Haunted Outlaw 37RB Featured Floorplan

welcome welcome a step right yet now our Outlaw tour is about to begin and wait a minute that rhymed didn’t it,
rhymes are not scary I need to get a new writer. Let’s just get on with the tour, it starts in the un-living area. In your kitchen where solid surface
countertops are spacious enough so someone can lend you a hand. The
convection microwave and electric induction cooktop make the perfect meal
for every guy and his ghoulfriend. Perfect for midnight dining in the booth dinette.
Need more seating? There is always room for one more with the swivel captain’s chairs. (Doll says” don’t fall asleep.) And if
you do fall asleep, I recommend you use the overhead bunk,
it is comfortable, really it is. I spent the night up there last night, fantastic
sleep. The Outlaw features residential vinyl flooring, perfect for friends that
tend to be messy as it practically cleans itself. Need
entertainment? This television is perfect for watching your favorite comedies. When you feel like you’ve been six feet under all day, and who hasn’t, the large
bathroom features a shower with skylight. Perfect for those not afraid of the sun.
On the other side, your stainless steel sink. And now, I bring you a secret from the
other side, told for the first and only time (knock on door) what the devil?
Excuse me… yes…. may I help you? Trick or treat! What? Oh yes, I see, you look absolutely
adorable by the way. Let me see what I have for you. Here you go
young man, the most evil of all the treats, the popcorn bal. hahahahaha. You know I
should have had that young man take a break under the power patio with LED
lights and watch that exterior TV on a swivel. Oh well, he’s never gonna make it
back home anyway. Moving on, as we creep up the stairs to the sky bunk, where will you
shall rest in piece. The master bedroom with a queen bed and
nightstands where your favorite photos take on life of their own. And behind the
high-gloss, handcrafted woodwork… storage! What? You know something scary doesn’t
always need to jump out at you. I mean that is expecting a lot, really it is and
quite frankly it’s rude. Heading through the sliding glass doors, this is
where the Outlaw dismembers the competition. Into the garage for all your
toys whatever your hobbies may be. Leading onto the patio where
entertaining into the dark hours just might wait for dead. What nobody’s going
to wake up now? Oh come on! There is no snooze in the afterlife. Well I guess
just sit back and enjoy this dramatic effect. For your friends who enjoy
their rooms the temperature of a meat locker, your own garage air-conditioner.
In the garage, when your deeds are complete, you can fold the cushions
into a bed or this cozy couch. Will you at least look at me? We never talk
anymore, it’s all about work for you these days The Outlaw’s Triton V-10 with 320
horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque teamed with a six-speed transmission
to power you through the most haunted of forests. The 10 inch navigation screen
can guide you over the vilest of rivers. Look, I know there are a lot of other
features in the Outlaw like the multiplex wiring system and the 8,000
pound hitch, external gas pump and illuminated storage bays. But I’ll be
honest with you, it’s my busy time of year my friends are busy and I see below
in the comments section the trolls are busy…. we’re all busy I get it… we have
things to do. So for all the heart-stopping details of the Outlaw 37
RB, visit thor motor coach dot-com

Stephen Childs


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