Holiday Decorations, Popcorn Buckets, & MORE at Magic Kingdom // Disney World 2019

We’re on our way to the Magic Kingdom I wanted to stop a contemporary verse to see that gingerbread house is and of course pick up a Mickey waffle let’s head on in I Absolutely love the Christmas teary Decorations here. Oh my gosh, they’re everywhere and they’re so so beautiful. We’re gonna head on up to the main level To check out the gingerbread house. I forgot to mention. This is my first time at Disney World alone It’s a solo trip in an out of focus This morning. We’re heading into the contempo cafe to pick up one of the quick service options. Let’s check out the menu I am getting a Mickey waffle 100% this morning I’m very very excited I got my waffle all ordered and they were actually able to accommodate for the peanut and tree nut allergy Which I really really don’t appreciate it’s they were really really nice about it here You can just ask for an allergen menu or ask for something very specific like the gluten allergy or something They’re really really nice about it here. So I’m currently waiting for my waffle to come to my table We’re gonna eat check out the gingerbread house ride the monorail look around to the Magic Kingdom and get in line for a rope drop and then we’re gonna check out all of Your basic decorations, and I have some fast passes today Then I’m going to be ending this video as I will be attending to make these a very Merry Christmas party this evening So that’ll be an entire separate video. So make sure you guys subscribe to my channel. So you do not miss it So they brought out my Mickey waffle on a special little container. Look at that Oh My god, I’m so excited to eat this I think about this all day long every single day. It looks beautiful look Let’s cut it Oh my goodness look at that Beautiful I’m so sorry make hehe. Oh my god So excited to be here again, the lighting is so weird in here that wasn’t amazing at the contemporary I’m so glad I don’t think I might make you a lot full on this trip. Now we’re gonna The gingerbread house and pick up the gingerbread house pin exclusive from at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Let’s go. Let’s see what this is like Oh my god, I see it. Oh my god. Here it is Here’s the gingerbread house. Oh My gosh, it’s so pretty Wow You guys know I looked at Disney food and everything. So this is just Beautiful. I love all the hidden details like those little Hidden Mickeys all over you Siana Kind of hidden in there create there And there are some other like smaller characters hidden. Here’s the information of like what’s all any of you guys are interested? 119 eggs Wow Let’s check out these new items. These are called Disney park pals There are like cutesy little figures and they have a little stand to go with them. You can just clip them on different things They’re so cute. They’re 1199 Just kind of a little much for them, but that’s they’re so cute. There’s making any stitch and here’s Pascal There’s also a figment somewhere around here. They have the new holiday wish apples for 990 There’s so cute even and they mark where Christmas ones too. So I’m not gonna be able to pick up this pin because it is These stores so I’m open to like 8 or 8:30, but the park movements at 19 So I’m gonna need to get over there somebody mall stop by a little bit later in the day Maybe come back over. I take a break and pick up the pin or this evening after the party Hopefully they’re still open I can pick it up We’re gonna get over bury those two magic children. Oh my god guys. Here’s the magic I think I’m shaking right now. You have officially made it Inside of the Magic Kingdom look at all of the holiday decor they have out. Oh my gosh. I’m so beautiful Serena’s a walk in the park. I got my gingerbread ears, of course guys, and I’m so So excited look at all over the court around me. You got the beautiful tree the castle and all of the decorations I might just sit here for a minute and take this all in and it’s just beautiful I’m So much. Oh, wow. I just want to take it to it a minute to acknowledge how global the crowds are right now That’s insane last house here you’re just touching people sweaty nasty. Oh my gosh, this is just like There is nobody here This like I said, this is the first time going solo So I’m just gonna do everything that I love to do here And the first thing we’re gonna do before hang back to my first Fast Pass of the Haunted Mansion is to just enjoy meeting Street USA Guys, they got a Christmas music going today. They got the wreaths all up And of course the castle is covered in lights all that you cannot see right now But I’m very excited to see it this evening We’re going to go over and check out the popcorn stand and see who gets this tree bucket first if you guys are wondering that Park opening is like you got people crowded over here at the Fantasyland entrance You have people crowded over here at the Tomorrowland entrance you’ve got a bunch of people up here crowded trying to watch this show and then of course you have people over at Adventureland and Liberty Square, and then Main Street isn’t too too packed because majority people are trying to come in to see all of those areas But a lot of people along Main Street, there’s many PhotoPass photographers wanting to get your picture and good news this trip I do not have photo pass