Happy Holidays from We The People of Crystal Bridges!

this December coming soon to you super
fun times with your family it is the holiday season! How are you doing today?
Thank you for calling Crystal Bridges this is Iliana… Fun traditions? Oh yeah… I like the family getting together… We’re all living our own lives and so it’s nice to come back and get together I love this tradition… love it! The holidays make me feel super! In the Philippines…
Christmas is about three months! For my family Christmas is actually the Lunar
New Year. I’m going shopping! I cannot to buy things! I can’t believe they
didn’t give me a dance part this year. We usually have a big shindig with the
parents and grandparents It’s kind of all around like baking and cooking this year I’m gonna cook a ham Start spreading the dough out and making like a huge circle… I don’t participate but
I support. I’m there… in the process… eating. Because it’s a special day you
typically overeat on chocolate mousse… When my body says I’m full, I stop. And then I
sleep and by the time I get up I’m hungry again. We play games, light the fireplace… Lots of dancing, lots of music, lots of card games… Wrap up in blankets to stay warm and… You wanna take a nap, you get back up and you eat again… That sense of family and connectedness… It’s more about just spending
time with your family and spending time with family
is what our family is all about… Happy holidays! Happy holidays from Crystal Bridges, for everybody. Happy holidays!

Stephen Childs


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