Holiday World | Through the Eyes of Friendship

♪♪ [Geri] I have lots of friends
Who work here and lots of friends that I have
made working here. You make great friends for
life here at Holiday World. [Jayden] Some of my closest, best
friends have been on my crew. I’m so grateful that Holiday World has brought
me to some of the closest people in my life. [Andy] The benefits you get from
developing friendships with people, sometimes those friendships
last a lifetime. [Xander] You just have to experience
it yourself. It is amazing. The people you will work with
and become friends with here at Holiday World are great people.
Everything is about a team. [Lee] I have many friends that
Work here. Former students. I have met people that I would
consider very close friends that I would not have met if I would
not have worked at Holiday World. [Emma] I asked my friend, Becca, to work with
me because she was looking for a summer job and I said, “Why don’t you apply in
Guest Services and we’ll pull you in?” and she got a job in Attractions and
I was so upset and I was like, “Becca, we have air conditioning!”
But she does really like it. [Andy] And you just think you
are at a summer job – you end up being part
of a family here. [Lori] It’s just a fun place. It’s filled with
people that really want to be here, Friends that are also working in the park,
your team, you’re working with. It’s just a fun atmosphere. [Lee] We refer to ourselves as a “Framily” –
that’s friends and family together – and we truly stand by that
I have made some of my best friends while working
at Holiday World as a teenager. [Andy] Even though I haven’t worked
here in almost two decades, I still feel like I’m
part of the family. [Jayden] I’m most excited to just be
back again with my coworkers. because we develop a bond
somewhat like family because We’re seeing each other for almost
every day for an entire summer. And they also become a
huge part of your life.

Stephen Childs

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