HOLIDAY `father and son` to Florida #2 PJ`s Auto World and ‘cooling off’!!!

Hey people,… we`re in Florida… Dunedin…. And today we`re going out. We’re gonna see what you can do here. And we go with this… we`ve rented this one. A big one… And we`re going to see what you can do here. Yes,…. we`re going…come…. There she is….. Our baby!! Well,… show her!!! Ford Mustang!! A big one. A big one? Look!!! On the screen. Come, let`s start her!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Heeey!!! It is very hot, so open the roof!! Of course you understand that. Yes…. Yes, and then?? Ow, how annoying that is!!! Well,… I’ll tell you … We just closed the roof. Because you`ll be completely baked here!! It`s so hot in here!! We only opened the windows. Very hot!!! Yeah, its really…. We`ll be two fried eggs. Yes, so … We will open the roof again soon. But I’ve just had…. a hot ass!!! We`re keeping it closed for a moment now. Well, we`re now at…. PJ`s Classic, Exotic & Sports Cars. We`re… gonna take a look what’s inside. But first outside. Little car here. Yes, there`s a lot here. But, this is not yet what we are looking for. Well, what’s here? A Camaro. This isn`t wrong either. What kind of sound does this make? Ahh, they seem to have won some prizes. But the best is inside. Wow!!! Wow!!! The Valhalla!!! We have had one like that ourselves. Yes, we had one like that. Beautiful car. But there is a lot of special cars here. Corvette…. Mustang…. $32.000,- I think this is a very special thing. A Street Rod. Yes,… Damm,… You don’t see that every day. Not every day. A Studebaker. That’s a Studebaker. A very special one. I have to say….. I think you get a bit of a feeling to your youth again. Yes, and what is behind you? And what kind of sound does this make? Do you see yourself sitting in this? Ow, ow ow, what a thing. Nice, nice, nice. You don’t see that every day. And yes people, they really all look amazing. A Mustang. This one is beautiful, isn’t it? This is really beautiful!! Ahh,… already sold. That’s too bad. And what do we find here? Elvis. This one is a bit newer. Which film was that again with a Mach 1? I know a movie… Yeah, `Bullit`. With Steve McQueen. Damm, what a beautiful cars. So many beautiful things. Cars that you don’t see every day. Look man!! We didn’t expected this…. just stopped at a roadside car company….. and look whats inside!! It looks like they have won some prizes. A Studybaker. Look!!! If you have this….. in your Peugeot 108. How would that drive? This is genius!! Too bad it’s all gone. Only those 3-cylinder nowadays. What are we complaining about nowadays? Just go!! Look!! Ow yeah!! This is not normal man!!! These are more engines!!! An Oldsmobile. Tornado. And a Pontiac Trans Am. Does your youth sentiment rise again when you see this? Do you feel young again? Ahh… I see that your hair gets a tan again. It`s really getting a tan. You’re getting your dark hair back again. Ow no, sorry. No, sorry. My mistake. But dad, tell me. What is this? This? This is a… Yes yes, what`s this one? A Plymouth. Look, look!!! What`s that? Yes,… These are the small details. It`s filming us now. We`re on it. All that beautiful chrome. Yeah, it`s nice. Cool cars!! If you compare them with the cars nowadays … ….well… it`s nothing anymore. Do you see this? This electronics. And… what`s that? A nice 8-cylinder. This one is from 1954. How old were you then? 6 years old. 6? Look how beautiful this is. Yet this one has stolen my heart here. This one has stolen my heart. Catwomen. Batman!!!! Yes… good old days. And dad, tell me: What do you think about this one? This car makes me (…..)!! Ow!! That`s quite a… I would like to have this one. I really would like to have this one. Clean it up. A little birdshit. Ahh,.. on our other movies you can see it`s very easy to remove. Yes, a lot of shit. We`ve had it worse. But very cool how it will ride with this suspension. This is really… You don’t see this often on the road. A Cadillac. What did you just say? Do you like it because he’s ugly? He`s beautiful because of ugliness. He`s so ugly that he becomes beautiful. Well, it would be nice if some people could say that too, right? But I’ve only seen that with car`s. Well, let’s go. So what did you say? You are an example for others? No, for you!! Well sir example … Don’t you dare!! What?? To… make me wet!! No, I won’t do it. Goddamn!! And… is it nice? It’s nice man!! Don`t do it!!! Don`t do it!! I`m comming ok? Well done! No, you can`t use your foot like that!! You have a flap foot. You have a flap foot. Flap foot!! Ok, you get a second chance. Let’s go!! I have the feeling that another flap foot is coming. Hey, do your best! Yes,… Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, two, two, two…

Stephen Childs

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