HE SMOKED ME! | Riding Copper Canyon in Mexico

Today on BCpov Our 17 year old guide sends it on a cheap hard tail with bald tires Nice I could barely keep up! That was pretty good! Today is our first ride in Mexico We headed down from Tucson and we’re visiting an area called Copper Canyon Four times bigger than the Grand Canyon And over a thousand feet deeper in some spots it certainly is a sight to be hold We’re visiting a place called Copper Canyon Adventure Park A park perched on the edge of the canyon They’ve installed a Gondola The pink line on this map Which will return us to the top after we descent The blue line, which follows the rim Is called Ruta Panoramica and it’ll be our first trail After trying to figure out how to ride here we finally meet Luis and Ronaldo Two brothers who guide at the park After discussing our situation We went to get our bikes from the van and return to meet them Are you ready? Hello Here is my poor attempt at trying to introduce myself Hello Eric My name is Yuka Yuka Nice to meet you and you? Ronaldo Luis and Luis It seems that the older brother Ronaldo is doing the talking While Luis will be our guide today Since we speak next to no Spanish We’ve been using Google Translate to communicate And I have a request Ya? But then Ronaldo has a question for us They want… It doesn’t translate that well I’m not quite sure what he’s asking But I think he’s wondering if we want to go fast Yes Okay With that out of the way Lewis gets off to a very rapid start Alright we’re getting started on our ride here With Luis From my internet research Believe Lewis is riding a 2012 Jamis Trail X3 Off to a quick start Damn, he’s hammering up the hills as well! I’m working hard to keep up But the elevation and cold temperatures are not helping! Nice! Good! You ready, or you wanna break? No, good Good? Okay Luis is killing it! The air is cold here But it’s not just the climbs! He’s going fast on the descents as well! Sweet! Sick! Eventually we make our way to what seems like a little village along the cliff Hello! The copper canyon area is inhabited by the Tarahumara A group of indigenous people renowned for their long distance running I imagine much of the trails we’re riding today were originally Tarahumara routes Are Luis and Ronaldo Tarahumara? I didn’t get a chance to ask them He’s pretty fast! Ya! He sure is! Good? Ya Okay Divertido What do you mean?
Divertido What do you mean? It means fun Loose corners It’s amazing how good he is On that bike with bald tires So cool here Sweet Sketchy! How was that bridge, honey? I was a little bit nervous Ya? Ya, it has a big a hole! Ya Ah, sick Nice Did you pedal up here? Uh, no We tried Picture? Photo Nice, wow That’s going to be sick I asked Luis if he built this trail Did you build this trail? Yes?
Did you build this trail? Did you build this trail? *points to bridge in distance*
Did you build this trail? *points to bridge in distance* Ya? Wow I suspect a few details are lost in translation here I think he’s trying to tell us that he built the bridges and I’m sure he’s doing trail maintenance as well. Yuka is wondering how old Luis is How old are you? Seventeen Ten.. Ten oh Seventeen? Sev – en – teen? Yes, Seventeen Sev – en – teen Sev – en – teen? We are very… stupid Yes Yes, very yes That’s so cool Ya, you wanna go ride it? Ya! Wow This is the bridge that Luis was pointing to earlier Nice So rocky in here Sick Sweet Wow Holy sh*t With the first lap pretty much over We’ve gotta get on top of that big rock in front of us It’s not easy! Want me to help you? Another trail Another trail Downhill Good? Yes You wanna go Lets go Okay Sounds like he says there is another route here that is really good Downhill Oh, good! With the handy dandy gondola We can get back to the top for our next lap With the plan to ride the downhill trail Luis changes his bike a 2004, Kona Coiler We start off on the same trail for a moment But we quickly switch to a trail called “Ruta el Lomo” Which means, the backbone route I guess, because it follows the ridge line Good From this point on, the trail becomes super raw and gnarly Nice So hard! How do you say “So hard” Difícil? Difícil Muy dificil Muy dificil Technical trail Trail The next part gets even more tricky Switchbacks filled with baby head sized rocks It’s super unpredictable to ride That was pretty good! Oh, into the creek And now it’s time for a hike a bike back up to the gondola We didn’t know this park existed As it didn’t come up on English google searches We found out about it because a Mexican told us about it and I’m glad he told us These trails were good, especially the first one and it felt like a truly Mexican experience and how about Luis? What a shredder! He really proves that the rider is more important than the bike! Some serious bike handling skills there It’s probably important to mention The the park is located within the state of Chihuahua Which currently has a level 3 travel advisory Though we had no problems traveling in the area It’s important to remember that the risk is higher here anyhow, we still thoroughly enjoyed the experience and everybody was super friendly to us But anyways Thanks for watching and stay gnarly Good morning

Stephen Childs


  1. We did something like this in Puerto Vallarta with 2 Mexican trail leader guys..they left us in the dust. They said they were on coke!

