Hard Hat Chronicles, Ep 20: Voyage’s Track Work Process

Hi this is James! Welcome back to another edition of Hard Hat Chronicles. This year on The Voyage, we are doing
track work in two major sections. The first step in the process of replacing
track on The Voyage is we bring in a surveyor who records the location of the
existing track. This survey data is then sent to Gravity Group, who takes that
data and comes up with calculations on how to smooth the ride, so when we lay
the new track it’s even better than before. Once the survey process is
complete, we bring in a crane and remove the old track one section at a time. With
the track removed, we can then adjust the ledgers. The ledgers are the part of the
coaster structure that support the track itself. These ledger adjustments are
determined by the survey data and Gravity Group. Once the ledger
adjustments are complete we then start laying the new track one layer at a time.
The track consists of eight layers of wood and this is what the coaster train
rides on. On the Legend Reborn project two years
ago, we used Ipe lumber in the more forceful areas of the ride, such as turns
and valleys . On the Voyage retrack we’re doing this offseason, we are
similarly using IPE lumber. IPE lumber is more dense than traditional pine and
holds up better over time and will make for a smoother ride. There is extensive
training that goes in to being able to perform this work. This includes both
training on the techniques to rebuild the wooden coaster track and safety
training to make sure that no one gets hurt during this process. We are excited
for our Guests to ride Voyage this coming season with its same great layout
and an even smoother return track. For more updates, stay tuned to HolidayWorld.com – and Merry Christmas from all of us in Santa Claus, Indiana!

Stephen Childs


  1. I love the fact that you guys take such good care of your wooden coasters! Other parks should take note cough kings island *cough*. Sorry, had to clear my throat there.

  2. Are you adding anymore roller coasters? I would love to see more like The Voyage

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