Hard Hat Chronicles, Ep 12: Crow’s Nest

[Static SFX] [♪♪♪] Welcome back to another episode of Hard Hat Chronicles. My name is James and today we’re at the base of the Crow’s Nest. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve moved our ride – previously called Sparkler – up to the Thunderbird plaza. We moved Crow’s Nest up to this location
for three exciting reasons. First, for riders on Crow’s Nest, when they’re 65 feet up in the air, they’re going to have an incredible view of the horizon and surrounding countryside. Second, for riders on Thunderbird, Crow’s
Nest will provide another exciting “near-miss”. And finally, with riders on Crow’s Nest – and even for non-riders on the ground – the interaction between the two rides will just be incredible. We’re excited to have Crow’s Nest in Thunderbird plaza cause it’s an attraction the entire family can enjoy together next season. That’s it for this episode of Hard Hat Chronicles. Stay tuned to HolidayWorld.com for more updates.

Stephen Childs


  1. Hmmmm. Do I see a "watch this space for future development" sign going up where the Sparkler used to be?

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