Holiday Weekend TBR Stack Book Recommendations 📚 5 Things Friday

Hi, it’s mystery author, Ellie Alexander, and I am thrilled to be here with
you for another episode of 5 Things. As you’ve probably noticed, I
took a bit of a summer hiatus. I had lots of summer adventures and
did a little bit of summer work, but mainly I spent most
of my summer reading. So this week on 5 Things I’m going
to share five of my current reads. I can’t wait. [music playing] I hope your summer has
been as wonderful as mine, especially when it comes to weather. For those of you who aren’t
familiar with Ashland, Oregon, the real setting for
my Bakeshop Mysteries, we have a tendency to have some smoke in
the summer and this summer we had just a gorgeous long stretch of blue
skies and cool crisp evenings. It was like total perfection and in my
mind that is completely perfect reading weather. So I am not embarrassed or ashamed to
admit that I spent the vast majority of my free time this summer reading. But since
we’re going into a holiday weekend, I have five new reads that are sitting
in my TBR pile that I want to share with you. So let’s get right
to it. Book Number One, a perilous undertaking by Deanna Raybourn. Have you read any of Deanna
Raybourn’s works before? She is one of my favorite authors. I fell in love with her Lady Julia Grey
series many years ago and worked my way through that entire series,
finished it and, you know, sort of went on with my life. And then a good friend of mine told me
earlier this summer that she’s writing a new series that is also
a historical mystery. So that’s a huge check in my
book. And I also have to say, friends who give you book
recommendations are the best friends. Am I right about that? Yes! Um, so I read book one in this series in
like two days and now I am on book two of the Veronica Speedwell
series. It’s set in the 18 — in 1887 — and it follows this very spunky feminist
character through lots of adventures. And I can’t give any thing else
away because it’s a mystery. Um, but they are complete gems and you have
to read this series if you are a fan of historical mysteries. Book number two, The Bookish Life of Nina
Hill by Abbi Waxman. I am so excited to read this book.
Let me tell you why. First of all, check out that cover. I know that you’re
not supposed to be swayed by covers, but I was in the bookstore and immediately
drawn to this cover. And the title, the title includes “bookish.” Anything
that includes “bookish” is just like a solid check mark in my
box. And then, of course, Abbi’s writing is compared
to a modern day Jane Austin. And for any of you who know me, you know that Jane Austin is like
the second coming for me. Um, I’m really super excited to dive into
this book. I have not yet read it. It is next on my stack. As soon as I finish this second book
and Deanna Raybourn’s lovely series. Um, and what I’m excited
about is the premise. So Nina works at a bookstore and she’s
an only child and she suddenly learned that she has this whole extended family
and I have an only child so I’m always kind of drawn to that. And
anyway, it’s set in a bookstore. What else do we need to know? I’m
super excited about this month. Book number three, this is one of my all time favorite long
running series and I’m so excited to dive into Rhys Bowen’s Four
Weddings and Maybe a Funeral. I have been reading her Royal Spyness
series since the very beginning and I try to stretch these books out because I love
them so much that I don’t want to just devour them, but it’s hard not to because
they’re so great. They’re so clever. Lady Georgie is long, long, long in line for the crown in the 1900’s. And this is another historical. I do
love historical mysteries. This, uh, Rhys just has a new book out I think
within the last few weeks in this series. Um, so I’m one book behind. And part of the reason for that is
because I’m writing mysteries myself. I try not to read mysteries when
I’m actually working on a new plot. I don’t want someone else’s plot
to accidentally work its way, seep its way into my brain cells. So not only do I treasure
stretching this series out, but I always read them when I’m
on hiatus from writing myself. So I can’t wait to see what
Lady Georgie is up to two. And will she finally
marry Darcy? I don’t know. What did I find out in this book?
Fingers crossed. We’ll see. Okay. Book number four, The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller. My husband was actually perusing
shelves and pulled this one off. And it’s so funny because like
two minutes before he found it, I had just been reading the back cover
copy and thinking like I’ve got to get my hands on this book. So it’s
billed as being part sci-fi, part magic, and the whole premise is that the main
character is kind of a man vying in a woman’s world. And so I love
that idea of that twist. And I’m really excited about this one. I have a feeling that I’m going to read
it first and then I’ll pass it onto my husband, but because it’s
fourth in line in my stack, he might try to swipe it so I don’t
know. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe I’m going to have to move this
one up so he doesn’t get his hands on it first. Number five. Last but not least. I have actually had this book sitting
in my TBR stack since last spring. My dear friend sent this to me as a
birthday present and I’ve kind of like flipped through the pages because I
think it’s such an ingenious idea, but I’m really excited to dive into this
one as part research for the Bakeshop Mysteries — it is Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North. This is a choose your own
adventure Romeo and Juliet book. I mean, okay, come on. You know
that I love anything Shakespeare. I’ve set an entire series
of books in Ashland, Oregon, in part because it is home to the
amazing Oregon Shakespeare Festival. And, also I love, love, love, loved, choose your own adventure books as a kid, so I cannot wait to find my way
through a Romeo and/or Juliet. Like what if they never met? That’s one of the first questions
that comes up in this book. I’m really excited to use this
as I start working on book 12 — that’s right — I’m getting ready to start book 12 of
the Bakeshop Mysteries in the next few weeks and I think that
there is a character in the
series who might come into Torte to peruse this book while noshing
on a delicious raspberry scone and sipping a latte. Any
guesses who might read this? I want to hear from you.
Alright, that in a nutshell, are the five books that I have
set to read or I’m soon to finish. I would love to hear from you.
Have you read any of these? Is there anything in this stack that
you’re excited about or what are your suggestions? I am always thrilled to get new reading
suggestions and grow my TBR stack. In my opinion you can
never have too many books. Thanks for joining me
for another 5 Things. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and
click the bell to get notified whenever I share new videos. Happy reading! [music playing]

Stephen Childs


  1. New subscriber!! I have both Deanna Rayburn and Nina Hill books currently waiting in my bag to be read.

  2. I have read Deanna Rayburn books. Romeo and/or Juliet sounds great. I have Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin, Fidding With Fate by Kathleen Ernst, Jade Dragon Mountain by Elsa Hart and A Better Man by Louise Penny on my TBR list. I have already read Beyond a Reasonable Stout and loved it. You are killing me with the cliffhanger, though

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