Happy Holidays from the Wargaming EU Community team! – World of Tanks Community

hello everyone this is Logan and your team whoo this is not a fancy crazy video that’s just the small thank you to our community to you guys we could go into details tell us well tell you guys how it was but we just skip all this and just say thank you and do you wanna share something replies to this video down there somewhere in the description is linked to a guide make beautiful Michelle tell you how can you make a video how can you connect it editor you can connect wargaming 2012 year for all eternity with your video here so guys please share it off with us we would appreciate it I’m looking forward to see you next year

Stephen Childs


  1. What I love about WG, is that it's the only major company in the industry that actualy looks like it's made by people, not marketing forumals.
    Merry Christmas, Wargaming!

  2. Happy Holidays! Thank you for a great year, looking forward to an equally – you'll probably make it even better – great one.

  3. Feliz Navidad a todos desde España, enhorabuena por vuestro trabajo, espero veros aquí el año que viene / Merry Cristmas from Spain, congratulations for your work, hope see you here next year

  4. Yay der Typ in der Front war auch der "Marktschreier" vom Wargamingstand auf der Gamescom 😀 danke nochmal fürs T- Shirt xD

  5. OMG me and my friends will post a video 😀 cant wait to make it next week cuz they are at the college right now

  6. UK community girls are very pretty! 🙂 Other ones too, but them in particular. 🙂
    Thanks for the greetings!

  7. Heh, Would make a video, tons of videos, like I used to do time before… But now my PC is broken… Can't record normally. Without recording, I play only with 20 fps :O damn it… Anyways, Happy Holidays. 😛

  8. We THANK you guys and girls for this amazing great game.
    I play this now for almost 1 year now and i love it.
    Got also made some great videos of me playing World of Tanks.

    So you all also a great holiday 😉

  9. Желаю Всего вам самого классного в Новом Году! Расширяйтесь, процветайте! Открывайте новые игровые проекты, делайте крутые продукты и вы завоюете сердца всех геймеров нашей планеты!

  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the entire team Wargaming! (Between us why do not you did something in order to the T32 tank missiles and repair does not cost so much).I have less than thousand credits by the tank so I think you understand…

    player Lufa01[SHPTC]

  11. anaaa o türk gızın ne işi var lan orda vay anasını kıza bak be wot'ta çalışıyor.Vay anasını be bizim de şöyle wotta çalışan bi manitamız olsaydı da kezbanlara muhtaç olmasaydık ne olurdu yani.

  12. EN: I pass incredibles moment on WoT, please continue to give us all of this.
    FR: Encore !

  13. Happy new year here was WOT Eu : kilapanzer1 / Frohes neues Jahr hier war der wot zocker : kilapanzer1

  14. beyler bizim kız durmadan sağındaki kele bakıyo 😀 acayip dikkatimi çekti nedenir acaba?

  15. Ребята, оптимизируйте движок. Сколько можно, не хочется же новый проц покупать только из за того , что всего одно ядро в танках.

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