Holiday Bliss or Holiday Blues?

Hello everyone! It’s our Friday night
spiritual insights with Michael Mirdad, so thanks for being with us. One of the
things that seems to be coming up for some people is the holiday vibration. You
know, once we get into October then just rolls man from there October
November December. I’ve said this in other videos related to this topic
or this time of the year. Where October is a good time to bid farewell to things
of the past kind of the Day of the Dead almost you know and remember Halloween
is not just the Day of the Dead it’s also in celebration of the Dead or
observance it’s also All Saints Day which is what the word means All Hallows
Eve means all hallowed or sacred night but it’s you know it’s really about
sacred and also it’s called All Saints Day too so it it picked up a vibe of
morbidity morbidity to some people for some people but it really is it really
could have been has had once upon a time a really beautiful and deep meaning to
it but you know then we move on to Thanksgiving giving thanks for the
things we said goodbye to the positives we learned from it I’m not just
repeating this this is important to kind of note this you know I’m not just
repeating it from what I’ve shared in the past so then you go into
Thanksgiving the time of giving thanks all the lessons learned and remember
giving things doesn’t mean giving thanks for hurtful things I don’t know why
that’s not more understood and why more even the spiritual master so called
you know teachers authors the internet spiritual gurus and teachers I don’t
know why whether such ignorance even amongst those that should know better
but they tell you you know you have to learn to give thanks even for difficult
things no not at all I’m not going to give thanks for difficult things
affirming that I need more of it I’m gonna give thanks for what I learned
from those things because those things are you know ego based they’re
fear-based or whatever if they were challenging and hurtful but we can learn
from them that’s the spiritual master in us that learns we don’t have to say I’m
really grateful that I lost everybody I know you
they all died in a storm somewhere and I’m but I’m grateful you know that’s
that’s so you know it’s self-deception you can’t really say that with earnest
you know heart but what you can say I’m very sad actually you know I’m very sad
and confused by this and this brings up other times I felt sad and lost and
confused or alone looking at that see that brings it right into the heart and
soul of who we are where we’re able to to see what happened for us this changed
this loss or whatever it happens to have been in our lives seeing what it really
was what it’s bringing up and then being able to say but I get it now I get it I
get that I’m grateful for any of those people I lost that I loved I’m grateful
for what positive gifts they ever gave me that way they’re not in vain gone and
then you know there’s the challenging people I’m grateful that I’m learning
that some of them that weren’t very kind to me I recognize I probably deserve
more kindness so I think I’ll choose to be around kinder people see that’s still
me learning I’m not even going to keep it on what they did or didn’t do I’m
going to turn it towards what I need to learn so that’s how we can proactively
and positively and sincerely authentically give thanks then obviously
once we give thanks we’re just we’re cleaner because thanks means done like
done I got it thank you so much done and all of a sudden the next holiday whether
you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas or anything else similar in that time of
the year it could be you know even the Solstice for some people but it’s it’s
it’s life and it’s about gifts on one level or another so to say that I’m done
with the losses and I also have given deep quality thanks God it just launches
us to the next level like it really launches us and so the universe says wow
we’re checking in and they used to be like a three vibration on it zero to ten
just using a metaphor they used to be a three they’re like where did what
happened they became a six let’s bring them the gifts of a six or whatever
number happens to suit your bet so that’s pretty cool gifts and what do you
think those gifts are for what do you think you’re supposed to do with them
help create an entire new year you know an entirely new year
now I can give this teaching on this like I’m doing and sharing these
insights and you can go wow you know I really like that but let’s not forget
not all of us are feeling great during the holidays really I mean come on we
know that and when somebody’s kind of a bummer during the holidays you almost
probably are tempted not to be around them you might have a family member
that’s you know kind of this maybe even as extreme as narcissistic or they want
to pull everybody down with them you know when they’re not feeling up or
whatever even you know other kinds of personality disorders it can be the
types of people that hey I’m not letting anybody have Hollywood cheer you know
the proverbial Grinch or Scrooge you know and I think most of us have had at
least one of those in our life some of us have been that you know but it’s
important for us to have compassion and understanding that that not everybody
has quite the high you know high feeling some of us have we might be going oh my
