Stephen Childs


  1. This is just one long commercial, and everyone is loving it, while not even noticing how hard they are getting brainwashed…. The amount of money donated here is extremely small, but amazon is making big money from this…
    And now people are helping to donate to an organisation which does extremely little to fight aids in Africa, even supporting things like circumcision which have proven to help spread aids/hiv even more….

  2. Kristen Bell would be a better late night show host than basically every one of the same white men who host currently.

  3. Love Kimmel, but this was painful to watch, and was Kristen Bell HONESTLY going for a look from the 90's as a CVC host with that dress?

  4. Did Chris have surgery? I'm looking at his old photos and he looks very different

  5. I don’t know if anyone else noticed….but I’m just gonna say it, Uh why is everything so Overpriced ??

  6. C'mon Jimmy, Amazon is already everywhere, put the spotlight on the little guy like Etsy.

  7. CAN WE PLS GET THIS TRENDING?? I mean cmon there’s so many stars here and it’s for a good cause!

  8. The last 2 minutes was all about pushing liberal point of views… Some top notch writing too👍

  9. Literally a buckle band that costs $149 and ships in 1-2 months! If you really want people to shop RED lower your prices!

  10. Remember that episode on The Man Show when Jimmy Kimmel stuffed things in his pants and then had girls feel his crotch and try to guess what was in his pants?

  11. Fabulous…every bit of that show and must be successful in fund raising. Thank you

  12. Honestly, the only two I cared about were Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell…GOD I love those women!!!

  13. No one mentioned to Will that if you have Aids or another terminal disease in Italy (where Rome is), you can't be put in jail. If the cops caught him, he'd be let go shortly as long as he didn't harm anyone. That was an interesting choice he made, I wonder if it was on purpose.

  14. I love seeing people come together for charities! Just wish it happened more throughout the year and not only during the holidays. Oh whale 🐋

  15. Why are Jimmy Kimmels YouYube videos audio always messed up? Is anyone else having this problem? It's only his channel. Every video.

  16. Why are the comments enabled on other vids like this one, but not for your trumpsgiving vid?

  17. is it just me – did the part where ferrell & rock took the scooter seem improvised?

  18. I was literally looking up the movie Possum as Jimmy mentioned possums fighting. The bizarreness of this incident has left me mildly thrilled at 3:47am.

  19. Jimmy Kimmel !! I LOVE YOUR SONG Briefcase Joe! Totally Awesome!!! Sooo Sexy Jimmy!!

  20. Ahh Kristen Bell.. When I first moved to San Diego from San Francisco I made ends meet by doing extra and acting work for TV and corporate videos. I did a few episodes of Veronica Mars with Mrs Bell. I can honestly say she is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever encountered in the business. After the scenes were over she took the time to come over and thank us. Dax is a lucky man, but I hear he's pretty cool too.

  21. Did it set anyone else's Alexa off? I got the weather and also the frozen soundtrack

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