Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari – “Questions” radio

Guys, when do you think we’ll go back to
Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari? Pretty soon, Mom. Do you think we can go back this weekend? Maybe not THAT soon, but soon. Like, again this summer? Definitely. Do you remember when we blasted out of the station and then went upside down right away on Thunderbird? I do. That was awesome. It was, wasn’t it? And what was UP with Mammoth and Wildebeest? Have you ever been on a water ride where you go faster going up hill? I knooowww. I musta had like 40 of those soft drinks. Free soft drinks are nice, huh? I think your father likes the free parking
and sunscreen better. Weeelll, those are nice, too. Do you remember how loud he screamed when I told him about the online discounts I got? He’s so cute when he’s excited. Start planning YOUR family trip to Holiday
World & Splashin’ Safari today. Close AND affordable, it’s the perfect getaway for kids of all ages – even middle-age. And don’t forget to start the savings with exclusive online discounts. Only at HolidayWorld.com. Free soft drinks! Free parking! Free sunscreen!

Stephen Childs

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