god I got a Christmas party woohoo you know but not all of us do I mean I’ve
never had a Christmas party I mean because I’m not in a corporate
environment I’ve never had that still I do okay
you know Jesus was born in a stable not even a hotel you know one of the little
places they have bed-and-breakfast or ins at the time he was born in a stable
and he didn’t let it affect him becoming the Christ so we have great and
not-so-great experiences with the holidays but you got a watch I did a
talk once that we put posted on our library of videos on YouTube and
Facebook and all that and I talked about how we become addicted to things like
depression or negative emotions but we do we get we get used to them once we
get used to them it’s important to understand once it happens a few times
either dramatically enough repetitively enough or both the brain actually starts
getting programmed and then it starts looking for it because it creates almost
like let’s call it the sensors of our body
they start hunting for that where’s that where’s that experience that we
recognized to where you can’t even recognize an experience that’s different
than that so now all of a sudden we realize where we’re looking for
something to go wrong we’re looking for some negative thing of one kind or
another during the holidays if we’ve had negative experiences but let me say this
if you’ve had positive experiences first of all you deserved them you created
them good job god bless you nobody should take that away nobody should say
well you should have a bad one because I’m having a bad one
not even you stay in your Center you have your good if you’ve always that
good don’t diminish that don’t take that let anybody take that away instead thank
you thank you thank you now to add to that not only have you had good if you
are having great holidays now you know there might be some people that would
like to diminish that the people that would want to diminish it are sick you
know I don’t mean that in a rude way but it’s it’s a mental sickness it’s a I’m
in pain and I need you to be in pain or sometimes it’s I’m hurting so I just
can’t relate to your happiness and that that deserves what it’s crying for which
is love and that doesn’t mean you go well let’s all be happy you know I’m
gonna be the Christmas fairy and you’re all gonna be happy and I’m gonna
sprinkle dust fairy dust all over you sometimes that makes people even more
angry hurt or miserable and you can’t control that you just only do number one
do what you only what you can afford to do to bring Hollywood cheer but also you
know keeping in mind that you know you’re not gonna always get that
positive reaction so not only should you do only what you can afford you also
have to do what they can afford and you know only bring them as much as as you
can and as much as they’re willing to receive you know try to sort of match
them a little bit and I know some of us out there some of
the again the teachers they’ll say you know don’t ever let anybody take your
shine off you know and I agree but there’s deeper understandings to things
I’m not going to let you remove my center but if I really have a center
if I really know who I am and I’m really like in in the groove like I’m in the
zone then it will not harm me to take my smile from a 10 down to an 8 I’m not
gonna bring it to a 0 but can I kind of take it down just a little can I say you
know what my coat man it’s really warm and I see that you’re freezing too bad
for you because my spiritual teachers tell me in my life you know coaches and
my whomever is out there you know giving me good advice which it is good advice I
understand my counselors whomever but they told me to honor myself and take
care of me and so I’m just gonna stay warm and watch you freeze you see
there’s there’s outside the box there’s there’s door number three and not just
one and two one being I keep it to I give it away but instead wait is there a
third option you know I really like this coat
I just got it and it feels right for me and I don’t feel guided to give it away
but I have some money on me why don’t we go in that store and buy you one or if
it’s the right person right circumstance here you know open it up give me a hug
let’s hold for a minute you find a way to bridge I don’t have the money for a
coat let me buy you a warm coffee and you can have your hands on it let’s get
you some mints there’s always some other way to share what you’re perceiving as
is a great experience here this is a metaphor of warmth with your coat
so bring two others which you can and yet not sacrificing yourself but learn
to understand that you can afford a little bit more than you thought you
could on so many levels so also I want to address that you know there’s great
vibrations oh my god I mean the holidays I just love this time of the year I love
fall the colors and then when the colors go and you know you get some snow you
know some places get obviously more than others I’m getting none you know some
regions that were filming too or presenting this do probably get none and
some get lots and which they didn’t have so much but you know places I’ve lived
it’s been for the last forty years of my life I left California
Southern California in my – around 20 so it’s been another for almost 40 years
