Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari – Translation

To tell you how much fun Holiday World’s
Happy Halloween Weekends is, we brought in a couple experts on Halloween fun. Sarah, tell us what you liked the most. We went on a hayride, got lost in a corn maze,
rode on roller coasters, saw a Halloween magic show, went through a 3-D fun house, rode the
bumper cars and kiddie rides with my brother… Sounds like you had a good time. Ian, tell us what YOU liked about Happy Halloween
Weekends. We got pumpkin funnel cake, went trick or
treating, got candy, mmm, mmmm, mmph. He also says he had apple cider, a pumpkin
flurry and s’mores. Mmm, mmmm, mmph. And that we even got to wear our costumes. Sounds like Ian had had a good time too. Did you enjoy the trick-or-treating, Sarah? Mmm, mmmm, mmph. You said a mouthful there. To get your family to Happy Halloween Weekends,
get discounted tickets online at Holiday World dot com. Only 30 dollars and 99 cents with the promo
code, Halloween. Open weekends through October 30th. At Holiday World. Free soft drinks! Free parking! Free sunscreen!

Stephen Childs

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