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Im in Hawaii and I have no idea whats going on but this is what you hear out side my window Brought to you by DrinkLab.org Hey [Intro Music] Follow my adventure, across the country To explore, dream and discover. Where I go You Choose Scotty Boxa’s Destination Unknown after boarding the plane totally
hungover from last night’s shenanigans in Fiji I’m off to Hawaii, well that’s what I
thought until we landed in Samoa yep Samoa where a plane was frantically
searched by customs adding to the long fly with my dirty
hangover after a 9 hour flight fight turned 11 hours the plane finally touched down in Hawaii I was alone 8 thousand kilometers from home
due to the delay I missed my waiting transfers and all I
wanted was a shower, food and sleep.
Well I’m finally here in Hawaii, where you guys voted me. I staying on it 8th floor at Waikiki in Kurts
apartment. I found this place on Airbnb it’s a small studio appartment from one to
two people which it was one of the cheapest I could find for around a eighty dollars a night. it had everything I needed, it was clean and a perfect size for one.
excise The View here from my room is absolutely amazing, it over looks Diamond head mountain Honolulu Zoo as well as just a stones throw away the beach. And its THE BEST view you could ask for. No rental fees here, as Kurt was kind enough to leave flippers and googles as well as body board for heading out in the surf On my way out to stock up on food and
drinks I noticed this sign in the elevator And I’m sure they will be entertained by me in the next few days. I stopped by the
international marketplace which features over 130 carts, shops and stands in an open air setting under the banyan trees
in the heart of Waikiki, Hawaii Its a Tourest must-see for every visitor to Waikiki
looking for that special gift or souvenir. To me its a bit of a tourist trap
but you can find some authentic souvenirs affordable prices, you tend to notice
that after a few shops you start to see the same merchandise over and over But, because I’m not much of a shopper I
didn’t hang around too long. I caught up with a few Couchsurfers who were headed off to
the Hawaiian Latin Ceremony one of the largest memorial day
experiences in America. Where thousands of candle lit lanterns are placed into the waters to honor lost love ones. Floating Lanterns Ala Moana Beach Waikiki Hawaii There’s a link at the end of this video to see
the full edit of the moving and memorable story about the ceremony I have no idea whats going on but this is what you hear outside my window. Police Sirens Police Sirens & Chanting I’m not sure if this was a protest or some kind of rally I asked a few people the next day what it
was a but no one seemed to know and every 20 minutes buses of people
would drive past yelling and chanting this was one of those nights, I thought it would be best to stay inside and rest up for tomorrows big day of drinking with some new found friends. the next few days I spent hiking around
Diamond Head mountain and checking out the sites of Waikiki Chowing down on some food swimming and chilling out by the beach and of course hitting up some local
bars. Kicking some butt at fuse ball and pool with my new found
friends and partying the night away till the early morning Playing pool in a bar Doing shots the next stop as voted by more than 200
of you San Diego. Click to check out the full
version of the floating clinton ceremony the next episode of
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  1. Those people running and chanting wasn't a riot or anything like that haha. It was actually the US Army doing a cadence run. Their base is close to where you were in this video.

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