Happy Holidays from your Miss Amazing Family

Hi. My name is Chloe Sybert. I am Sarah Patterson. My name is Vanessa. I am Danielle Thoe. I love my life. I am a strong talented funny and fearless and creative woman who advocates for those with special needs. I am a dancer I have published my own book and I enjoy teaching Zumba and latin dancing. Girls with disabilities have dreams for the
future have amazing talents They can do anything once they’re given a
chance. We can save the world! They made need a little extra help, but we are no less than anyone else. Girls and women with disabilities are worthy of love and acceptance and respect and it is very important for them to know their worth and for others to notice how capable of awesome-ness they are. Miss Amazing is the empowerment that every
girl and woman with special needs should have. It’s helped me gain confidence and helped
me get out of my comfort zone. It gives me the opportunity to be an advocate
for girls and women with disabilities. It gives me confidence and my friends. Miss Amazing is a family. We love each other, we support each other. Miss Amazing is important because you can
be yourself. It helps me to show the world the real me. It’s taught me friendship and beyond. Miss Amazing is confidence, magical, kindness, laughter, love, and friends. Miss Amazing is empowerment and acceptance, life-changing, friendship, and beauty- both inside and out. Miss Amazing is me being me.

Stephen Childs

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