Holiday Tipping: How to Tip Correctly During the Holidays

Holiday season is the perfect time to say
thank you to those who have provided service to you throughout the year maybe
it’s your babysitter your hairdresser or the cleaning person but how do you know to tip and just how much david here
with some answers from etiquette expert Gloria Peterson yeah nancy has 20 for you 20 for camera two three we’ll get you guys in a
second camera 1 i’m not talking to you right now Gloria thank you for joining us this
morning you know this is the time of the year when you get can also stick that
thing i will put it in the envelope and we’ll talk about it so it’s nicely
presented that’s another tip we’re going to be
getting to a man but this is the time of year where you know we’re talking about
doing the right thing for a lot of people that really make a difference in
all ways but you want to do you want to give too much you don’t want to get too
little and that’s why we brought your way to help make sense at all the stuff let’s start with a whole bunch of
categories for example babysitter now some people you know they have more
than one babysitter especially if you’ve got to have like the backup babysitter
and the the backup backup babysitter what’s appropriate that’s why I think
gift cards are great yeah i would get them all gift card yes
parent right really you wouldn’t give them you know look at the but you might pay
them normally for an evening well you know if this is the time to
show appreciation for services rendered and if you have five babysitter’s that’s
kind of hard right of the five maybe there’s one has a very regular right and
that you can count on all the time the others are back up so you have to really put things into
perspective. What is the priority how do you make sense that a gift giving a tipping
this holiday season again it’s to show appreciation but
it’s going to vary I’m sorry is going to depend and where you live ok you’re going to probably higher in a
large metropolitan area like Chicago right but in a smaller rural area it’s gonna be different but there’s a
range there’s a range there’s a budget thing here – I think it’s important to
keep something if the budget is modest can give something something is better
than nothing but if you can afford to be more generous then be generous all right
but so let’s let’s give him a an area of etiquette that we can deal with now we
talked about the babysitter let’s talk about your stylist know your
hair person who cuts your hair now I tip my hair cut person all the time it should I be giving them on the
holiday something extra sure absolutely what do you recommend well you can
either give them the price of one haircut that you normally get or you can just keep maybe you know five
ten dollars extra you can or you can give them a gift there you go and with something
comparable to that of course in the game in different now what about a mail carry
you know there’s some controversy over you know you pay for the mail, it’s a federal
function with you know taxes go to that are we supposed to tip the mail
carrier well you have a relationship with the
mail carrier doesn’t come up to your door the hand delivering your mail to you
that’s different right what if you live in a condo what if you live in an
apartment you never see the mail carrier I never seen mine and I live like that so
i don’t because where did you leave the money where do you leave the gifts of
somebody else doesn’t get it all right and you know another thing is
check with your associations a lot of a apartment complexes ever and they take
care of – you’re new right sometimes that’s already taken care of
let me go to the garbage collector again gets back to a civil service you know I know that the the cities and a lot of the communities
have you no rules in terms of what they can what they’re allowed to accept in many
cases it’s only up to twenty dollars i but forget that let’s just talk about reality the
garbage collector sometimes you got stuff out there you know it’s not that
day to be taken and sometimes I’ll take care of you what do you what’s
appropriate for the garbage collector if you want to live a monetary gift
that’s totally up to you but I think it’s a nice gift would be nice leaving
something out that you think they would enjoy what you do mention for monetary
fifteen to twenty dollars in this day and age seems appropriate right the cleaning person now you know some
people have one person that comes doing some people you know they are going to
our service and it’s like three or four people are kind what’s right well if you have one person that takes
care of all your cleaning I would probably tipped the amount of a
cleaning you know what I mean cleaning your extra bonus if it’s a
group you might want to put money into an envelope and then they will divide it
up alright cool and parking attendant now
some of us so parking garages and you know the cars because it’s tight i’ll
take your car and move it to a certain place other people just parking it’s you know
they’ve got someone in there but what do you do with a parking attendant again if
he’s bringing your car to you and providing a service like that definitely it could be twenty dollars .
tiny 10 to 20 that’s a good range ok higher depends on
how how much of a contact you had with them well in this segment and who not to
tip don’t tip the teacher don’t tip the boss don’t have a property owner
obviously because tipping it could be perceived as a bribe and always put it
in a card right that’s the way you know get money right in a card my christmas card holiday car Gloria
Peterson thank you for joining us again you have a web page it’s called global
protocol . com where people can get all their etiquette questions answer thanks
again for joining us on the show happy holiday that’s my tip to
you really hi Nancy over to you thanks a lot David all right

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