Holidays With The Lyons | Season 3 | EMPIRE

– Yes, I did make a That’s what you do for family. But I see you know
nothing about that, and you might be in your
feelings a little bit. You didn’t have
much of a family, and neither did Lucious, but
together we built this one. And we’re strong. Ain’t nobody as messed up as
the Lyon brothers, I’m sorry. But you know what we
got that nobody else does? We got each other. Out in five? Damn, I came ready to bust
you out of this joint, man. What y’all doing here? I told you this was nothing. Shut up, Dre. Don’t worry we’re gonna
take your jailbird ass out to eat after this. I could help you with this. I– I can’t ask
you to do that Jamal. I’m not gonna ask you– You can actually. It’s cool. [crying] Keep fighting, please. It’s OK, because I got you. I got you no matter what. No matter what? No matter what, baby. Good. Come here. [smack] Ow. Dang, ma. Clean this damn place up. But that’s my father. And if he can’t take
down his own family, what makes you think that you
and your little bitch batch can? When I first saw you
rap, changed my life. I knew right then
and there that– That you and I were
meant to be together. You knew that that
was my destiny. You knew that my destiny was
music, and my destiny was you. Damn. See, now that’s that
monster I’m talking about. Did I ever tell you how much
I love your crazy ass, mama? [singing] There’s nothing
that I won’t do for you, mama. Oh, no, no. Oh, mama. See you deserve– Mama’s right about
them, everything ain’t black and white. And we ain’t all good and bad,
but I will be damned if I will never apologize for loving you. This is my family. Well, most of them anyway. But yeah, we are a twisted
tree, but I wouldn’t trade one gay, one high,
one low, one crazy, one lazy branch of it. This is who we are. Take it or leave it. Jamal, sing us a song. [singing] Mama, I love you. Mama, mama, mama, I do love you.

Stephen Childs


  1. idk what I was doing when Lucious kissed his momma on the lips but ew 😂😂


    Lyons bros for lyfe! 🙌

    Cookie and her love/care slaps 😂😂😂

  2. I love Empire and I love the Lyon's family Cookie always slapping Hakeem Happy Holidays to the Empire cast

  3. It is one of the craziest, most dysfunctional families on television, but as much as I live for their family dinners I would be even more geeked to be a fly on the wall at the Lyon Compound during the holidays, lol

  4. Im sorry but when luscious kissed his mom on the lips it looked so awkard lol

  5. In the end of the day the Lyons are a family and they 💖 each other #EMPIRE #TEAMCOOKIE

  6. Empire is Such a Heart filled T.V. Show , I love it through all the Trials of Ups or Down Family loyalty & love is displayed in different ways!!!

  7. Yes!!! Jamal, sing us a song!!!😊 Happy holidays everyone!!⛄🎄👼😊


  9. Hello somebody… we have The Good the Bad and the Ugly all tied up in one the Lyons family the bottom line they're surrounded by love and each other. Merry Christmas & 💕&✌

  10. I just love the Lyon family sooooo fxckin much, sucks that they wont be around until spring 2017 but happy holidays to the cast of empire and to y'all as well..!!!

  11. I hope Empire gets renewed for a fourth season🤗

  12. cookie made too many unnecessary sacrifices and stupid choices for her so call ratchet ass family.


  14. somebody please tell me when was the part cookie was talking about the family one and when was the part when the three brothers were talking about no one being as messes up as them

  15. this is the most disfunctional, shameful and disgraceful family on empire.

  16. Love empireee and this video shows the best sides of the Lyon family. No matter how much hate and twisted fights and secrets they have at the end of the day that's what keeps them together. And to keep their Empire they must stick together.

  17. They may fight and argue but at the end when it comes down to it they got each other back no matter what

  18. From what I've seen this family is getting stronger and stronger every season

  19. even though they have all these problems they are the greatest family i have ever seen

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  21. Damn. Rhonda's death really messed Andre up. It's good that his family stepped up to the plate to take over for her taking care of him

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  23. The parts when they cared about Andre (Mosty the one with Jamal,Sorry Cookie!) Made me cry! 😭

  24. I was happy that I forgot that Lucious straight up kissed his momma but now I remember 😑

  25. I cried watching andre, hakeem and jamal scenes i luv there brotherly love scenes they are so cute

  26. That part when lucious said he loved his mom and she smiled it touched my heart

  27. So we just gone sit here and not act like lucious didn’t just kiss his own momma🤨😒🤔

  28. Thank you the taraji henson I dropped you all off with the Mary Dickson.

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