Honest 4th of July BBQ

(upbeat music) (patriotic music) – Hey! Fuck, I’m the first one here even though I waited in my car for 15 minutes. – Hey, guess I’m not going
to have time to poop now. That’s going to screw me up for days. – Speaking of which, I brought a quart of pre-made macaroni salad. You know, the kind nobody likes? – Gross, ooh, it’s got minuscule
pieces of carrot in it. – Should I just put it
on the table over here, directly in the sun so
it can get nice and warm? – Perfect, yeah, just
get it out of my face. – I also didn’t bring utensils because why would I think of that? – [Man In Stripes] Right. – Hey, Zac and I have been
fighting the whole way over here and we’re still kind of in it. – Yeah, it’s going to be
awkward for the entire party and don’t expect us to do
the socially responsible thing and diffuse the
situation, it’s just not in us. How are ya? – But we did bring most
of a six pack of beer from our fridge in a feeble
attempt to hide our dysfunction. – Thank God because I am
grossly under prepared for this party. The only thing I brought
are illegal roman candles. I’m a pyromaniac and I’m going
to foist it on all of you. – Hey, that makes me really uncomfortable. – Make yourselves at home. Grab a seat anywhere. They’re all inexplicably wet. – [Cynthia] Hey. – Hey guys. – Cool, Cynthia’s dressed like a maniac. – Yeah, because I use national holidays as an excuse to show more skin. – Hey, Grant, why don’t
you let me do the grilling so I can avoid conversation
for the rest of the party. – Tell you what, Mike, I
think you’re going to do a shit job at that but I can’t
think of a reason to say no. – Okay, who wants to be the first to eat a burger by themselves? I’m only cooking these one at a time so you’ll all take turn eating alone. – I’ll take it. I don’t eat meat but my convictions pale in comparison to my need
to please other people. – We’ve got relish, soggy
buns, and an awkward conversation trap over at the table. – Whoever comes over here next is going to listen to my childhood
memories in excruciating detail. It’s not a good story but
you’ll have to pretend it is. – I should know that’s a
trap but I’m going to go over there anyway. – Well, I’m going to grab
a beer that I didn’t bring and hope that whoever brought them meant for them to be shared. Anyone else want one? – I’ll take another
because I paid for them. – Okay, who wants the next
burger when it’s ready in 10 minutes, huh? – Not me, I’m going to wait
until there are no burgers left and then make a big
show about how I’m having a dried out Swiss and
mustard sandwich all while insisting it’s what I
wanted in the first place. – Ooh, should we play
Werewolf, forcing everybody into two plus hours of game play? – No.
– [Zac] No. – [Cynthia] No.
– No. – No. – Great, let’s play! – Quick reminder, there
are eight more hours until the sun goes down
and the fireworks start so buckle up everyone! – [All] Oh no! – Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor. Thank you for watching. Click here to subscribe to the channel. Click here to watch another video and click here if you want
to see what I look like without a shirt on. Weird that it’s the same, isn’t it?

Stephen Childs


  1. 2:20 I have a mouse with 125 clicks per second but he still won't do it! Whyyyyyyy

  2. I haven’t been in America for the 4th of July cause my parents force me to come

  3. My birthday is on July 4th so I can strongly relate when we have a barbecue and someone brings hot fucking 1000 salad and 50000 degree cake

  4. As I kid, I watched this as if it was random rambling. Now…I understand everything.

  5. This is what you hear if you are an introvert. Everyone sounds like this even though they aren't saying it, you stil hear it.

  6. Grant is always the pyromaniac
    Mike is always a know it all
    Katie is always the drug attic
    Zach is always drunk
    Clavan is always the game player/maker

  7. what about the

  8. Anyone else thinking they don’t really have enough people to play werewolf?

  9. Why don’t people just say “shut up and gimme my food” like I do?

  10. I love Stars and Stripes Forever (played in the background)
    Good job btw

  11. How is it possible to not think about the country once if there are American flags everywhere

  12. Looks like a bunch of leftist trying to conform to traditional American values and failing.

  13. Illegal Roman candles, those were made out of christian people.

  14. "I'm the first to arrive despite waiting on my car for 15 minutes" That is soo me

  15. I bet that inside there heads there saying I HATE YOU ALL!!!! and LIFE SUCKS!!!

  16. 4th of July is the most miserable holiday. >_< Most of the other holidays are good but 4th of July is just miserable.

  17. I swear, I know Grant's shirt is flag-themed, but I couldn't see anything other than Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" without his hat on.

  18. Wow I’m from Germany and your holiday seems really shit when we have a barbecue it’s usually fun

  19. Friend of Writer: Did you have a good time at my party?

    Writer: Yeah man it was great!

    writer 3 days later

  20. I am a Canadian, and I can in fact tell you that this is essentially the same as our Canada Day, but with many more American flags

  21. For me it happy I don't care about the country and came to tell my auntie Happy birthday and to hang with 2 out of 100+ cousins day

  22. I go to a 4th of July bbq every year

    It's really not that bad because I've known the people for a really long time

  23. Why didn’t you just post a skit instead of some random guys 4th of July BBQ

  24. This is the typical forced office gathering rather than one you get to be with your actual friends.

  25. Is that Australian lady trying to keep an American accent or just the opposite?

  26. Do christmas next, how its the only excuse people have for all their cousins and distant relatives to mingle for about 3-10 hours awkwardly and share a meal while giving and receiving gifts nobody wanted.

  27. Please tell me there's one for family reunions, which I didn't go to this year, because all my favorite family members are either dead or never coming back to this state.

  28. Jesus are this how white people barbq is done. I'm appalled! Black barbq has ribs, sausage, hotdogs, burgers, pork chops, baked Mac n' cheese, spaghetti, baked beans, potatoe salad, and either collard, mustard or turnip greens, cognac amongst all other types of liquor and spades! Come on white America. This is no way to live.

  29. Werewolf isn't two hours long or Is the one night ultimate werewolf shorter

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