is the liberal party, our president won fair and square during elections because we are tired of bullshitery done by the liberal party

  14. You know that your country is fucked up if your leader is included in Shitfuckery. Hilarious 🙃

  15. No big thank you for your unceremonious bashing of the current president of the Philippines. You then are going against the overwhelming majority of the Filipino people who love him for the positive things he is doing for the country, for which you know nothing about. What I thought earlier to be an honest-to-goodness program, now I know – your program is a sham! Get lost!

  16. That is just so scary, I hope our children and their children don't ever have to experience these violence.

  17. Strangely quiet on China…almost like the profit from creating distrust amongst ourselves. The next few years will show who the real tyrants ars

  18. Most real and accurate news I've seen this week, thanks TheJuiceMedia for always being so frank and informative, and the stunning eye candy's a most welcome bonus too. Cheerio 😀

  19. Hello im filipino but i didnt hear any news that our president ordered to kill any female rebel (NPA) in VAGINA? WHERE DID YOU GET THIS NEWS? DUMBSHIT LIBERATED FOREIGN MEDIA?

  20. we love our President in the Philippines. He cares for the Philippines more than anyone else does. Your sources about the Philippines are the bad ones.

  21. Love the channel hella funny. You are also exposing white raping many countries, but pleade stick to the facts. Don't go too far left and just to look good to your liberal fan base. Philippines don't buy guns from Australia.

  22. Love your videos and the sad truth to it. But i do not agree with the part where you vilified the Philippine president. You have no idea the about the problem the Philippines is facing now. He is the only ones going again drug cartels and rich oligarchs who are exploiting the resources and taking advantage of the poor. I suggest you do more research. I thought your videos were all backed up by proper research but now i have some doubts as to the credibility of it.

  23. Fake news, Duterte never used those arms to kill innocent people. 90% of those dead bitches are fucking criminals. This is actual fuck

  24. so disturbing! the overall content, not the upload in general or satirical take on the Australian government's arms dealing to hostile tyrannies abroad. Where does this eventually lead, I'm left wondering?? Trading arms for hostages ie. the US government in the 1980s?

  25. you get it wrong! there are more innocent people died before Duterte in Philippines

  26. Funny, we now have a "Christian" PM who claims to follow the "Prince of Peace", but he has conveniently ignored that.

  27. What your calling Maniac is the only remaining hope and our last card for the Philippines future generations.

  28. Our Pres. D30. We love him. Yes sell him those sh**t load of guns to help us protect our Country. Do not overprice. Great video thought. We are sorry for the news you heard about our PD30. Come visit Philippines.

  29. That maniac in the philippines is now having a war againts water oligarchs. Next the electric oligarchs
    So looks like we have it better

  30. It's wrong, Philippines under Duterte administration is not a shitfckery of America!

  31. Who the hell are you to the tell that the Philippine President is a maniac. You didnt really knew what did he done good to the country to say that kind of thing i hope some subcribers will unsubcribe your channel

  32. wait… what the fu?

    hilarious. cant buy em, but we can sure make and sell them!

    there was once a time in australia that a 22 or a slug gun were mandatory. maybe be an old 303 behind the kitchen cupboard, and a double barrel over the door as well…

    but the powers that be had a plan… a long, devious plan.

    this way, theres no chance of a second eureka stockade.

    eureka stockade? whats that?
    well kids, its a bit of aussie history that isnt taught in schools anymore. basically, we got so sick of the government bearing down on us and taking all our money, that we grabbed our guns and told them where to shove their damn taxation.

    then of course, they had to elect a leader, but they was smart this time…"take away the guns so there can be no repeat"

  33. Yeah I don't think we should sell guns to countries who believe in killing infidels raping women and children but we most definitely need guns in Australia so we the innocent law abiding citizens would stand a chance against a non law abiding murders.

  34. You guys missed the part where Badgery's Creek was finally approved, after more than 30 years, as the location of Sydney's second airport and the new Aussie home for companies like Lockheed, Grumman, and Bechtel.

  35. 0:48

    Trump: grab em by the pussy
    Duterte: shoot em by the pussy

    (Serious note: he's crazy as well as his followers xD)

  36. Well you have two more topics to use now the cash ban bill that was passed and under inquiry and the No Capital Gains Tax Exemption for Australian Expats.

  37. In other words, this further supports the references in the friendlyjordies video on Gough Whitlam, which informs us that the CIA has directly had it's hands in our government since the time of Whitlam — Look at all these US arms manufacturers Lockheed Martin etc. we are giving all our tax dollars to. Who is pulling the strings of these political puppets? Fantastic video. Thank you for the horrifying information.

  38. When an individual is an arms dealer they are the scum of the earth but when our Government does it …

  39. Just found juice media and have been bingeing! Now depressed to know our cousins over the ditch are as fucked up as American, and scared that little NZ is not much better (hoping Jacinda can win the next election outright and make some inroads on the years of crap that came before).

  40. except your Indonesia map is wrong. Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore is not part of Indonesia!

  41. the way she said 'wait, what the fu–' lol
    i had the same reaction when I saw that news

  42. PHILIPPINES – True, but only shoot all related to drugs specially drug lords.

    We kill them here, so for those who plan on doing business by selling drugs. Philippines will be your grave. We have history of public shooting of drug lords. We hate drugs.

  43. You guys! I am in awe of your courage and the pitch-perfect delivery of your bullshit-piercing analyses.

  44. Sorry, your map of Indonesia included Malaysia and possibly even Singapore, kindly check.

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