Holiday Foods Around the World: Ethiopia

Hello everybody, I’m Geraldine from the Diversity and Culture Center. Today we are going to talk about the main dishes we usually have
for the holidays, and I am here with Mahelet. Hi. Hi. *laughter* Uhm, my name is Mahelet
Teferi. I’m a health system management student at the University of Baltimore and this is
my last year. Nice, okay. So we are talking about the cultural dishes during the holidays
and is there any dishes you look forward to eating during the holidays that are tied to
your heritage or culture? Uhm, definitely it’s called Doro Wot and it is very delicious,
spicy. It’s made up, uh, it’s made up from uh a spice that’s called berbere and you
put butter, onions, and other ingredients in them and it’s very delicious and it has
Chicken in it. And uhm, and on the side we have what we call Ayibe and another thing we
add into it, we boil egg and we put it after the Doro Wot is cooked and it tastes awesome.
Oh Nice. So, what country or culture is this dish from? Doro Wot is originally from Ethiopia and it’s obviously made in every household for holidays like Christmas, New Year. Wow.
And it’s very popular. Wow. Yeah. So who’s the main person that usually cooks this dish,
is it you or? *laughters* Uhm, my mom. And if she’s not around, my older sister and now
I am with myself and my brother, I cook it. But, it doesn’t taste as good as my mom’s.
Hers is very delicious. So if you were to say that your mom wasn’t around you’ll make
it. Oh yea, because she taught me every ingredient I know. Well that sounds very delicious and
I’d like to have a little bit of a taste of that. Oh definitely I’ll bring some. So you
can bring some to me! Anyways, thank you everybody that’s it for today. And thank you Mahelet.
No Problem, I’m happy to be here.

Stephen Childs

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