Helen From Netherwood Academy Testimonial On The Teachers Retirement Agency’s Seminar

Definitely recommend, come on the
seminar because everybody is different. Everybody has their own set of
circumstances. What you’ll find out today on the seminar is a collective and it will give you the general information and it will also give you a specific
amount of information that will then help you and guide you into what you
need to do what you need to do to help support you in the future and actually give you access to people that can help you on that journey. I definitely will
be taking up the advice from the professionals here today and booking my
appointment in to make sure that I make the right choices in the next two to
three years. What I found out today is there’s a whole host of resources that are available to me and that’s amongst people that can support me but also
through the website and being able to access that information which is really
really useful because that helps you to pre-plan before you get to that
retirement age.

Stephen Childs

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