Hard Hat Chronicles, Ep 19: Voyage Track Work

[ Page Turn SFX ] [ Pencil Writing SFX ] ♪♪ [James Olliver] Hi, this is James. Welcome to another edition of
Hard Hat Chronicles. Wooden roller coasters, by design,
require regular maintenance in order to stay running great. Our three wooden coasters at
Holiday World are no exception. Any outdoor wooden structure, such as
a deck on the back of your house, requires regular maintenance
in order to stay looking great. With our wooden coasters, we regularly
replace the wooden structure and track in order to keep them running
great for our guests. This year on The Voyage, we are
doing track work in two major sections. The first section is the
first drop of the ride. The second major area of track replacement
is on the return track of Voyage, after Voyage crosses
underneath Thunderbird. This is the slalom area that includes
the third 90° banked turn on the ride. This track replacement on The Voyage is primarily
being done by the Holiday World Coaster Crew, with a few outside contractors
helping, as well. On all three of our wooden coasters, we are receiving
a brand new control system for next season. These control systems are designed by
Irvine Ondrey Engineering who has done a number of signature
projects throughout the country. These control systems on the coasters will increase the reliability and up-time of the rides,
to provide an even better experience for our guests. We are excited for our guests
to ride Voyage this coming season with its same great layout and
an even smoother return track! For more updates, stay tuned to
HolidayWorld.com and Merry Christmas from
all of us in Santa Claus, Indiana!

Stephen Childs


  1. It'll be nice for more Hard Hat Chronicles. Maybe the next one will be about the new mini slide complex coming to Splashing Safari.

  2. Thank you guys so much for putting all that hard work into keeping one of the world's best roller coasters running in tip-top shape! It means so much to so many people!

  3. Will you continue to replace all track on the Voyage and Legend in the upcoming years?

  4. im was scared to ride the raven last summer but after riding a rollercoaster somewhere else im ready to ride it and i have to wait intill may to ride it

  5. awesome! that return in the back row was pretty brutal this summer when i rode. 🙂

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