that I’ve not lived there and lived in places where I happen to have created
living in places that I got we got snow you know Sedona gets a couple of days a
year and I lived in the North West Washington State and we would get it
from a couple weeks a year it wasn’t excessive but beautiful man
just beautiful you know so we need to learn to create things that feel
beautiful things that make us smile inside and out on a more regular basis
instead of constantly complaining about the weather you know oh it’s too hot
well then move somewhere else you know oh it’s too cold then move somewhere
else I mean people be mountings and then when it comes to the holidays you know
you’ll hear and some of you are guilty of this and I probably have said it
myself somewhere in my life but oh I don’t like the holidays a commercialism
okay that’s true it’s a bit commercial but that’s also an excuse to shoot down
owning that this is a great time of the year well it’s not there’s just too many
shoppers every one of them is actually the Christ and you’re supposed to be
finding a way to see the Christ in those manic shoppers and you say well yeah but
I can’t do that when I’m in the front you know near the front of a line or at
the end of a line and they open the doors and people go barreling over do
you know some people have even gotten hurt and stampeded be quiet man and
knock it off then go to a different store okay restaurants you can’t you
can’t get it rid of you then go to Taco Bell what do you want like just stop
making excuses to be miserable find what’s I mean come on guys find what’s
good and and go for it you know it’s an interesting thing because we sabotage
and we get addicted to that first we get accustomed to it happening and then it
becomes a program and then if you don’t have it you start kind of chomping at
the bit bets because there’s a there’s an addiction like a need for a drug
there’s a need for stuff to go wrong so if things go right you get a little
doubt so it’s kind of weird the way all this works but you’re the only one that
can change that I mean someone can bring a happy moment
someone can bring you gifts you know but it doesn’t mean your days gonna be any
better if you don’t soak it in so one of the primary techniques to make a
different holiday season but it’s not just holidays this could be watched you
know on July mid-july anytime you see this or anytime you you would like to
know this the simple technique is absorbing a change like in other words
let’s say you’re going through the holidays and you didn’t get any gifts
but you did because you’re watching this and this could be a gift telling you
greater than an item greater than an object I think I caught on that now from
now on I’m gonna change my whole life by following the advice such as this we’re
watching inspirational talk you know what have I done during the holidays
that’s it’s now you know getting into December but I’ve watched I have videos
of all the great Christmas I watched the Charlie Brown one and you know the
others Santa you know is coming to town and Rudolph and you know I watched all
those I mean I and I’m probably going to get through them twice because they feel
good they’re fun they’re beautiful I like that you know I like that more than
that’s just my style of you know movies in general really for the most part but
you know just just being able to see those it’s it’s cool so if you know and
I put my decor up in my house I decorate like the 1st of November you know so if
all you have is a Charlie Brown tree and you use your blanket like Linus to you
know base it up and structure it up and you know a couple little you know
ornaments or whatever I mean it’s cool and if you can’t be happy with that it’s
hard to believe but most people wouldn’t be happy with the most perfect tree
because you would if you have a misery inside the MS
still there it’s not ever taken away from you by an external thing it just
looks like it for a day and a half so think about it guys I mean spoil
yourselves if you don’t have family by all means email email out my office
and say oh man you know I mean I’m truly truly in pain man I would like I would
like some connection and we can all say hello on the Facebook group you know and
greet each other and soak that in is that’s all you haven’t you don’t have
people there you know so get in if you can only afford a hot chocolate okay get
it you know I’ve put around my house you know lights and a tree and I have it up
through November and like you know Christmas lights out front and and you
know I put all that out to the beginning and I dinner lasts till at least you
know mid-january you know so – some people oh my god that’s too much well
yeah but I’m happy you know I dig it I find a couple of things like this guy no
you know this guy just like a in a yard sale somewhere probably for 10 bucks but
I get I get you know statuary or things that I just love you know they’re kind
of earthy you know like my fairies and thing that’s what I love but color man
you know bring color into your life it’s a metaphor
it can’t fix you but it can represent you so if you have color in your heart
then the color outside becomes a mirror of as opposed to a you know sort of an
addiction or a taste of you know it’s not like it’s a proscribed piece of
something to make me happy so it’s not a dose it’s more like a reflection and I