which is kind of sad, but photo pass photographers. They will take your picture for you They took these great pictures on my phone for me. They were so like no problem. They didn’t mind doing it at all I’m sure they could also take it on my camera as well. If I ask them to they’re super super nice about it So if you also want to use the Budapest picture, but you also want them on your phone as well They can do both for you It’s so nice and I’m glad they do that as well because I don’t have anyone to take pictures for me this time guys the Christmas tree bucket has been spotted here at this popcorn cart right next to Tomorrowland and also right here by the castle and one of the entrances to Fantasyland I’m definitely going to pick this up now because they are selling out Again We have acquired the Christmas tree bucket it lights up this was $25, I know understand what bloggers mean when they say they need the trash cans because you guys are currently on a Disney trash So here’s the bucket as I just showed you it As always Amazing Disney food. I’m currently going through the Liberty Square entrance because I’m gonna go get my Fast Pass for Haunted Mansion But I want to take a minute to show you guys this new expanded walkway. Heading back to Fantasyland from Liberty Square It is now open. It looks super nice I’m definitely glad that they widen it because the crowd after parades and stuff, right? There can get kind of crazy sometimes so I’m very very glad that that is now an option and it’s now open Condom answer is only 15 minutes. So like I even use my Vespas for it I’m gonna go see mine train is and like what Peter Pan and everything is that we made we can help on something before Jumping on Haunted Mansion small world five minute way Peter Pan’s all backed up not not surprised Let’s go get on small world Again I cannot believe how open it is right now probably how much space there is it’s not too hot I have to say November is a pretty great time to come to Disney I say that but Peter Pan’s 15 minutes late right now, so We’re looking actually not too bad only 55 minute for Seven Dwarves mind train That’s pretty low compared to what it has been in the past. Well, we wait for a money mansion Fast Pass We’re gonna head back to Big Top souvenirs back here in the storybook circus. This is one of my other favorite Souvenir stops besides the Emporium because it is one of the biggest in Magic Kingdom So you’ll definitely find any merchandise you’re looking for specifically here Looks like they had more of the knitted plush here with some new characters. This place is full of plush And of course all the holiday merchandise, you’ll see throughout the rest of the park Another new item. I wanted to show you guys was how they’re doing the magic pants They’re changing the magic bands to being displayed like this So you’re gonna buy them like this that we can see the entire design But the new item I wanted to show you guys was this magic band a snap bracelet. There’s a few different designs They were very very cute. But it’s a snap bracelet. Disney’s really getting into the snap bracelets There’s this Disney food snap bracelet. How cute is that? And there’s even another holiday one, too But no price to be found you guys know I love the holiday merch look at these adorable buttons, these are about $10 Squishy keychains and other fun holiday things even have holidays shirts. Oh my gosh guys Check out this Disney food shirt. Oh my goodness. I may need to pick up some of these things later Check out this cool new way that they’re displaying t-shirts. It’s a lot easier to see them this way This is very very similar to like how Hot Topic does it Very very nice Sorry I just got off of a Little Mermaid. I love that ride. It’s so cute And I did want to show you guys there’s another popcorn bucket available, but I didn’t know what’s here over here at Storybook Circus This is the Casey jr. Popcorn bucket Look how huge So this popcorn bucket is so cute. This was 17 for both of them So I’m gonna keep the popcorn bucket wrapped up and I’m gonna go get a locker to put my stuff in Once again, I’d like to point out these crowd levels. Um what? You don’t see they even put a wreath on the door up there Beaming is amazing. Is this haunted? Stretchy or is it your imagination? So we’re just got a haunted mansion on my next fast passes for the jingle cruise at 11:35 so we have a little bit of time to wait Let’s head into meant own Laurie to see some Haunted Mansion merch while they have all the 50th anniversary stuff in here They would have the ornaments Along with special grow ears And other foot items with exclusive to 250th anniversary We also have fund my glow shirts that will glow at night. Look at this dog toy Let’s check out the popcorn stand over here in Liberty Square here. They have the rookie popcorn bucket left over from Halloween Right inside the door there is the matterhorn funkopop If you’re interested in the sorcerer is the Magic Kingdom card game This is one of the spots you can actually pick up the binder to store your cards in This is also where you can find the other Special Disney parks, exclusive pots so as I’ve been saying crowd stop in that pad But there’s been a lot of these tour groups around. There’s a lot of these Disney tours happening So if you’re looking to do one November, it might be a good time to