HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Skooled Zone! — Homeroom Announcements 121

Hey there everyone, it’s Paul back for the
final Homeroom Announcements video of 2015. What an amazing year it’s been. But before
all that, I want to start off by wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and safe travels
if you’re doing any. I myself am going to be traveling for a bit, visiting friends and
family for Christmas. Unfortunately I won’t have any of my equipment with me while I’m
traveling, so this will also be my last video for the year. But I’ll be back in exactly
2 weeks on January 1st with another Homeroom Announcements video to wish you all of you
a Happy New Year, and tell you about the amazing things I have planned for the Skooled Zone in 2016. 2015 was a very special year for me. I’ll give
you a quick run down as I walk around Diamond City here in Fallout 4, which they actually
decorate for the holidays in the game on December 25th. Pretty cool little Easter Egg actually. Anyway, I reserved the channel name for the
Skooled Zone in late September 2014. But I didn’t actually launch the channel until late
June of 2015. So the end of this month marks six months that the channel has been live. In
that time, I’ve gained a bunch of subscribers, gotten a lot of views, but more importantly,
I’ve met some really cool people on YouTube including some great channels that I’ve collaborated
with, friendly viewers with funny or smart comments, and not a single troll so far has
crawled out from under the bridge. I consider myself lucky so far and quite thankful given
how mean people can be sometimes in social media. In fact, I’ve put up almost 120 videos
in that six months and only gotten 5 total dislikes as of the recording of this video.
So thanks to all my supporters for making this a welcoming experience. I am also very
thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable people at the YouTube Space LA. And to some
of the cool channels that I’m going to be collaborating with in 2016. More on
that later, but I feel very blessed. It takes time on YouTube before you start
figuring out things you can do better and ways you can improve. I’ve taken all my cumulative
knowledge from 2015 and I know exactly how to take the Skooled Zone to the next level
in the new year. But I’m never above feedback. So you guys can always feel free to leave
me comments or email me through the Skooled Zone website and make suggestions. I’m a very
friendly person, I don’t bite, and I usually take the time to get back to each
and every one of you with a reply. In the meantime, I just want to wish all of
you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. ‘Tis the season to relax, recharge, and make
those New Year’s Resolutions. Also, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. And on that
note, farewell for now and I’ll see you back on January 1st. God bless.

Stephen Childs

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  1. I thought that was a Christmas themed mod you were using. Shocked that you actually, temporarily, installed a mod for the sake of this video. Interesting that it's an in game feature. Does the decorated Diamond City only last for the 1 day? Or all of in game Dec?

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