Hard Hat Chronicles, Ep 13: Thunderbird’s Launch

[Static SFX] [♪♪♪] Hi, welcome back to another episode of Hard Hat Chronicles. My name is James, and today I’m standing next to the two flywheels for Thunderbird. Each of the flywheel assemblies weighs over 24,000 pounds and they’re just an incredible piece of machery. They were made in Germany and shipped all the way to Southern Indiana to power Thunderbird. The flywheels store energy between launches so that when it’s time to launch a train, it can launch Thunderbird from 0 – 60 miles an hour in just three-and-a-half seconds. The train goes past the chimney of the flywheel building before going into the 140-foot-tall loop. The flywheels are just one component of the
amazing control system that powers Thunderbird. In fact, there’s over 36 miles of conductors
that make this incredible ride possible. When you get the opportunity to ride Thunderbird this spring and experience the power of the launch, you now know that all that starts with the flywheel assemblies right behind me. That’s it for this episode of Hard Hat Chronicles. Stay tuned at HolidayWorld.com for more updates.

Stephen Childs


  1. Very cool! It's always great to see behind the scenes on what makes a ride operate. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When do you guys plan to start testing??? And, what if it's your first upside down rollercoaster, it's mine and is it scary??😕😁

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