Holiday World | Through the Eyes of Experience

♪♪ [Lori] I wanted my son Xander
to work here at Holiday World Because I had a great experience
as a kid. What I learned went far beyond the seven summers
that I worked here. And I wanted him to go through
that same structured training process and to learn some of the foundational
things about dealing with the public, working as a team,
just enjoying your job. [Geri] I do have a craft business on the side.
Working with people here at Holiday World helped me in that craft business
to be more outgoing and to talk to those people at craft shows
and just to listen to people. [Andy] My boss my boss told
me at the time, “You were the one “who came in with the most
experience. You were the one who came in already with
certifications under your belt.” and that’s a big thing for an employer if you
already have experience on the job. And I really think without the foundation of having
the experience in Information Technology for the three years that I had here,
I don’t think I would’ve got the job. [Jayden] Honestly, I don’t think I’d
be as developed or as responsible I also don’t think I’d be as mature because
now I’m able to better handle situations dealing with different people. I know how to
take a different perspective on different things. [Lori] As a sales person, you are interacting
with people each and every day. My foundation that I received when I was
a child working here at Holiday World really serves me well in my current job.
I learned to give people eye contact, and to read Into their body language,
and to just be friendly. [Andy] I’m one of the people now at my
job that trains new people that come in and teach them some of the foundation
that I got here at Holiday World. And that teaches you how to be
more confident in yourself and in the abilities you learn here.
Just how to interact with people.

Stephen Childs

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