dig that you know just bring that all in and gifts what kind of gifts do you get
you know love love the colorful kinds of wrapping and all that love that stuff
you know whatever different kinds of gifts you get it could be a card or
whatever most years I don’t I don’t receive gifts not because and I’m not
like moaning itself please don’t send me anything
but I don’t really get more than a couple things people don’t know what to
get me that’s because I if I had anything I wanted I’d probably have
gotten it by now you know I mean just for me it’s little statuaries and cool
cute little things you know that’s me so you know you you don’t have to have a
bunch of stuff is what I’m saying I swear I swear for the last like forever
probably in my life but certainly the last many many many many years I just
get a couple things you know and those who know me the most they’ll they’ll
kind of know yeah he doesn’t really want anything you know and somebody’s all
there must be something so as soon as you look here in this one gift here one
of my favorite gifts raw dough so the people that know me and don’t go making
me raw dough because you’ll probably make it out of organic ingredients and I
don’t want that so yeah I love I love dough raw dough cake batter that’s the
best man my gifts aren’t anybody else’s they’re not what other people might
choose your gifts might not be anything I would choose but I mean as simple as
that I mean honestly I’ve been having for it’s been three weeks now almost
every day a bowl of raw dough you know I just thought man and I love it it’s fun
it’s tasty but it it feels just the same it’s it’s it’s just got a bright energy
to me so you can be all into the right foods and and get all the right gift so
I got twenty things under the tree and you can still be miserable you know and
you can also not give gifts and be a miser but that’s misery in itself so how
do i how do I create happiness in my life well start by saying goodbye to
things that aren’t happy oriented then give thanks for what you learn from them
then just like the Christmas carol show
movies and all that you know it’s it’s almost like having the the ghost of
Christmas past when you do the Halloween symbolism with the dead like his you
know Cratchit or Cratchit or whatever you know Nutcracker but a boneses old
friend you know and he says you know wow you know what’s this about and the guy
saying you know hey you know I was a miser like you and it doesn’t work out
I’m miserable you need better you better plumb up man and you better get it but
that’s not gonna be enough to change him so again he said got to go further and
further into the darkness the dark stuff and obviously at the end of the day
enough thing has hit him to make him realize there’s something called the
spirit of Christmas and the spirit of the holidays the holy days and you know
there’s a video we have a DVD set called holy days and so you can get that and it
talks about all the various and symbolism of various holidays really
really cool stuff but you know including Christmas and New Year’s and all but you
know it’s like wow you don’t have to go through these ghosts of the past you
don’t have to go through how to get to heaven but if you need to find then the
universe is going to help you go that route but you don’t need to have the
misery like that so fun you know play fun music I play you know music that I
downloaded that that’s all my favorite Christmas tunes and I can play those you
know from my computer or whatever and I can hear those in the house have watched
my videos you have my dough or sometimes you know bake the dough actually have it
when it’s finished but and ice cold milk I mean it’s just great simple things in
life they say so you know don’t don’t don’t let little things ruin the
holidays but what about the bigger things like some of us have really
horrible backgrounds with holidays so I was late leading to this earlier and I’m
saying to you if that applies to you whether it’s only recently or in the
distant past or both the many of us watching are already saying we’re sorry
that that has but you know we’re sorry that that
happened I mean happened to meet some not-so-great things and I can already
feel compassion from people saying well Michaels we’re sorry that you know so
that I can soak that in thank you but I’ve learned to make my holidays into
really great things you know that I just always have felt a resonance with the
holidays growing up it was really a drag because had a pretty harsh father and
you know we used to have family everybody would come over but every here
there was a couple less of them because of something he would say to somebody
you know he would disallow that their hair was too long or you know because in
those days it was you know there were hippies and so he would disallow hippies
he would disallow divorced women so my mom many of her friends or even our
family friends of my parents friends if there was a woman and she was divorced
she wasn’t allowed over so it started you know you think somebody would learn
pretty soon you have nobody left like you know you’re screwed at some point
you have to go wait everybody’s gone maybe there’s a reason you know so yeah
so that wasn’t very cool but I was always kind of looking forward to the
holidays I was because I always had that resonance with it you know and
