‘Hey Bill Nye, Could the Government Be Hiding Extraterrestrials From Us?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Hey Bill. So there are many videos online claiming to
be extraterrestrial sightings. It just seems that the government is aware
of extraterrestrials yet they reject the idea. Possibly they’re hiding the truth from us
in fear of the knowledge greatly changing our daily lives. Do you believe these aliens exist and if so
would you tell us? No I don’t believe the aliens exist coming
to visit you and the government knows about it and hasn’t told you. No. Start with that. Two more things. First of all the whole alien thing really
got revved up in 1947. There was a project called Sky Hook and the
U.S. Government had these very cool super high
altitude balloons and they were going to have a constellation of them or an armada of these
balloons off the East Coast of the former Soviet Union with microphones tuned to listen
for nuclear weapons tests. This was going to be big fun. And so they were testing the balloon in New
Mexico and it was complicated and the winds blew the thing around and it crashed and it
was impractical. The idea was kind of cool but it was a cold
war idea that just didn’t work. Now this project was secret so yes, government
people showed up. The U.S. Army swept up all the debris from
the crash and took it away because it was secret. And they also experimented with parachuting
dummies from very high altitudes in the same area. And this has led to all these fabulous myths
about aliens and the government knows stuff you don’t. Now I look like nobody and I am but I had
an engineering job, several of them over the years, and during one of them I had security
clearance. And I worked on a secret airplane for a little
while and I never went myself but I worked with several guys, they were all men, who
went to Area 51 to Groom Lake which is an Air Force base in Nevada where we fly around
these secret airplanes. And it’s a real place. And these guys went there and when I was doing
it it was called level five security clearance. I only had level four. I never went to Groom Lake. But the big thing they wouldn’t talk about
was how fast these planes could go. That was a big secret. But anyway these are people that worked on
the F117, a stealth fighter. If you ever go to the Air Force Museum in
Ohio you can see the Have Blue secret planes, very cool. As a kid I always asked myself why don’t
they paint spy planes light blue to blend in with the blue sky. Well sometimes they do. Anyway you can see one of those there. So it’s a complete myth that the government
knows. Just think how hard it is for the government
to keep anything secret. With all due the government kind of sucks
at keeping secrets. So they couldn’t possibly keep the secret
with 10,000 people in on it. So let’s just set that aside. But with that said you may very well be alive
when we discover life or evidence of life rather on Mars. This would literally be alien life. If we find it, if we find some ancient microbes
still alive in some icy layer under the Martian sand it would change the world. It would change the way everybody thinks about
being a living thing. Do these things on Mars if they exist do they
have DNA or did they have DNA if they have been fossilized? Or are they a whole other completely different
type of life that we’ve never thought of. Did life start on Mars? Mars got hit with an impactor and you and
I are a descendent of Martians? That is amazing. It’s not crazy. It’s extraordinary but it’s not crazy. Then furthermore you may be alive when we
send mission to the moon of Jupiter called Europa which has at least twice as much seawater
as the earth. When you have seawater for 4.5 billion years
is there something alive on Europa? Whoa like dude, that’s out there. It would change the world. It would utterly change the world. This would be real alien life discovered with
tax dollars by people who are intellectually curious who decide to devote some of our intellect
and treasure to exploring our nearby planetary worlds. And that’s the real stuff that I encourage
you to support and follow. And for that of course I encourage you to
join the Planetary Society. Think about that. You don’t have to, I’m just suggesting
because we really do advocate for the real exploration of nearby worlds really looking
for alien life. Also the James Webb space telescope is going
to launch in 2018 and it may have the capability – it is hoped that it will have the capability
of exploring atmospheres of extraordinarily distant planets by having sunlight from those
stars that those planets orbit pass through the atmospheres. If we detect water vapor and methane it may
mean some day that we’ve detected evidence of life on another world. Do, do, do, do – do, do, do, do. It’s all the real stuff is what I’m saying,
the real exploration for alien life is more exciting than speculating about a nominally
secret Air Force base in Nevada. Carry on.

Stephen Childs


  1. People think the government is stupid, they can keep secrets very well

  2. The government is so smart in keeping secrets they kept the UFO situation secret with 70 years of data from mainstream science

  3. Except the mainstream science they kept them completely out of it and even got them scared to look at it now that's not keeping secrets I don't know what is

  4. Now I understand why the scientific Community won't accept the evidence, it makes sense they will not say anything about any of the evidence until the President says makes a statement, it boils down to patriotism, if somebody is famous as Bill Niles says he believes that there is extraterrestrials visiting us it could have a profound effect on the economy on the government and everything but if the government does it, then they'll follow suit until then they will not touch this subject no matter how much evidence do ufologists present to them

