Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari – Narrative

So my kids and I are just sitting here waiting for Thunderbird—the new ride at Holiday World and Spalshin’ Safari—to launch. Whoa! Now I’m going 60 miles an hour and holy moley I’m already upside down. And really high! Headed straight back to Earth now. Ah! Did anyone’s feet just graze the
ground? Oh, going straight back up! And I’m back upside down again! Watch out for The Voyage! Ok, now I’m taking a hard right and completely sideways. Whoa! Back up, hard left, sideways again. Man that tree was close! Oh, this is nice. I mean, what would a harrowing flight through the woods be without—DUCK! Was that a barn? I could have sworn we were gonna—ducking again! Twice with the barn. Really? Thunderbird, the only launched wing
coaster in America is now open. And going zero to 60 to upside down in 3.5 seconds is literally just the beginning. Get great ticket discounts at HolidayWorld.com today. This
was worth the wait.

Stephen Childs

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