do it. There’s a lot of them It looks like that are happening that are being booked right now So this might be the perfect time so my other big tip for you guys is to go into any Location and some of the standalone as well This is great and you just throw it away before you get on the ride highly highly recommended Walking rate past Splash Mountain. We’re gonna go use our next fast pass at the jingle cruise I have not ridden the Jungle Cruise with the holiday overlay. So I am Extremely excited about that Of course not if I’m not here when verso hundred degrees they have the misters on And I wanna show you guys just popcorn bucket over here They also have the Christmas bucket and they have the Mickey and Minnie buckets as well They’re still here just like last time and I also have show you guys this sign with the overlay design. There it is jinguk cruz Looks great. Use our fast pets. Look at all the fun holiday decor. Oh my gosh, it’s everywhere There’s even a tree and gets in here Would be so fun just to decorate disney world for Christmas Ornament things hanging from the ceiling Roll all the way ha ha they even renamed all of the boats. How fun is that? Remember the twelve days and one very silent night. I am going to be your skipper To come early for the holidays this year their version of assembly that was sharp And don’t hold up the African pants For example the long neck reindeer That’s ready reindeer You know fashion reindeer and you know, there are massive It went black and white. I think is that going to point out to you some of my favorite and holiday plans That Boy are you staring at me? Not just we got three Take another second and point on if you were fans to you. Also. We got a Dasher do you sir? Prancer vixen comet Cupid Donner Blitzen does anybody have any idea what that plant might be called? know if herd Everybody knows it. We are in a bit of a jungle jam. Obviously, it wouldn’t be the holidays without the vaccine traffic So fuck you for you for a situation like this I do come equipped with an arsenal of Disney jokes, the ladies endowment of Mind and Mickey Mouse go to space Because he was looking for Pluto boy I said, they’re all really bad at soccer No, because she the princess because she’s always running from the ball – Elmo doesn’t know what use No an Android because she doesn’t trust Oh my god, where did Captain Hook buy his hook? Secondhand store traitor Sam You have all been an outstanding crew with me here this holiday season But now I’m gonna need you to be outstanding on that dog, but he did not enjoy this curse Kevin and this is the Disney’s Haunted Mansion I Loved all the hidden jokes that they said in that it was just so so good I’ve made my way over to Tomorrowland to get some lunch. I got a cook I see some chips in a hotdog that looks so good Right because it’s been a little bit since I last talked to you guys I finished eating over Tomorrowland and then I headed out of the park because I’ve got a little bit crazy and I actually did one loop around the monorail. I got those pins in those mugs I was like a fart earlier. So I’ll show those in my home video. Make sure you guys subscribe to do not miss fan I just on the app and Big Thunder is supposed to be a 35 minute wait the best rap to you as I mentioned earlier Everyone’s watching the festival of a fantasy for a right now the queue for Big Thunder Definitely if you’ve already seen the berries in the frame done even bomber just get mine. I can still see from the cute so it’s a We got on and off fake thunder so so fast I cannot believe that the shortest wait in the park right now have been like the people movers Let’s go check on that John construction since the last time we were here Adventureland is right behind me and turning towards tomorrow and you can actually kind of see Tron off there in the distance So I’m a sure to see whatever it’s done How much of it you’ll actually be able to see from the rest of the park We’re up already on the people mover and we can see Chiron over there looking so Here’s a quick look at the Tomorrowland Speedway where you can see all the holiday decorations that they put out for Mickey’s very Merry Christmas party And they’ll all be lit up at night as well We’re coming upon here the Tron Construction you can see they have the whole roller coaster track complete. It looks so so much fun You can see they’re starting to build the building all around it I’m looking forward to the opening of this in 2021 for the 50th anniversary of the long take they will resort man. That looks epic That’s amazing Now I’m going to try the arendelle aqua cone this is cotton candy ice cream with Mickey sugar cubes so cute Ok, I just been in this thing This this may be one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had that’s amazing Arendelle aqua cone highly highly recommend Something you guys so so much for joining me for my first part of my Magic Kingdom day Make sure to subscribe to my channel. See you guys soon As my Mickey’s very Merry Christmas party video coming very very soon as always I hope you guys have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more Walt Disney World videos coming very very soon Thank you guys so much for watching and remember to do what you love and it makes me happy and I’ll see you guys next Time. Bye

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