Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

Stephen Childs


  1. Well, Czechia is infamous for high usage of of Heroin, crystal meth, weed and pills.
    Not surprising that our national anthem is called "where's my home".

  2. They probably laid down an dreamt an or fucked very slowly, what!!! Oh man he is so high.

  3. Stupid… Just take a hammer and hit yourselves in the head hard enough and you'll have the same effect only free including the brain damage…. My only empathy is over how humans are engineered to suffer so much that this becomes an option. So much can change so very fast for the much better for all people if all who we come across will be entreated to our genuine selves dignity bold spoken but kind natured. No coveting Competition or profiteering syndicate is worth of the moments pride imagined having value enough to lose the madness which keeps us forever unsatisfied hungry and ruthlessly arrogant. Practice what this video showing us and you play right into the hands of your victimizers’ .YVO

    https://youtu.be/IdYZj9vmfi0 Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic Published on 8 Oct 2013

  4. Man, I swear! If the this comment section was actually a live group, with thousands of people spitting out insults at one another…. let's just say there would be a lot of hospital visits. Settle the fuck down you fucking Beavis's! Don't make me stick my dick through the screen and slap some haters with it!

  5. A Never ending cycle. These people are stuck in a loop and it will only end with Death.

  6. They made morphine pills in my area and distributed them as MDMA. For a long time people just believed they were getting high on MDMA.

  7. Oh god, vinegar? Do they not even try to get AA? That must be horrible.

  8. Its basically codien we get In the pharmacy what they are injecting

  9. Pushed the most Narcan on a little girl munching on poppies in the fresh pods. This girl took more Narcan than adults I pushed it on. The poppy fields are deadly.

  10. Dude has a needle behind his ear. You just watched smack before you got into reporting, your social virtue is showing you little bitch

  11. This video literally justified using heroine. I have had multiple friends in the NE USA overdose. Justify You're bullshit usage. Blake Sharp would tell you about heroine if he didnt die. Love you bud, both u and scott

  12. I hope he falls in a hole and breaks his leg and what a drug addict hope he gets arrested

  13. I was feeling physical pain watching these poor poor people injecting drugs, I´m so sorry for their misery.

  14. dude had a full needle of H chillin in his ear an smokin dat shit before white dude wildn

  15. Am I just tripping or is it spelled Heroine? That’s how I’ve always spelled it

  16. Addicts are not lazy. I used to have to make $100-$200 a day to support my girl and I for heroin and coke.

  17. Lmao he misses the part where addiction ruins people’s lives, like all of those campers sleeping in trash and surrounded by needles, he’s like everything we’ve been told about we shouldn’t do drugs seem to be a lot of lies

  18. Yeah o.k so the vice reporter with no tolerance to opiates has just injected a good amount of strong tackle he just knew how to inject and he didn't o'd vice is just as bad as the bbc why is it always little rich kid liberals who end up with the top reporting jobs and just bullshit to the viewers

  19. Where is our journalist? He is now an Addict on the streets of Prague

  20. Ti ljudi su bolesnici u glavi i treba im promješati mozak-lansirati van zemlje

  21. I cant believe he held on to that hit for long enough to get it to the scientists. but he was dying for the show to be over then he can finally see what its like. jk lol

  22. Making money of drug users, and calling them junkies over and over again…. somehow i think even drug dealers make their income more honorable without labeling their customers as junkies. You should employ reporters that show more respect.

  23. I think it's pathetic how you are actually attempting to humorize this, Vice needs to do some soul searching

  24. When I was in Afghanistan I got offered it a bunch of times from the a&a. I would always say no thank. one time the a&a broke it down and packed it into a cigarette. I tried it. I was litaly paralized. I couldn't move even if I wanted to

  25. I kinda doubt banana's words that this is pure heroin. It may be more concentrated than street dope adulterated with lactose, but it is rather morphine and codeine. This is because they do not use acetic anhydride, which is CRUCIAL to acetylating morphine to heroine. Even glacial acetic acid 99,99% pure will give very poor results (acetic acid trade is therefore not controlled), and they use 6 or 10 percent vinegar.

  26. he's so direspectful i cant watch any further, every other word is "junky" have some respect bitch nerd looking mf

  27. but that morphin became like tar heroin in color both in solution and dry ,,,no matter what the expert called that morphin which was made naturally from boilng flower milk ,will be nothing like medical morphin but more simular to heroin because its not synthetic opium and heroine is onlly different in strength but the same,,they just dont wanna admitr the heroin usage

  28. Bruh they edgy af it's kinda annoying but I'm interested in the vid so oh well

  29. damn at 640 he literaly throw up his entire guts, bunch of junkies there shud be a button to eradicate them all at once

  30. Personal freedom to put whatever drug you want into your own body. Better than torturing & murdering animals for meat.

  31. Thomas Mortin had a loaded rig of H behind his ear. Suggesting that Thomas used IV drugs on this episode.

  32. It's clear someone laid sown here…got hight …and fucekd very slowy….

  33. I would love to set a game stand in middle of the field with my SCAR 17 and an Night SCope. Take these guys out same as wild hogs. It would be doing the kind people of society a favor.

  34. vice is really opening my eye. I can't believe cz gov can allow people grow that evil plants

  35. Would love to slap the millennial out that boy ,
    Junkie is a derogatory term he had really good unseen footage of drug users and the whole time you could tell he didn't want to be there and clearly didn't think it was worth his time .
    I would love to have seen Hamilton Morris is the same situation

  36. 12 30 they all are jockeys but they say thank you when they got cigarets…that is a big thing that people forget

  37. So when did reggae become the anthem for heroine addicts. So what just because this dirty long hair has dreds let's automatically link dreadlocks with the scourge of opioids

  38. 'JUNKIE JUNKIE JUNKIE' hahaha junkie vacation, like junkie summer camp he he he. Sarcastic penis. We only get to know these peeps by their stupid nic names like good ol'banana there, we don't even know they are even full time addicts. just cuz some ppl love a homemade shot of morphine doesn't nessesitate they are ignorant pieces of shit But that was the bias they were wrkin with. I know lots of ppl who grow and love poppies and live fascinating varied and fulfilling lives. I still love Vice though.

  39. There are less derogatory names to call drug addicts, 'junkie' is judgemental and offensive. 😞🤨

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