especially the Christ consciousness and Christ myths and all so I’m like wow you
know here it comes it’s going to be great this and it wouldn’t be great this
year and it wouldn’t be great the next year and so there was always kind of a
letdown it was some toys but a lot of times the toys didn’t even make sense my
mom was just kind of out of it and so she’d buy things that were might be for
somebody you know half my age or you know she just never was with it so you
know there’s a lot of times in that subject matter so you know she’d give
you things you know okay you know so you try to be gracious but so it was
challenging in different ways and it was kind of a bummer and so when I got you
know when I grew up and had children oh my god man you know even though I didn’t
have a ton of money I would have enough and I would just load up on gifts man I
spoiled them they would be given dozens of CDs and videos a each year one year
they all wanted an instrument one one of the drum set one one at a giant
cello and one wanted a keyboard I think it was a guitar what keyboard one of the
two so they ended up with those or bikes one year you know I mean I think it’s
just great give give give not just to your own kids but to anybody that just
seems like they could use something I mean if you can afford it and again I
only had a little but I still made it count so the last few months before
Christmas I would spend I’d go on tour come back have a little bit left over
and buy some CDs and the next two are looking more and it would accumulate you
know so there’s always a way to make these things work even budget wise so if
you have reasons like well I don’t have the money to appreciate holidays you you
don’t need that much I mean God you know let’s say you have 20 bucks then you
know make sure you have some videos you’d like to watch you can buy a whole
set of the videos for 20 bucks or or you get yourself your favorite hot
chocolates and you know put on your favorite comfy clothes pajamas or
whatever snuggle up by the TV and hot chocolate and and while you were out
give if you had ten left over from your hot chocolate do you but give ten to
somebody else and just watch them smile and appreciate it you know it’s sharing
and giving is is at least half of the holiday giving and receiving but it
really isn’t fifty-fifty it can be ninety ten in favor of giving but I’m
not asking you to be selfless and overly give I’m just saying if you want to lift
the spirits of the holidays one of the ways to do it is to be spirit like and
that is giving you know how many how many things have you given in return to
God how many things have you ever given God in return for the gifts God has
given you starting from being created sustained
through lifetime after lifetime given opportunities to wake up despite living
in darkness at times giving those little nudges to say you know you ought to
steer left instead of right etc how many things have you given in return the
answer is really none zero for most human beings because there isn’t
anything you can give materially to God it doesn’t make
any sense we can symbolically give to God primarily through what’s called
tithing by tithing to our spiritual source our churches temples you know
spiritual teachers or whatever symbolizes God to us then you give 10%
of your earnings or if that doesn’t work for you if it’s too scary or
intimidating you give something spiritual like financially each each
paycheck or whatever or each month or each week just something spiritual so
there is a symbolic form but other than that how did you give to God the only
thing you can ever really gift to God even greater than tithing is your soul I
mean cuz that’s what God’s God’s just like okay I’m just waiting for you guys
to wake up so you can be happy with me again it’s kind of kind of challenging
to live in perpetual bliss and know that you might beloved children or in any
form of pain it’s not at all what I wanted for you but you guys are choosing
it I would love for you to wake up and so all we can give us our soul so every
time you find a reason to be happy there’s a little signal that goes to God
that that you’re giving a little of your soul because you’re dedicating or
committing yourself to happiness make sense so again cycling back around
those of you who feel a lot of hurt and I’m sorry you know I know I’ve been
there with the challenging year after year and kids being let down every year
waiting for a great Christmas and less and less relatives coming over so it’s
like wow you know and I don’t know if I ever totally accepted and just said well
okay this is just gonna suck every year so I might as well not get happy I still
tried and I think it was right for me to still have that bit of hope that it’s
gonna happen so when I got married had kids I created my own version of that
and even when they’ve moved on and all there’s times when I’ve had a couple of
friends over meaning meaning just a more sacred experience a friend or a couple
of friends for Christmas or it might be just for Christmas Eve and then they’re
with fam Christmas or whatever but I created that
and tried that a couple times and God that was just less amazing to have any
one or two of these friends that would would come over and we would just have
such a deep beautiful intimate sharing experience colorful you know snow and
