Hard Hat Chronicles, Ep. 24: Cheetah Chase, Voyage, and Carousel

♪ ♪ [Anthony, Voiceover]
At the construction site at
Cheetah Chase right now we are constructing the walls for
the balance tank and the station – for the basement where
the pumps will go. The balance tank is where the
holding water for the ride is and it’s about 70,000 gallons: about twice the size as
Wildebeest’s balance tank. It’s where, when the ride is not running,
the water has to have somewhere to sit. In the balance tank, all the
water is filtered and treated twenty-four hours a day for the
whole season while were open. It gets tested daily, every hour. The difference with this balance tank is that it’s located actually under the station
that you load to get onto the ride. To finish phase two – it would
mean to finish the station, the basement, then the
rest of the fiberglass. ♪ ♪ [Chris, Voiceover]
We are, we got our ledgers in then we’re setting
our Y-ledgers in, we have our walk boards in place. Hopefully sometime next week
we’ll start laying our first track down. Our type of lumber is yellow pine. we have a lumber called ipe (prounounced “e-pay”) –
it comes from Brazil. It’s on a shipping container heading this way. The ipe – it’s very dense –
put it in water it will sink. We put it on high impact areas on
the track – the top two layers. ♪ ♪ [Tom, Voiceover]
We are changing over the lights to LED. Just upgrading it. Changing
the horses to more consistent theming with
the Fourth of July. So far we’ve pretty well stripped it down
to the bare bones of the skeleton of the ride. We’ve taken all of the overhead panels out,
side panels, and taken off all of the horses, the horses will be refurbished as time goes. We do three at a time so this
will be an ongoing project all year. There’s actually about 1,324 lights,
give or take a couple. It takes approximately half an hour/forty-five minutes
to do each panel if you can stay with it. There’s twelve ceiling panels, then you have the
outer panels which are also twelve panels inside. Then you have the little panels on the inside.
There are numerous panels! We are a family theme park and
of course a carousel is for all ages, and, you know, a park’s not a
park without a carousel! We want to just take really good care of this
and hope it will last for generations to come. ♪ ♪

Stephen Childs


  1. Excellent. I was wondering when we'd get another update. I hope Cheetah Chase will be ready in time for when Splashin' Safari opens for the season. As for The Voyage, I wonder what this ride would be like if they added Timberliner trains to the coaster.

  2. Maybe there should be another carousel for the Christmas section that’s slightly bigger and with a Christmas theme!

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