  2. I would have ate it a million times going at that speed in those corners! Great video…HELL YEAH!

  3. big respect to the kid, don’t always need an expensive bike to be good at riding fast through bikes trails, I have a £50 bike and and I can go faster than people with £2000 bikes

  4. I came to watch like maybe 1 min to see someone get smoked, I ended up staying to watch the whole thing. I don't even have a bike. This was awesome.

  5. she asked ¨¨cuantos anos tienes?¨ which translates to ¨how many anuses
    do you have?¨ cannot stop laughing.

  6. Mexicans dominate Im from México like this coment if your from México or your perents are from México adios.

  7. He knows the trail 100x better and probably in better condition and a better rider. That's 90% of it the bike maybe 10%.

  8. 80% rider 20% dirtbike. I suspect it's 90% rider 10% mtb. 6k for mtb…should have bought a yz250.

  9. Hi Mate, first time seeing your channel. I just want to say thanks for the content and I really liked the way you did well with the "translation" issue. I'm from Brazil and I loved when you cared even to find a translation for "Fun".

  10. We just want more tourists like you and your girl. Respect man you just have so much respect for all people.

  11. NIce video. Trip looked awesome. Where do ya'll mount the gopros to get video that's not too shakey?

  12. It’s not the bike that makes you faster or better, it’s the person who actually tries to. It depends on the person, either if they are skilled or unexperienced, doesn’t matter if you buy an expensive bike, it’s not going to do anything for you, unless you do anything for it.

  13. An excellent video, thanks. Great advertising for Mexico too, I'm sure they need more tourism right now. Please visit South Africa, awesome trails all over beautiful SA.

  14. Why would they line the trails edge with rock walls, that's a for sure going to hurt when ya go down

  15. May I share this? I do tours for Caballo Blanco race, and Mountain Biking would be great!

  16. We spend so much money on upgrading bikes no one told us it's the rider that counts.

    That kids is a genuine guy wish he start his own tourism business focused on mtbkers. He loves what he's doing.

    Been to deferent parts of Mexico and its the friendliest country I've been especially the tourist areas every is amigo.

  17. La importancia de hablar español, no solo el mexicano debe aprender un idioma sino el extranjero igual

  18. how will u go home..im comfusing..its a very long distance by bike ithink its impossible bcoz it is too far..

  19. It’s is what it is that guy probably likes that bike anyways for me I had to legit dream and work as far as I can get to get stuff I didn’t need hand outs that guy got it I wanted a mtb since I was 13-14 and i got one at 15

  20. El video esta chingon…lastima que la música que usaste para musicalizarlo, en su mayoría, no es música Mexicana… Pero bueno, buen trabajo! pd Ese morro tiene huevos 🙂

  21. Sinceramente me parece demasiado falso, ya que una bicicleta rígida y menos tan vieja podría vajar más rápido que una santa cruz Nomad

  22. give this kids a 2019 enduro bike and he is the world champion in 2 years

  23. “Bueno” does not mean “Ready”, the correct word is “Listo”.

  24. I have a 1984 ish steel frame fully rigid giant boulder and beat my mate who ride a full suspension specialized 30 years newer on tight single track . Always had great fun on that bike still got it!!

  25. Mexico could be one of the best places on EARTH to bike all year round but the lack of security out on the trails blocks that huge potential! also theres not may parks that would allow you to bike on the trails nor have any bike trails

  26. I call this bullshit if u known the trail and all that u where the guy leading u woud be going fast as well because u know how the trail goes

  27. My father say it's not how fast the car can go but how good is the driver and that's with anything . Keep up the good work

  28. The $120 bike probably has freeplay on every moving part. Yet at some point he was loosing him from the camera. If it was me i would donate him some new tires. Even walmart quality would do

  29. Indigenous people (Taraumaras)from this part Mexico have a lot of endurance and resistance, it is in their blood, this is one good example. This is probably normal for him, in fact he might be going slow. So don't under estimate their resistance.

  30. Again it doesn't matter what the hell is he driving. if something matter then it matter who is driving.😎

  31. I know way more Spanish than they do and I haven’t taken anything

  32. You actually did well! I went to the Philippines to windsurf. The latest and greatest baby! Him? 10-20 year old kit with patches on patches. To top it off, I screamed liked a lil biznitch when I saw a shark. Shark turned out to be "Nacho" The dolphin.

  33. How could could it be, your in mexico. 50 degrees farenheit is great riding temp.

  34. That was a great video Really enjoyed it I’d love to make it there some day!!

  35. Am I the only one that finds it sad that someone in this world spend 6000 on a fucking bike


  37. haha I dont blame the poor Luis, he did ask if you wanted to go fast haha he only missed the question mark in order for google to translate well. 🙂 GREAT clip btw…

  38. Give that kid a full suspension with a 1×12 and a set of decent tires and nobody will keep up with him lol. He used a hard tail for the trails and climbs and a full suspension for the downhill section, smart man.

  39. 15:05 if its his bike, then he was riding a Kona, probably a king kikapu. But idk. Im only a noob when it comes to bike brands.

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