Christmas tree and it was just beautiful you know and you could say you know look
at the holidays I don’t really even eat normal holiday foods I don’t do turkey
and all these kinds of things but yet I still have whatever is something I would
enjoy it wouldn’t be anything anybody watching would relate to but something I
enjoy and to me it’s like whoa man this is cool I get to have that you know I’m
gonna have that one special thing or something you know so that’s about that
you know covers that but the people that really hurt sometimes it’s far past even
what I experienced and mines kind of mild obviously like I’m saying compared
to some but it’s again it’s another way of starting our lives over that’s all
guys again I’m sorry that if the holidays bring up some negatives some of
you have lost a loved one could be a younger loved one like a child or a
partner or parent and now they’re not around for the holidays you were an only
child and you don’t have your parents anymore or you’re divorced just as of
within the last 11 months and so this will be your first Christmas alone for
some of you you should be going yeehaw like you know celebrating and for others
know it’s gonna be challenging you know it’s gonna be like well we were in love
and they passed away or we got divorced and now I’m alone it’s not an accident
that you feel the way you feel it’s your you’re going through a process the
holidays just is just a symbol of it so if you want to then dive in completely
do nothing but stay in a warm hot tub and a warm bed and cry and get it out of
your system because that’s the dark night so to speak but you have the right
to do that weeks before Christmas so that you can enjoy that holiday you know
go ahead and say goodbye and if it’s somebody who cared about
give them a gift right right right all the things you appreciate it about them
well what they brought into your life and then you know burn that as a
ceremony of thank you or if it’s negatives right those things and burn
them as goodbye farewell to these things but be done so that you can say you know
now I’m gonna I’m gonna come out I’m gonna I’m gonna have my life I’m gonna
I’m gonna let this be my first Christmas for me you know you know I didn’t want
to divorce that sort of thing when I was a young guy and and yet when I got my
apartment the first night or two I don’t think I even stayed there wanted to stay
there because it was so different or foreign but after I got there and stayed
there you know and it’s like well what are you gonna do you know who’s gonna
cook and that sort of thing doesn’t matter I go of course order me pizza cuz
that’s like my ultimate favorite food so I get pizza and and yeah it’s in a pizza
box but I have a TV so I get to not have to I get to sit having my favorite food
as simple as it is and for ten bucks you know and soda and sit there and and
watch you know and just enjoy just watch a movie and you don’t think I don’t know
what’s on because I haven’t watched TV forever I mean I hadn’t I mean I didn’t
know really what was going on these days you know I was newly divorced that sort
of thing so I would send him like oh I wonder what these shows are it’s like it
ii knew it was awkward at first and i’m alone that was kind of a bummer but it’s
new so embrace it in any way you can and again we have our friends of facebook
friends of michael Mehrdad Facebook page you can join us on there but you know
prayer inspirational reading you know whatever it takes and cry out the past
let it out of your system you can share your ones with a counselor you can share
them with a chaplain at a church you know assistant ministers whatever you
need to do to say you know what even if Halloween’s Halloween’s past I’m
gonna I’m gonna still do the Day of the Dead and get rid of some things and say
goodbye and you know I spent the last couple days
cleaning out my garage just great nothing that was trash per se but just
there’s stuff that other people could use give it away share it extend it you
know like just and it just feels fresh and then new things I’ve already seen
new things coming into my life because you when you make that vacuum you know
the universal fill it so it’s like kind of cool not filled with junk it’s just
better so whatever you know whatever it takes guys find a way find a way to
overcome the things that would make you know instead of that holiday bliss to
bring the holiday blues and one more thing that happens with the holidays
with blues is some people get really euphoric and high on the holidays and
then they crash after it’s more than just a sugar crash that some people have
it’s like um you know a crash because you have all these friends and then all
of a sudden not as many days off for the holidays all of a sudden back to work
you know that that can do that to us energetically you know but that’s why I
keep my lights up for a little longer or just it’s a statement of it’s not just
for me I’m not even outside to see the lights
right so it’s a way of saying keep the light going guys keep the color going
keep the cheer you know that sort of thing so we’ll likely have a special
Friday night presentation maybe when we get on to the holiday itself Christmas
or whatever so you can join us at that time but do things that feel right
surround yourself with a couple of really nice things you know just in
