Here for Canada, no matter what.

Thousands of us have gone unpaid by the Government. But day after day, we keep showing up. When we joined the public service we made a commitment to Canadians: That the food on your table would be safe, that your borders would be secure, that you’d get the support you need, no matter what. We’re Canada’s Public Service Workers,
and we’re here for Canada.

Stephen Childs


  1. It's unfortunate that Canadiana must be reminded of the work that public servants do…. even when they arn't getting paid.
    But I'm happy this video exists.
    It would be worth reminding g the Canadian public of how much Phoenix has cost them. Billions instead of millions.

  2. are you? ARE YOU? then tell me why toronto's Canada Post strike has going on for 2 DAYS when it should be a rotating strike?

  3. I feel bad for anyone who is cheated or treated unfairly. But I have been through losing job and losing everything as well as seeing others do the same. Some of those times, the public service workers were the cause because of their high wage demands (much higher wage than many blue collar workers) and you are paid by tax payers, we pay the bill. I could go on and on how your unions have hurt many of us Canadians. Unions do not belong in Government jobs. Public awareness and votes on your fair salary should be instituted. Not your raping us who struggle greatly to pay you and many others. How many families who do not belong to your tear party are living on the streets

  4. No one should work an honest day's work and not be able to put food on the table. The Phoenix pay system is an absolute disaster. The federal gover should sue it's developers and look for a replacement. It's time to address this.

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