  5. Cuz as I look at these scientists and realize the research and things that they do there's no way they could be that stupid, to ignore the existence with all of these documents they're doing it intentionally until the President says there's UFOs the scientists are not going to touch this thing with a 10000 foot pole it took me years to figure this out

  6. This is why the scientist are responding the way they are and it makes perfect sense they're going to say the same things that the government says about UFOs no matter what evidence they see

  7. So I admire them for their patriotism, so everyone get this, no matter how much UFO information is leaked, that's provided by the UFO reasearch they will not look at it until the President says they are flying saucers and we have detected them then they'll get into it cuz no one wants to be the one that destroys entire civilization UFO disclosure is still a wild card

  8. I almost lost my faith in the scientific community hey, I had to figure this out

  9. They're just staying in in lockstep with the government which they should do

  10. Before you take his opinion seriously, this fraud also believes in infinite genders. He's the last person one should go to seek answers

  11. When I storm Area 51 and I'm clapping alien cheeks, ima think about you saying this isn't possible Bill Nye….and I'm gonna clap harder.

  12. James web going to be launched at 2018

    Am i joke to you?

  13. Is it just me or does it sound like he’s being held captive and forced to say this XD

  14. If there was advanced tech or anything I do believe higher powers could be hiding it jus cause humans can even be trusted to drive down the road without killing each other's

  15. Two words in relation to your 'can't keep a secret with 10,000 people'. Manhattan Project.

  16. 4:02 Ho Ho Ho buddy you're wrong. Humans love conspiracy, they will not let it be that easily.

  17. Bill nye is not a scientist , hes a mechanical engineer , thats the only degree he holds other than honorary degrees which are bogus, he has never contributed to the scientific community or presented a single paper for scientific review. He played a scientist on a kids show and they all grew up believing he was a scientist .

  18. just like carl sagan hes paid by the government to misinform the public about ufos. when he first started on tv he said he believed in ufos then he became popular and suddenly changed his views

  19. I used to watch your show when I was a kid and I liked your show and actually looked up to you. At one time, I wanted to be you. That being said, let me say this ; I truly hope you believe everything you said in this video or at least somebody strongarmed you to say it. If not, that's on you. They said something on national tv just a few weeks ago, about classified documents being released and they could now tell us what that actually was. Of coarse what they said was b.s. and a 5th grader could see that. Now I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I know things that I've seen over time and can't explain. I'm not saying it was aliens and I'm not saying it wasn't either. I will say however, I believe with all my heart that Bob Lazaur or however you spell his last name , has told us the truth about flying saucers. If anyone hasn't seen any of that, I urge you to look him up. Everything he says makes sense and if you have any common sense at all , you will see that for yourself. Anyway Bill, I still think your a great scientist and I'll never forget everything you taught me growing up. Thanks!!! 🙂

  20. What bill nye didnt say that those levels go down to 8 levels i believe maybe 9

  21. Thats right 10,000 people couldn't keep the secret and many have all ready come forward and told there story but nobody still wants to believe. All 10'000 could come forward and still nobody would believe them without the proof hitting them in the face. Many people won't believe until they have the proof and they actually come down and land and greet us, which is a shame of no faith that we are actually not alone.

  22. Hahaha "The James Webb Telescope will launch in 2018"

    IT'S 2019 Bill, 20 fuckin 19. Bill!?! Where the telescope Bill?? 🤣🤣

    I'm sorry I'm just really pissed off and disappointed about the telescope not being launched yet 🤦‍♂️

  23. I don't see why people in 2019 are the least bit excited about the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Of course it's possible, so what? I think people ought to get excited about mankind making an effort to live peacefully here on Earth where we know life exists.

  24. If we were to find "alien" life, we would pervert it or destroy it with our murderous ways. Again, we need to learn how to get along right here on Earth where we are currently trying to eliminate what life there is already. First things first.

  25. So y'all think the government don't have hands on him
    Come on
    Stop being dumb Obama proved it on kimmel

  26. Level 4? What about Q clearance and majestic clearance ? Bill your crazy Bob worked there ask him.

  27. Grumpy old fucking man now…Hard to believe he’s a scientist when he’s so ignorant that he rules out the possibility of alien life. I think he has good intentions and it’s good he’s passionate about what he does but he should have an open mind…..sooooooooo fuck him