terms like I say whatever statuary or your favorite foods or you know just
take care of yourself don’t wait for other people to bring you your perfect
Christmas like I said as a kid I tried that and almost wore myself out waiting
bring it on yourself and I didn’t always have tons you know of ability you know
to it seemed like it anyway as a young guy I didn’t always have the means to to
produce lots of cool things for my kids you know but I pieced it together and
remember there’s a video we did I think it’s called
something like that piecing things together one of you probably knows and
you can post it but it’s it’s you assemble that’s what I think we called
it assembling the new life you you bring the pieces together and you make
something great instead of waiting for somebody to deliver the perfection you
go well wait I’m just gonna grab a piece here and a piece here lessons learned
gratitude their gifts decor whatever it happens to be even if it’s for your
health and wellness you piece that together because the world doesn’t
always make it easy for the average person to afford all the best health
care or fitness centers and all that so you just find your own you know in a
yard sale you find it five or ten dollar trampoline and use it but that’s where
the sabotage comes in some of us like to just complain and then not really do
anything about it you see that trampoline for ten bucks you know maybe
they could be a hundred probably but you see it for ten bucks and you’re not
gonna get it but if you do great but then you don’t use it that’s sabotage
not getting it is sabotaging and getting it not using it is sabotaging so so
don’t don’t overtax yourself and add to your guilt by saying I’m gonna create a
better holiday and then not doing it or trying to do it by buying the decor and
yet not doing your inner work you got to clear the inner right so talk it out
write it out get rid of this you know the internal and external stuff that
feels hurtful and if you’ve got photo albums of oh my husband and I dog wife
and I you know this is when we were together and it’s our first Christmas in
her second Christmas and you know third and fourth and pretty soon you know and
then this is our affair and you’re grinding your teeth and this is when
that jerk did this and then this is in the next year and he was buying other
people gifts and I didn’t know about it but I found out because I looked on the
credit garden you know why do you have the photo album you know like it’s just
so you can commiserate or is it evidence of some kind let it go let it go be
angry cry scream into a pillow vomit if you have to whatever you need to do and
then where can I begin anew and if you don’t no problem but you need
to own that you’re choosing not have a different holiday and the holiday
is symbolic of the birth of the Christ or your divinity do you want anything
anything in the world to inhibit including yourself to inhibit your
ability to birth your Divine self the Christ within I wouldn’t my bother I
mean you have a chance divinity so do what you can and sing along
don’t forget play the music in the background of your house and sing along
play it on your computer sing along alright give give every year
I take whatever I have left over that I can use in savings and buy gift cards at
a local store Walmart and you know I never go to the store it’s first of all
it’s a half an hour away but I don’t go but I go in the holiday and that’s when
I’ll buy a bunch of gift cards $20 or 25 or whatever even $50 gift cards I get
whatever I’ve got left that I can use in in savings whatever’s usable and gold
might buy a bunch of gift cards or cash and put them in on the cards a little
little cards did say Happy Holidays and then you know go out and hand them out
and hand them out to people I feel inspired to hand them to and that’s a
good thing you know bring goodness bring bring life be screwed to the day after
you know he had his experience be be Santa Claus you know there really was a
Saint Nick and he did give gifts to people he was actually persecuted and
punished and imprisoned by the Catholic Church but you know he’s a good guy man
so something to consider I love my my another gift that I got and look it’s a
nice wine container so I open that up and take out something you know then I
get my Santa I could be all alone for Christmas and I would still be able to
say how are you doing man you know there’s like my Santa and we could sing
together we don’t do the songs like we don’t do that um instead it’s you
know jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells we do like that we celebrate in
the best way man so in your own life I pray that you find
a way to find cheer these words are cold if you think about a cheer happiness
holiday spirit festive God just think about it Christmas back to where we
started and we’re gonna end now Christ mass mass meaning a gathering in
mass Christ mass Christ dedication so this is a Christ experience you know
think about it God there’s like uh you know Christmas I get that feeling its
crisper outside and there’s just a vibe I can go and sit in my backyard or
whatever and just listen and roll when there’s snow it’s cool I think more
years than not in its magical way we’ve had snow sometimes literally on
Christmas Eve that’s how perfect the timing is in my
