Holiday World Podcast highlights: New menus (episode 004)

[Paula Werne] So your challenge for this week
was to make up your own holiday. What is yours?
We’ll start with park president, Matt Eckert. [Matt Eckert] So the one that is kind of specific for me, and I felt Lauren and Leah too cause we all kind of share this same
odd obsession is National Office Supply Day. [Paula Werne] Oh my gosh! [Leah Koch] That would be the dream! [Matt Eckert] Because the three of us all
absolutely love office supplies. It’s kind of a very weird fetish that we all have. [Leah Koch] I would be so happy! [Matt Eckert] Right. I know. So I think on this holiday you would give office supplies to those that you care about. Take that Hallmark. Make a card. [Paula Werne] All right. If you’ve been wondering
what “The One With the Laugh Heard
‘Round the World” means Yes, Tammy is one of our foods managers
and Tammy is here to talk about food. So we are now going to be treated to
Tammy’s tasty treats for 2016. [Tammy Berg] This one is a peanut butter burger,
so it’ll be at Goblin Burgers [All laugh]
[All] Matt’s face! [Tammy Berg] We will add honey to it as well. [Matt Eckert] Why honey and not jelly? [Tammy Berg] We were testing this burger
and we loved it, the peanut butter on it, but we just knew it needed something else, so we literally looked around the kitchen
and found things and honey was it. [Tammy laughing] So number two is a birthday cake ice cream dip. Like a white chocolate with confetti and you dip your ice cream in that and it hardens on the ice cream. It’s amazing. It’s so simple, yeah. But, oh, it’s amazing. [Paula Werne] Thanks to all of you for listening.
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Stephen Childs


  1. I cannot wait to visit Holiday World for the first time this summer! 😀

  2. dang The Legend's Double Helix toward's the Station is just being a single turn into the station now. D: good bye double helix. construction look's great right now can't wait!

  3. Not sure if these'll beat the Hot Diggity Dog. Still one of my favorite foods at a park. <3

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