Holiday World Podcast highlights – Legend update (episode 002)

[Paula] What are you doing out there with Legend? [James] There’s two main areas
where we’re doing work. The first area people were able to see if
they saw a Hard Hat Chronicles was that the entire
belly of the first drop has been removed So I know there’s been questions out there,
“What is the first drop going to be like?” And the answer is, to 99% of our guests, it’s going to be the same.
[Leah chuckles] [James] Maybe a little smoother since
it will be rebuilt. The second big thing on the Legend is: approximately the last third of the ride is also getting re-tracked. We actually have twenty-five
carpenters working on the ride right now. The construction out there is going great. The track work is now to the point where you can now see what the double-down is going to look like, and you can just tell that it’s going to have some beautiful airtime moments. It’s really coming together out there. [Paula] The title of this episode is
“The One with the Crowdsourcing” So this is where you, the listener, can help us! We want to make a mosaic
of photos from our seventy years. We need, count them, 7,000 photos… for…
[Matt] How many? [Paula] 7,000. That’s a lot of photos.
[Leah] No big deal. [Paula] And we would love to include photos from our listeners’ families, our fans’ families. Please subscribe and tell all your friends! We’re counting on you to send us your
photos for our 70th Birthday Mosaic. Go to HolidayWorld.com/HoWoPho
for more information. And be sure to send us your questions and feedback on social media using the hashtag… [All toghether] #HoWoPo!

Stephen Childs

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