Harrastuksemme – Our Hobbies

In my hobby it is important
that I like to come here As I enter the locker room
I am usually greeted with a smile Before I go to play someone hugs me
or knocks my shoulder saying let’s go! I am actually counting the days until
we practice again, which is tomorrow This is probably the thing that gives me
power for my work and everything else. Sometimes feel like I would like to stay home But when I come here it is much more fun than just staying there playing games. Music gives me confidence and happiness And sometimes if I am scared of something music makes it go away. I would like to be a professional singer I mean like a real pro who plays incredibly well! Playing Futsal as a hobby and going to the practice is the only thing that if I am having a bad day or am just being angry about something that if you only give me the ball and let me practice and I will forget everything instantly. There are so many moments in your life that if you stay in the bad ones You will miss other moments that are good so go quickly past the bad moments Think about the positive and welcome the new moment
by making it as good as you can. Finding a new hobby can change a life. Finding a new hobby can change a life.
Let’s take everyone along.

Stephen Childs

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