Holiday ASMR! | Puppet ASMR with Todd Socket

[Applause] you this is one of my favorite is some our Christmas objects because it has these little jingle bells but it also sounds good when you scrape it like this I think we should put this I love these I have some more would you like one Wow it’s really beginning to feel like Christmas in here we don’t only celebrate Christmas here we also celebrate Hanukkah which is why I brought up this little Hanukkah Tim oh wait but look there’s something inside it’s a treat these aren’t just any dreidels their sports trails see a soccer ball we’ve got one final little treat for you well a bunch of little jingle bells what a great gift Wow you know I feel so relaxed now I think this is going to be the most relaxing Christmas thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos

Stephen Childs


  1. It’s like oobi but with a sock relaxing my mind. I’m getting nostalgic… just a little

  2. Yes hi, viewer here, can we just get Todd Socket, breathing asmr. Just him doing stuff where we can here him breathe. Thanks, love you.

  3. Garbage dont have ads in a asmr video.. you might have more people watch the whole thing and fall asleep when there on the road for new asmr videos

  4. dreidel dreidel dreidel

    I literally have died and gone to comedy heaven 😂😂😂😂

  5. soooooooooooo Eugene puts a sock on his hand…and whispers whilst he bangs things around….and this is supposed to to mean what..exactly? I put headphones on …still got nuttin ……am i missing something here?

  6. someone PLEASE sponsor Todd, he’s a sock for God’s sake he can’t get anymore family friendly

  7. I hate the Internet
    It’s literally just a 5 minute video about a guy wearing a sock on his arm making sounds but

    I grew attached to the puppet ???????? Somehow ????????? Like he’s a good boy who’s just trying his best even though he’s clumsy

    I need to re-evaluate my life

  8. The bows and the bells were surprisingly more asmr than I would have imagined. Nice!

  9. This is my favourite ASMR. It's humorous and I don't have to look at someone staring seductively at the camera

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