experience here in Sedona probably more years than not when I’ve lived here it’s
been like that and literally on the holidays but literally on Christmas Eve
it’s happened a couple of times where that was the first snow of the year so
it’s pretty amazing but these holidays they reflect us they
don’t bring us something they reflect us we should be bringing something to the
holidays if you feel sacred enough you’ll bring sacredness holy enough
you’ll bring holiness cheer gifts celebration all these things bring it if
you want that more in your life try bringing it it does make us feel better
when we bring people things for me I don’t go to the store and hand out gift
cards so that I feel better that means I have an agenda I just feel better it
just feels natural to give and it is right to give as well so I just do it I
tried to think about it too much doesn’t mean
I’m being irresponsible and spending money I don’t have I try to keep it to
what I know I have an afford and then gift it and some people say yeah but I
might need it next year yeah and you might die next year and the meteor might
hit you in and you might win the lottery there’s all the mites but what is is
this someone’s before you and they’re in need and you could help if you can’t
don’t worry about it don’t kill yourself for not doing it but just consider
trying it you know think about it and that is one of the best ways of dealing
with the holiday blues the holiday depressions or any depression believe it
or not you can you have all kinds of worldly means antidepressants and so on
you have all kinds of spiritual coaches that would tell you how to do it you
know great techniques there’s EFT exercises EMDR exercises and everybody’s
got the you know neural a neural linguistic reprogramming or programming
all kinds of techniques one that nobody talks about is being of service believe
it or not that was at your Casey’s great suggestion when you’re up service what
starts to happen as you feel valuable because you are being of value to others
and when you’re of value you start to feel fuller and less down less depressed
so only here what I’ve shared only here what makes sense for you and apply what
is doable for you okay but I appreciate you listening and I hope it makes a
difference for you tonight and for this week and for the coming weeks and
perhaps at any time you watch this in your life all right

Stephen Childs


  1. Thank you for sharing your work. Your so sincere and straightforwardly honest about the path, our shadow, our pain and our way into different choice. 🙏🏻 thank you so much, it fills my heart and has helped me reduce my own suffering

  2. Think what can i do. Think how can i see . Think how can i be thats is the spirit of Christmas. For 10 years i was miserable around Christmas. My mother in law said its no wonder . Your mother died the day after xmas. The next year i was different but everyone in my family wasn't. They were so used to me being negative they were negative at Christmas. What damage i had done. I knew i had to change. I did!

  3. I went threw the divorce blues during xmas too. But there was loving people there and i learned. I learned not to bring that downer spirit but true joy and happiness. The world needs as much love and hope and cheer as i can give. A smile… a smile….a helping hand.

  4. Edger Case worked himself to a premature death. His love for humanity shortened his life. Does that really matter? The soul doesnt die just the body. Perhaps one day i will know when i am dead. Right now in this world i have work to do. Life is mostly work and happiness takes effort. Be the change you want to see. These words …these thoughts play over and over. We are all responsible for the world we see….live and become.this ive always known but never understood. A thousand no ten thousand ways to be but only one way to love. Love with the heart. Merry Christmas Miracle Mirdad. And a very happy new year indeed.

  5. You’re a good’n Michael! I love listening to you! 😉🙏🏼🧚🏻‍♀️

  6. Thank you so much dear Michael, this is so beautiful. You are a great inspiration to me since you popped up on my screen a few weeks ago. You help me navigate through these challenging and confusing times on planet Earth. God bless 🙏 🌈

  7. Holy fuck you are the BEST Michael. LOVED the whipped cream Jingle Bells. What a champ… <3 I will be alone this Christmas voluntarily, taking the time to refresh and let go of a lot of the old paradigms I have become conscious of this year, and have been teasing out of my life to allow more Joy… definitely reflective of the inner world… thank you for this beautiful message. Love you very much <3

  8. This was just perfect!!! Now i wanna try raw doe !! Love your awesomeness! Thanks Brother 🙂

  9. I am fascinated by the concept of becoming addicted to bad feelings. I got sick of the crazy school run, so I decided to get organized and wake up earlier. The first time I did this, everything went great. No screaming, no stress. I got my daughter off to school in a peaceful way. And as I walked away from the school's front door I had a wave of anxiety. It was like my body couldn't handle the change! It got better though!

  10. I really had fun watching this video, I hope that other people are just as entertained when they watch one of my own video's.

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