  28. What I love is he’s all like do you think 10,000 people could keep it a secret🧐🤔🤔 ummm no that’s why there are so many fucking whistleblowers 😂🤦‍♂️ what the fuq. I mean if you go online and just type in whistleblowers and there’s a lot of them and not all having to do with aliens either. Let’s just explore that frame of thought 🤔 💭. Oh can we say Edward Snowden maybe and it’s not like we knew anything about what he told us about. That shit was all new and a lot of it went well beyond the threshold of what we imagined they were doing. It’s still shocking to read and listen to. So if you think for a second that there isn’t people coming forward to sing like a canary then obviously you haven’t taken a look at wiki leaks and look at Area 51 and Bob Lazaar. Clearly Bill Nye is looking back at those comments and getting some serious cringes from those whoppers he dropped. Poor guy didn’t realize that what you post on the Internet is there forever and when new discoveries are made and secrets discovered and documents declassified that he’s going to not only look like a idiot but no one will ever be able to believe his ass again. I mean just take a look at what’s been released since this video has been made. You have pilots coming forward with real live video of ufos And AATIP releasing videos along with collaboration from the wingmen/wingwomen that we’re there those days and people who were on the navy ships and present during the exercises. On several different-occasions also linking back to the island of Guadalupe and the south Atlantic anomaly right around the same area not to mention the whole secrecy surrounding that whole area And the constant UFO/USO on full display.

  29. Why not, hey we are here, we are advanced, we don't fear anything. So we travel the COSMOS of space to get here, Now we want to hide from You! HOW does that make the little bit of since, but to have a rumor started. Is the greatest thing EVER!

  30. I like how he dragged the fuck out of that to make it believable lol it’s okay Bill we know. The governments watching this video too

  31. You can’t tell me in are entire universe that there isn’t other life

  32. So the navy pilots that had eyes on these UFOs (yes that doesn’t mean aliens) but when they say that no country has nothing like that and it breaks the laws of gravity how do u explain that?

  33. so i guess for thousands of years people have actually been seen balloons with plastic dummies in them crash on land

  34. The fact that he buys the government’s cover story in this particular instance significantly diminishes my respect for his critical thinking skills.

  35. Why would he speak the truth about aliens visiting earth???? It's all matrix and we got to escape it


  37. It’s not a secret if we had to wait 60 years just to find out what the hell actually happened

  38. Hey, science guy, what do you say now that the US Navy is confirming several UFO videos are real?!?!

  39. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astro physicist as I'm sure you know and he believes that aliens do exist and have been here on Earth. I'll go with Tyson over Nye any day of the week.

  40. So. because he don't "believe" in alien visiting Earth he suddenly a sellout. Ya'll worst then them over religious cracks. but that's what happens when one world view is challenged I suppose.

  41. Hey guys who think he's a shill: What makes you think we are so important that lifeforms from another planet would fucking visit us? Would use us? There are way better places for them to stop. I can guarantee it. It's the universe.

  42. So we’re just going to ignore that bill nye had level 4 security clearance in the Air Force?

  43. So funny they admitted ufos this year though not saying bill had any clue though

  44. They may suck at covering but they sure as hell are pro's at distorting information

  45. Hey Bill Nye which you think you will be awarded first a Nobel Prize or an Oscar? By the way you gave an Oscar performance trying to debunk U.S.A.F. Lieutenant Robert Jacobs and the destruction of missile by U.F.O that was launched from Venenberg Air Force Base.

  46. His bow tie should rotate and he should wear big ol’ clown shoes as well. Nye is everything that is wrong with the so-called scientific community.

  47. Bill…you dont seem as enthusiastic as usual and you seem tense…I can tell…

  48. You can't deny the possibility of alien beings. We know and understand very little about our own planet in the full scheme of things let alone the rest of the planets in our solar system. We've been as far as the moon and we can look at things through telescopes but we haven't been there yet. We have probes outside of our solar system but they can only send back limited info. There are billions of galaxies out there with possibly millions of habitable planets that we can't even see. How could we know what's living or not on them? Our government has weapons we won't know about until they are used in public/war and technology we won't see for years. You have to be kind of ignorant to say for sure that our government knows or doesn't know about something unless you have full access to every hidden secret our government has. He has an opinion. That's it.

  49. So basically, the government is the aliens, they created these air Forces and crazy I was a A + student in aviation, and I do things of trains and crafts that can be super fast and look super cool

  50. I do not hate the guy I think he is smart. I just do not like him I do not know why he lack something

  51. This guy is really try hard to make you think the government doesn't keep UFOs knowledge from us.

  52. If it were kept secret it would be at a clearance level he would NEVER of heard about in the first place, as knowing of such a level would compromise the secrecy. He seems so sure based on his own experience. Anyone who is truly wise knows that they know nothing for sure. While everyone has their eyes on Area 51 the real operations may be taking place at your local suburban community deep underground. Each black budget government employee never has to leave their suburban home. They simply take an elevator in their basement down to the X level to where they hide the good shit. 😜

  53. So you ask bill an actor.l.o.l.Dont forget he is a lying shill…….There are no aliens just some power mongers and lying Cowards…….

  54. Government contractore are divided and work independent on parts so only a few know what the finished product is so how the fuck would Neil have any information on top classified work that rhe president don't evem know about 😂

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